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  1. Is it just an editor limitation? I do have a GB here and I have wondered about pulling the ColorDMD out so I can try having a go myself, it's all a bit pink and purple and I would love to give it some polish, though I'm not sure how easily Ican convert my desktop pin2dmd into something I can use with the machine. I looked very briefly - spent like 1 minute - looking at pinball browser, but I don't think it would provide the same freedoms to colour as the approach I am used to using the editor
  2. SOME credit dot states are covered in some areas, but probably only whole numbers. Freeplay should be working everywhere, but freeplayDOT definitely won't. The easy solution - fix your dot! "easy" The harder solution - get me some specific rom dumps. I was using VPX (and Wob) to generate my dumps, and capturing all the dot states was not so easy. If you are willing and able to do some rom dumping then I can add some triggers, but please note that there is a little bit more than just 1 frame needed; as the score is displayed, if no switches are hit then eventually the bottom of the LCARS text will scroll and report the number of isolinear chips you have, duranium spheres etc. I don't know if anyone has ever noticed, but I even triggered those scrolls so the text colour transition is less jarring. Off the top of my head I can't remember what the order is, but I think the first item shown is Isolinear Chips and the last item (before it scrolls back to the ball and credit count) is Singing Stones. I need two states for each of those scrolls to account for the plural S - for example, to colour "freeplayDOT" correctly, I would need dumps of the following: Main score display - ball count & freeplay. Main score display - ball count & freeplay. >> LCARS TRANSITION >> 0 isolinear chips Main score display - ball count & freeplay. >> LCARS TRANSITION >> 1 isolinear chip Main scroe display - 0 singing stones >> LCARS TRANSITION >> ball count & freeplay. Main scroe display - 1 singing stone >> LCARS TRANSITION >> ball count & freeplay. Once I have all of those, I can confidently trigger all of the frames that need to be coloured to cover freeplayDOT. In an ideal world these would all be in one or at most two dump files
  3. You might also try generating a small raw dump at https://playfield.dev/ - these definitely work with the editor and might help pin down if it's something related to the dumping process you are using. There are some instructions on the github page https://github.com/neophob/wpc-emu
  4. The forum and download sections here are probably your best bet, you can also try @Audiofreaks site http://pin-display.ch which will let you contact some of the artists directly. @dzorbas also maintains a listing of finished projects at https://sites.google.com/view/pin2dmd/colour-files though almost all the links will bring you back here
  5. I have personally never used the "create key frame after cutting" action, but you can use the bookmark list to easily go back to the start of that scene later by selecting it from the drop down - the bookmark name will track the name you give the scene. I think this is better, often you may cut a scene for colouring and not actually know how it will be triggered yet - maybe a single trigger aligned with the start? Or maybe it will have to be cut up; either way it will be easier to manage that cut up (if needed) if there isn't already an existing trigger associated to that first frame. Also, what if you want the trigger to use a mask? How will you tell it which mask to use? What if the hash is already assigned to another trigger? Too many variables!! That "create bookmark after cutting" option kind of gives you want you want, it's just a few extra clicks away, and ultimately, I think it saves confusion later on. I use it religiously, working on Getaway was a bit difficult at times because those bookmarks didn't exist.
  6. Nope, this is EXACTLY how I did my first working project. Once you get that static title screen working, that's when the bug bites...
  7. I think the raw files are literally the raw bytes of frame data; the text files are a textual representation of the same data, but this takes up more space. Hence the TXT files can become massive, and that is why they are gzipped. I come from a virtual development platform, so things are definitely different in that respect and I have never used my pin2dmd to dump the frames so can't answer your question on how to stop dumping, but I will say this... I prefer the TXT format. I can manually edit the text dumps and cut and patch a file together with hard to find scenes that I maybe see when I'm playing in VPX (nothing to stop you unzipping, editing, and rezipping!) - if I see a scene I need while I'm playing, I will quickly quit the game and take the last handful of frames from the pinmame TXT dump and append them into a "manual captures" file. The TXT dumps are accompanied by some kind of time code before each frame, but I've never had any problems cutting and pasting from one file to another, so long as you respect the file format/layout. I don't think the editor cares too much - ultimately what matters is the hash that will be triggered from each frame, not the source dump that you used the generate the trigger, and in that respect, TXT or RAW makes no difference. I have even created frames 100% by hand using the text dumps as an input method - I recreated a frame from a video because I couldn't get the dump! Also, at least from the few RAW files I've been given from real pin owners, I very rarely see the "frame tearing" in the TXTX dumps that I see in the RAW dumps. Perhaps RAW dumps give more accurate timing information in terms of frame delays (ie. how long each frame stays on screen for) and this is what Lucky is referring to with regards to "transition frames", but again, I would say 95% of my projects are done through TXT files alone. I suspect there probably is an upper limit for the dump files, but my projects often have several (TXT) dumps of 30 minutes or more worth of gameplay (thanks Wob!), and I've never hit it if it exists. You absolutely could take the glass off and capture every scene in one go, but this is much harder than you think it is - it isn't just about catching each scene, but about catching each and all of the dynamic states of those scenes - there are often far more dynamic scenes than you realise!
