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  1. Hello everybody!

    spagb100 romtest gives a failed to load dll error.

    vinspa says it can use the rom, but dmd screen stays black, and table won‘t start.

    what can be the issue there?

    help is appreciated..



  2. Thanks for the help so far, i’ll give it a try at monsterbash. aproc is working, only the 300 mb ccc files missing😜
  3. Yes, that’s the one
  4. hello everybody, perhaps a question that has been asked many times. run the latest aproc installer, but the install ccc files failed. searched for thes files, but couldn't find them. anybody who can put me on track? Hear great things about CCC, and want to have it!! Thanks!!
  5. Request

    Ok, thanks. i also did a big surge. but the backglass is done, that’s the most important😜 hope we will see the vp file soon!
  6. Request

    Hello everybody, get caught by the vpinbll fever building my first cabinet, but software first. i’m looking for a vp file for Bus Stop (Bally 1964) . someone posted the backglas, but i can’t find the vp file. anyone knows if this table exist? thanks i.a rob