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  1. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    5 months later still the same problems,I think now you know...
  2. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Hello, last part of this story Since January il would buy plug and play pinDMD. I didn’t want do it by me for not waiting the shipping of Chinese product and dont lose time to make it. In the end, I waited longer and I have to fix it. Before showing you the received material and telling you the history I am would say thank you for Dominik who answered my questions and he help me for that everything works The 5 January I order a Pin DMD with wifi programated SD card and power supplie. The website tell me shipping between the 22/01 and the 26/01. The same day i buy a 60 in one jamma card in china. January 29th no change in my order. I send an e-mail, a message on Facebook and a MP To Dominik. No answer. January 30th I add Dominik on Facebook to contact him on its personal account. He announces me problems with the pannel supplier. February 1st my order can be sent before the weekend. February 3rd: February 7th not sent parcel. Either saying carrier's problem: From 7 till 9 February no news, no tracking number. The 10 February, I receive my card 60 in one from china… I post on the forums to describe my problem. Dominik does not like that and wishes to cancel my order who is normally sent since February 7th… The parcel is not sent because of an employee: On February 10th at 9 am I receive a notification dhl without tracking numbers. I begin to be fed up with it I reposte on forum what does not please the seller: So i decide to erase my post. About the tracking number for Dominik it is normal because: Except that in the evening at 5:46 pm I receive the tracking numbers, strange … On February 12th I receive a photo of my parcel. It will arrive finally at my home on February 16th. This is what I receive: Badly set, dangerous connector. The black thread does not hold in the connector impossible to lock it. Cable are badly welded, some hold only by 2 stalk of thread. The dot was curved https://youtu.be/j8UTka4RWUs Wifi modul is missing The sd card not contain the colorisation files that i asked him to put on. The power supplie ordered is one 5v while on the threads it is asked to feed it with 6v minimum and on the regulationpcb there it is indicated 12V … Domink pays off to me the WiFi module telling me that anyway it is of no use: For the power cable he indicates me repairing him just how and does not suggest me replacing him while there is nothing to make of that received. So i fix it but he doesn’t work. Dominik tell my to check my ribbon and search other solution but finallay a RAZ of the configuration solve my problems. In brief, I am satisfied by the material. I think that Domonik is overwhelmed, I recommended him to make bulk buy. I Hope that the quality is better when he has no knife under the throat but I did not ask him for the moon just to hold me informed… that's all folks. PS/ Excused my English.
  3. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Edit at Dominik's request
  4. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Hello, I buy the 05/01/2018 pin dmd, more than one month later I don't have tracking number. It's very difficult to contact Dominic. No response on pinside & vpuniverse , no response by email . Only facebook contact work but with delay. It is annoying to see him online on messenger without him answering us. He really has communication problems. I ordered the same day a 60in1 card in China, it arrives tomorrow, the follow-up is easier with an ebay salesman than with him... :/ Everyone can be late, but don't take your clients for jerks. I cross my finger... :/