  8. Just use the raw file raw! No zipping needed!
  9. You are correct that the same project sources generate the output for both virtual and real pinball. Most, if not all, of the authors of the projects you describe are willing and able to create the files for real pinball, they just ask for a donation up front - you have to contact them either by posting in the forum thread, or through PM, or using a site like pin-display.ch to reach out to them. These projects do take a significant amount of time, if they are done properly - literally hundreds of hours of sometimes monotonous, occasionally boring, always challenging and often frustrating work. It needs careful organisation and tracking of progress, and it's definitely not just something you can just pick up and do quickly in fits and spurts over a few days. Sometimes you spend many many hours working on something only to find it has to be reworked, involving YET MORE hours of work - see Netzzwerg's latest post in his Roadshow thread. A lot of effort goes into it, and in that respect, I think the authors are well within their rights to ask for a small donation, especially for a quality project. I personally don't ask for donations up front for my projects - for example, CFTBL - as I would then feel compelled to offer a level of support or service, and I am really just in it for fun and sometimes the prospect of going back to a project that was tough to complete is not something that I would look forward to - see above (I am talking to you, CFTBL double feature ramp animation!). Donations are always welcome, of course, and I can't deny they are a small motivation to continue colouring, but I am honestly humbled that anyone would put my work on a real pinball machine in the first place so am more than happy for and will continue to make my files freely available here.
  10. @lucky1 I'm afraid I didn't look at LCM mode yet; the video mode in Getaway is so complex, I think I want to try it on a simpler scene before I try anything quite that hectic, but there might be something in my next project I can try it with. @sprudeldudel I tried running the L-2 rom in VPX but I am not experiencing any noticeable problems in those scenes, though I appreciate VPX is no substitute for the real thing 😐 I also checked against the Nov 2019 sources and I am using the same triggers/didn't retrigger those scenes (though both were recoloured/touched up). I will admit that the trigger for "shift to launch" is a bit dodgy in my opinion and I think would be at risk of not firing, but I tried to approach my edits with a mantra of "if the cap fits, wear it", so I didn't touch those triggers. I will try and go back and add something for the shift to launch at some point and post here when done, but I think I will struggle to be able to do much more with the hitchhiker.
  11. Sorry lucky - as soon as I posted that I realised you were probably the wrong person but figure you might be interested. I raised a new issue on freezy github. I have just uploaded some new files - sources, VPIN and REAL - to fix the following: No more hitchhiker ghost hair on ball 1 lock sequence Match sequence cop car palette adjusted Freezy 1.8.0 compatible (all replace sequence scenes have at least 2 frames) Have fun! VPIN FILES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SG6htoGkxMJ7UzaJNafeHpOICk9A0-Ob?usp=sharing REAL PIN FILES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1P-oTdnd_VGMxCbM5Hfnk9k7wPd9mFI2Q?usp=sharing SOURCES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z-JOH1FXInAUkuh1WQU8Kea6wdDCarkB?usp=sharing
  12. Hah OK, I have figured it out - @lucky1 FYI! I downloaded freezy 1.8.0 and was experiencing the same crash on the title screen. The title screen was using a "Replace Sequence" scene 1 frame long - I used "Replace Sequence" as I intended it as a backup in the event the chequered flag transition didn't fire because of any timing issues with the triggers/hashes. I tried deleting the trigger and the attract sequence would run until the Williams logo - again, another 1 frame "Replace Sequence" scene. DMDDeviceLog showed "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." so for a laugh I tried adding 1 more frame to both of these scenes and re-exported, and the error goes away and the attract sequence runs until the LaGrange scene (the next one using Replace Sequence) - it seems Freezy's DLL expects the Replace Sequence scenes to have at least 2 frames! Fortunately I don't have loads of them so this will be easy to fix, I will do it later this evening and update here.
  13. Ahhh if the ghost hair and mismatched cop are the worst you can find, then I was successful! I have made a note and will try and sort those out when I'm fixing the above vpin issues, will drop a note here when done.
  14. OK at a guess you are using Freezy's DLL and this is a result of me using some scene types that aren't supported - that title screen is one of the few places I used them. Lucky had mentioned this a few pages back in this thread, but I didn't think that restriction applied to the types I used (ColorMask Sequence and Replace Sequence) as these just feel like extensions of the other main types. My VPIN cab with pindmd3 isn't running at the minute so I have just been testing on a pin2dmd running lucky's DLL - perhaps I will adjust my testing approach. As such, the VPIN files I posted above should probably only be downloaded by people using PIN2DMD displays & lucky's DLL, sorry about that (don't forget that Malenko's original files are still available for download here through VPU) In theory I can rework what I've done using the normal supported types instead and just bump the frame delays up, but I have some other things going on at the minute so it will be a few days before I can get back to this - I will post here when I have adjusted. If I'm wrong and someone is successfully running this with Freezy's DLL then please let me know before I spend time reworking and potentially breaking it
  15. I copied the triggers over from the Nov 2019 version from Malenko and reuploaded the VPIN & REAL files, please try again (same links as before).
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