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  1. Love the different (accurate) palettes for the different team colours, really nice touch.
  2. You mean it looks broken on the monitor as well? Are you running any crazy/non-standard resolution, or using DSR or equivalent?
  3. EDIT 2: Sorry, I didn't appreciate you are trying to colour each scene differently, I had originally suggested you can do this with a single trigger using plane 2, but you will lose the ability to colour the backgrounds differently. However... EDIT: There is a form of quasi-priority, but it involves using multiple masks. It's discussed in another thread elsewhere in the forum, see below - iirc masks with a lower number will win over a mask with a higher number (ie Mask 1 will win before Mask 10), and the plane being used for hash detection also comes into play - plane 1 is checked before plane 2. So a trigger using plane 1 on Mask 10 will run before a trigger using plane 2 on Mask 1. I think.
  4. Version 1.01 now available! Fixed Ferengi Duranium Sphere Add-A-Ball animation Optimised some triggers/reduced file size Added status report screens
  5. Thank you for all the kind comments everyone, it is very encouraging! Already thinking about the next project... Gah! I though't I'd got away without anyone noticing! I spotted this not long after I uploaded it - I have already prepared the fix for this, along with a few other little optimisations, and will be uploading a small update in the very near future, probably sometime over the weekend - I will drop a note in here when it's out.
  6. Yes I do this often, then append them into a single "manual_dump" file and rezip it up; as long as you paste them onto the end you can just use that single file in the editor and it will read the new frames next time you open it. The number of good games I have had to waste because a super rare screen appears!... But where Wob has been providing dumps, these are often about 30 minutes long, and If I want a frame from "somewhere in the middle" it is not always simple to find in a text viewer. To be honest I wouldn't expect Wob to do that task anyway, the videos and dumping he does is already an awful lot of effort, and to then try and trawl through the files to hunt out the scenes I have asked him to focus on would be asking too much. Unless, Wob, you fancy an extra task?
  7. The synced videos are game changing for sure, especially when tracking down missing triggers. As we neared the end of TNG there were maybe one or two scenes per 30 or 40 minute dump that were useful or hadn't been picked up in previous dumps. Removing duplicate frames might reduce the amount slightly, but anything with a score in it will never match up so it might not work out to be that much. I will also add that I have sometimes used both txt and raw formats - neophob's browser tool at https://playfield.dev/ dumps to raw, and I don't know that these can be appended together so easily. If merging is possible or worthwhile then I will do it, but in my opinion, having a single general gameplay dump is the best starting point. It might also be a bit misleading or daunting - my TNG dumps come in at 136mb over 31 files, but I bet something is missing/these are still not complete... At the top of each frame in the txt dumps there is what I assume is some kind of time index, eg: 0x2eaff4dd. Would these numbers ever clash if we appended dumps together, and if so, what would be the consequences? I wonder what the maximum length of dump the editor can work with
  8. I am sorry to read this friend, but like I said I can understand your position. I hope you will think long about any such decision; I can honestly say you were a big inspiration to me, when I first started colouring some months ago it was just before your TOTAN release and it blew me away, to the extent I stopped colouring for a while and abandoned my first pass at TNG because it was just so impressive I thought I could never match your quality. And the same goes for the other artists here, all the released projects are stunning and add a whole new dimension to the game play - not only to I have to contend with being a crap player, now I have to try and contend with myself watching the DMD and not the playfield! It sounds like perhaps conversations between the respective webmasters may resolve this anyway, but whatever you choose NetzZWerg, I hope that you will continue to keep us updated with your projects and progress, if only to inspire more artists, and provide some way for us to continue to benefit from your work, even if it does cost a few beers, it is a price worth paying. I think cb3 alluded to the fact this is not always so clear cut; demo man had about 15 separate dumps, and I lost count for TNG (though I did start with the dump from VPU I must admit). But for sure I can upload a "general gameplay" type dump for each of my projects, it wouldn't' contain EVERY scene, but certainly a good amount of stuff to get someone started - I will sort that out this weekend.
  9. I did not give them explicit permission, no; and they spelled my name wrong 😢 I am not so bothered about them reposting my files, there is at least a link to the VPU threads where appropriate, but I understand why this might frustrate some of the other colour artists. I'm not sure what the solution is though
  10. It is with great pleasure I am able to make my Star Trek: The Next Generation PIN2DMD colourisation project available! Download link below. I hope everyone has as much fun playing this as I have had colouring it. I think I have also done a first in that I have provided two palette files so you can choose which colour you want the Borg ship - green for the TV show fans, or blue for the die hard pinball toy enthusiasts. I have said it before but I must say it again; the help and testing from @Wob has been so instrumental, it is the difference between me releasing this now in 2019 and some time during stardate 42947. I once accused NetZWerg of being a machine because he was so productive so quickly, but I think I realise now that he is not a machine, he just had a Wob! And because Wob is such a a gentleman, he has also graciously created a new preview video of the final 1.0 version. Seriously Wob, thank you. Make it so...
  11. Looking great! I have this on my pin cab but don't know it very well, I will have to get practicing
  12. I should point out that I have been working on this for quite a few weeks, probably since early Feb, and before I finished Demo Man even. I was hoping to surprise everyone with the release, but thebarto beat me to it and I had to say something before someone else spent any significant time on it
  13. A few months ago, someone on this forum (you know who you are) asked me if I had done any more work on TNG after I started learning how to use the editor with this game. I replied "No, I would be afraid I couldn't the such an important franchise justice; but I could maybe do something quickly with the LCARS scenes, leave it with me for a couple of days"... It is now a few months later. EDIT: I removed the beta preview video link - the latest preview video of the final version is available later in this thread - thanks Wob! I really must give a special thanks to @Wob his help really has been invaluable so far, and the testing he provides really is game changing; I have made so much progress in the last week, it's unreal. I hope he will consider doing more testing work with me and others in future Also a special mention to @thebarto who has done his absolute very best to help with real pin testing but has been battling some real problems with his hardware - I hope you can get it resolved soon friend, and for sure you will be the first to get the final real pin files when they are ready.
  14. I sent you a PM lucky. Only barto can confirm for sure, but curiously we did look at some dumps he made previously from his real star wars pin and they don't exhibit the same problem, so could be down to a loose connection or weak signal perhaps; I think he plans to check everything at the weekend when replacing the rom, I will recommend he check the firmware version too.
  15. Lucky that is very interesting and informative, and helps connect some of the dots I have got in my head having spent some time analysing the text files to try and auto-calculate scene cuts. This worked great, thank you very much! I confirmed the same scenes are triggering fine through VPX on that ROM set and my PIN2DMD, so this does suggest maybe an issue with the other PIN2DMD I guess...
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