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  1. Some weird stuff happening on this site lately. I posted a question about @DJRobX's post 5 hours before he posted it. How does that work?
  2. I'm not sure what this means - can you explain? Earlier conversation in this thread lead me to believe this method was more efficient (faster) or less taxing on resources, so I hope you're wrong about this!
  3. Since the LCM is a relatively new addition to the Editor, it will naturally take some time before people get comfortable with it, especially since there is already an established (and entrenched) method of handling most dynamic scenes that is supported by many examples in tutorials and publicly available project files. It's human nature to be resistant to change, unless it's advantages become crystal clear and too great to ignore. I don't think we're there yet with this. Or I could just be overthinking the whole thing 😊 But every time somebody uses this technique, it does move the needle a little bit. So, @Endprodukt, good job on the colorization and for thinking outside of the box. And @lucky1 as always, thanks for your design, code, and on-going support efforts.
  4. I'm not overthinking anything. I played with LCM for video modes, and it is useful for that ONLY in my opinion. Since you are the 1st person on record that ever published a colorization using them, and moreover touted (originally) they were incredibly useful for most scenes in a project, that needed to be answered. You walked it back and that's Ok. Don't be so easily offended. Mistakes are just learning experiences.
  5. Ok, I just want to make sure we weren't missing the boat on something valuable here, and going from indispensable to not advisable was a huge swing and just a bit confusing to me. You have a right to change your mind though, @Endprodukt. So, I'm going back to my original thinking that LCMs should probably only be used for video modes, where frame sequence is completely unpredictable due to user input. I am still curious as to the effective efficiency of using LCMs vs. just CMs with respect to resource utilization. Maybe @lucky1 can chime in if he has any thoughts on it.
  6. I don't get it. You did a project using mostly layered colormasks and you can't find even 1 to show? The technique itself didn't give you any trouble - you said yourself you sincerely couldn't see how anyone could do a project without it. Just because a little code needs updating in the infrastructure to make this mode play (which is being done as we speak btw), doesn't mean throw your arms up and just quit. If this method truly does effectively free up resources and "make it work faster" as you said, then this is a very desirable technique to use. I've had projects that just locked up and went "blank screen" of apparent overburden of resources - your layered colormask technique could fix them. You might be onto a revolutionary efficient method of colorizing a game, so make it a teaching moment!
  7. Have you come up with anything interesting to show us yet?
  8. Yes, it's apparently crashing with the latest dll. Stand by for Lucky1 to respond!
  9. I think people have already confirmed it is working with Lucky's dll, albeit maybe not the latest release. Lucky1 will figure it out and post his findings.
  10. It's here: https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/tree/master/integration/pinmame but you would need to take your PIN2DMD out of your real machine and hook it up to your computer and install virtual pinball to use it.
  11. I understand what you're saying, but one real example would really help (a picture is worth a thousand words kind of thing)?
  12. Would you mind showing a couple of examples of how you used layered masks? I'm not trying to be a smart@$$, but if you did this project using mostly layered colormasks, then there may be some valuable techniques that can be learned from your experience.
  13. OK. I didn't realize layered colormasks were that useful for anything other than video modes, but maybe you've discovered something. Still, until freezy gets his dll updated (which may take a while or never), it wouldn't take very much effort to export the .vni and .pal files (less the layered color masks) to show off the rest of your work. Yes, I've got five minutes to spare if he wants to post the source files! 😉
  14. How many layered color masks are we talking about? Couldn't you just make a copy of the project file in another folder, delete the layered colored mask(s) from that project file and export a .vni and .pal file for visual pin use only? Seems like it would take about 5 minutes. I assume a vast majority of the colored content isn't layered color masks.
  15. Thanks, Lucky1. Question - for the Sequence modes - if you use masks to set the triggering hash on frames, do those masks count toward the 10-mask limit or are those a different type of mask?
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