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  1. how does the coloring for the congo and there's for Real pinball
  2. here is the video in question https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6fds5q3t53ytafl/AADaME_GhL3LS_70OenMOqpLa?dl=0
  3. I do not know if you see the video I have several problems on this forum do not know if it only happens to me ?
  4. Hello everyone lately I happened this problem and I can not understand what it may be due ... 5V set power supply and the panels behave like this, I tried to lower the voltage to aber the stable image but I have to get up to 3V and with thistension the display does not work and the image freezes . Any advice on how to solve the problem ?? forgot firmware 3.11, The chip of the panels are : ICN 2028 while with new panels mounting FM 6126 seem to be working properly I thank in advance those who want to help me displey2.mp4 displey.mp4
  5. I would help you willingly download the project and it is missing very little but of the program pin2dmd editor I understand very little : (
  6. I didn't understand if by doing this order, I get the cards that are already paid out of all the components and that I just need to put the rgb panels to do the pin2dmds because of who answers me
  7. Hey, can anyone tell me if there's a pin2dmd file for Batman DE? ( real pinball) What if I ask? Thanks
  8. Hello someone can help me, I'm trying to figure out what real pinball were made and finished the colors …. if the owners of the colors or even anyone who knows about it could post a number of titles and owners here I would be immensely grateful excuse my English but I use a translator Thank you.
  9. fantastic work guys congratulations really there a final version or updated for real pinball and where to download it thank you
  10. hi all I need a hand I can't program in DFU mode someone can show me the steps to be done thanks
  11. With v3. 00 I found problems on real pinball DatabEast Hook 128 x 16 that the images were all distorted and sometimes blocked
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