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  1. mpad


    That's good not to hear
  2. Hmmmm. Why do such noble ideas always go down the wrong way...
  3. Cool. Great to hear. Still have to put my Pin2dmd in the cab and get the activation code Just too busy to start another project atm
  4. pro pinball just released real DMD output for PinDMD2 and will provide resources to add other devices in their forums
  5. Why? And where will we be seeing you? I already thought THIS was elsewhere
  6. This guy rocks! http://youtu.be/jUEPBqrUzdc I love this song. It is soooooo cheesy. Also check out his judge d cover.
  7. yiiehaa thank god = freezy over at vpforums http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=34468
  8. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing the plans. You may still want some sort of lockdown bar or at least rounded edges where your hands rest at the buttons - sometimes you want to lean heavily on it when your feet get tired. This sharp edge looks like pain.
  9. just wanted to say I joined the club (ordered in the german forum). Keep going - you guys are awesome.
  10. Hey guy's. First: please don't kill me for not reading the whole thread...I came to page 5 and was already lost. so two quick questions: 1. Is there a working CCC VP Version? 2. If yes, where is a good starting point for reading this thread looking for the working solution
  11. OK, in that case there is definitely less stutter and less lag on my system
  12. What exactly are the advantages of the 64bit versions? Something noticeable?
  13. ^ so not true ;D Guess who's chips are in the XboxOne and PS4. AMDs I have owned 15 ati / AMD cards, and around 10 from Nvidia, and they are both great, with Nvidia normally getting a few fps more, and AMD delivering a better overall package I have the smaller R9 380 8GB in my gaming PC and I am super happy with it. Plays the witcher 3 on high with some ultra settings at 40 fps. which is awesome for a 200 € card. Should be more than enough for any VPX table. Only thing is I remember the code of VP is optimized for Nvidia, but don't know if that still counts. My cab uses an old nvidia 560 ti, and still manages to get 120 fps on VPX tables, but on full load. So every 300€ + card should be very good, even may go for around 200€. Edit: just read the above posts. 3 screens from a single card does perform better, because the cards don't have to communicate and share bandwidth across the motherboard etc. which helps performance on a multi screen setup. You also avoid micro stutter, which is sometimes more annoying than low fps. Also switching to a standard OS instead of server might help. Key for good performance is to have the latest directX and openGL runtimes and latest graphics cards drivers, don't know if all of this is available for win server.
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