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  1. As an earlier tester, regrettably I have not provided a video but I can say that video simply does not do this artwork justice. I had tried a few things but I was doing it alone and colours look muted in a video. This artwork colouring is vibrant. Killer job and I understand that the dynamic content has been making it a challenge to complete. Trust me, you want this title.
  2. Where can i find the latest version of the pin2dmd.exe tool (to support the latest firmware) and is this what I use with a laptop (connected via USB) to grab screen dumps in real-time for colouring? I want to grab some uncoloured screens for the author or TSPP who doesn't currently have a real TSPP to grab them from himself. Thanks in advance.
  3. NetzZWerg, my new displays have arrived and one is available if you would like another tester as well.
  4. I am in as well and will send a donation when ready, please let me know.
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