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  1. Testing is definitely going to be needed - having not done anything like this before I'm sure there's gonna be bugs!
  2. Ahh nice one, that is now working with the .raw dumps. I still can't seem to get many frames out of it, so I'll continue to use the digital dumps I'm getting - and perhaps try a few more cables Thanks for your help and advice mate
  3. I've got quite a few animations done now. If this weekend goes well I should still be on track to releasing the initial files for testing towards the end of next week. It is quite hard for me to test as I have the opposite problem of most - I have a real machine but no windows PC to run VPX..
  4. Amazing - I'll look out for the build tonight and will try my new USB-C connection too
  5. I'm using a 2019 Macbook pro here, but perhaps quite an old USB cable via a hub - I'll try again with a new USB-C cable from some of my music gear. I've had great dumps from playfield.dev - so I think I'm going to clone the repo there and get the home rom running there. If there's any extra info you'd like about not getting any .raw dumps happy to help! Loving the new editor updates too
  6. Ah yes that does indeed work as a gzip. However the same issue I've seen reported elsewhere - it only has maybe 1 of every 20 frames. I think for WPC we need the .raw export I'll keep working from the playfield.dev dumps I have for now, I can also clone the project and have it load the 1.6h rom to get the extra animations etc. Hardest part is translating the switches to their names on the panel. Amazing tool none the less!
  7. Just tried this now I'm home this evening, I am in Bally/Williams mode, but only a .txt file is created. I am on OSX Mojave, perhaps it's specific to max? Using pin2dmd version 3 on latest firmware.
  8. Hmm I will try again tonight and confirm that is what I was doing.
  9. Hey guys, I am coming along with my Wh20 colourisation but I'm sure I am not being as efficient as I could be. Firstly, a huge thank you to the community and pin2dmd authors for all their hard work & support on this awesome project. Currently, the only way I've found to record the DMD frames is to use playfield.dev DMD dump option. This works well as it captures the correct delay and seems to get all the frames. However It's tough to hit every switch in such a manner. I have a real machine, but I can only seem to get .txt dumps using pin2dmd.exe - I am not sure what I am supposed to do with .txt files as the editor doesn't import them and if I open them up it seems like it's missing many frames. I have tried to dump from the rom using WPCedit.exe however it comes out completely different than the real animations (colours flash back and forwards, most animations don't play until completion, hard to know where dynamic data appears). I can see how this will be helpful for some static frames, but clearly not the best option to get a complete dump. So my question, is there a way to record .raw from my real machine? It's much easier hitting the physical switches for me plus I can record the LH-6 rom (playfield.dev is using 1.5) Perhaps there is options or solutions I have not considered, so thanks in advance for any advice
  10. Hello guys, I have begun the task of colouring this game. I am working off my real machine using the latest home rom which includes a few more animations than the original. Hopefully this means I can cover all rom versions in a single go. I am expecting to start a public beta on the virtual files within the next 2 weeks - I will of course keep this thread updated with progress etc. Virtual files will be free with a donation for a real files. All in good time.
  11. Hello guys, I am beginning this colourisation and aim to have a public test version available within the next 2 weeks. If anyone has a good recording I'd be interested in it - I am currently recording from my real machine running 1.5c (home rom)
  12. Hopefully that's something reasonably straightforward to do as most home owners of AFM use the updated home rom - a big reason is it reduces the pop bumper strength which, in nicely waxed games caused quickly broken jets and plastics.
  13. Hey @vbobrusev - I ended up contacting you via the website and got your files, thanks for that! I got my pin2dmd today and it's running v3.05 - i dropped in the files provided but a few animations / frames seem a bit strange. Forgive me if it's all still being worked out, but I hadn't seen it mentioned. Example below: There seems to be a red box over part of the high score 3 & 4 display. Some other frames also seem bugged in similar ways and colours all a bit off. I am using the home rom for attack from mars, perhaps that is an issue? Appreciate all your work and your support The parts that seem to be working look incredible.
  14. I am very keen on this too - looks like we may need to make our own!
  15. @vbobrusev It seems like you are no longer able to receive PM's on the forum - could you let me know the process for buying the real pin files of your awesome colouristion pack? Have a pin2dmd arriving next week and very keen to have this on a real machine Thanks
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