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  1. Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    Yes i have installed the original file from autoinstall of monsterbarshpincab.com and i force a request of install pip in system as shown on this site. thats all! But this would be enough to run any table.... In anycase i would appreciate very much if someone share with me the evildead table. I dont understand the decision of horsepin.....
  2. Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    I have version of proc fully works also for cactus canyon continued. I can share my configuration if someone pass me the evildead table! I m not interested in modify table and i dont know how to modify p-roc but i have a fully work proc installed tanks to monsterbashpincab.com. i love evil dead table and im not understand the decision of pinhorse.....
  3. Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    I deduced that you have downloaded the table! I have jaws and it works fine! If you want i can try to help you but i will be gratfull if you pass me the table because i missed it! And now i cant downloaded it!