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  1. just this new version r4277 is causing lights issues
  2. I run in VPM/Desktop PC Modes, nothing fancy, using r4277/VPX 10.3 Beta The Walking Dead insert lights not working(2x light works and it didn't before hehe), no other issues. Thanks for all your hard work, the community loves you!
  3. Left Galactic Ramp is a mess, please fix it.... a shot from the right flipper hits some invisible wall that makes the ball go right back down the ramp...if you remove this wall, the ball flies out the back of the table...I have tried moving this thing around and nothing works. Why upload the table in this state?
  4. Thanks for responding guys, I have it going now. I wiped out everything and started over; I'm looking forward to seeing the tables run!
  5. Strike 3, thousand...It slays me that there's not better help to make this work. Spreading out instructions over 10 sites/spiderweb of pinball sites/forums isn't helpful.
  6. Yes, I have all the new stuff running. The table count for VPX is too high to ignore any longer, and the tables are so beautiful. Trying to run new VPX tables and getting shot down, lol.
  7. I've tried switching from physmod 5 to VPX and it's a disaster so far, the tables crash on the trough error and I cant figure this out. Is this an easy fix or no?
  8. Hello, thanks for the cool table! I'm having an issue with pinballs disappearing on the right side, above the right slingshot, below the drop down targets, the ball goes into some kind of "Black Hole" and disappears and the table keeps running. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for your time. Update: It just happened again, this time right in front of the drop down targets after it bounced off a target lightly.
  9. Thank you for the quick response, that fixed the issues completely, I am very grateful. Thanks for another wonderful table to enjoy during the holidays!
  10. This is the 2nd table in a row(along with CSI) that refuses to even put a ball in the trough to start a game. What is going on...
  11. I am having the ball problem after updating everything as posted above. Thx for another great table, I hope it gets fixed.
  12. Sorry it sounded like there was a Forum or link I was missing. Good luck with table.
  13. Why does a "Testing" section keep getting mentioned? It doesn't exist on this site. Tired of searching various forums for things that get mentioned so often you'd think there would be a huge main link on the front page or the Main Forums page for it, but no.
  14. Negative, I am using all updated files. Yeah it's weird and totally random, sometimes happens in the first minute, or after hours of play.
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