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  1. You should post your feature requests to the github link lucky posted - https://github.com/sker65/go-dmd-clock/issues. Some kind of "folder" hierarchy view for managing scenes and triggers would be useful, I agree, that would help achieve what you describe for "finished scenes". I don't think this is practically possible though the triggers you created with the mask are tied to the hash generated by that mask. If you changed the mask shape, you (potentially) change the generated hash, and none of your previously set triggers would fire anymore. There might be cases where the new shaped mask doesn't change the trigger hash, but for the cases where it does, you would have to go back and retrigger everything and this might actually be more work than deleting the mask and starting fresh.
  2. Sometimes I turn google docs into a colour project too... Try this, you can now export the list of triggers and palettes to a CSV for easy import into google docs. There's probably a way to load the project XML directly into google docs if I really thought about it but this should suffice I think (no need to export the masks data, you can get that for free with the trigger list export and filtering) p2dprojectinfo.zip
  3. 829 frames. 277 sequences of 3 frames cut and coloured. 277 individual triggers added(!). Hours and hours of work in total, I added the last trigger last night and nervously loaded it up - it works great!... ...until you hit any shot on the table; at which point the none of my triggers reliably fire anymore, presumably the placement of the Enterprise vs. the purple background changes depending on when you hit the shot. It's hit and miss, sometimes it works great, but sometimes it just doesn't fire again. Alas my dreams of working magic may end here, assuming I could capture the "other" 829 frame sequence, I don't know if I have the heart to colour it again this was incredibly monotonous. I might try adding some "backup" triggers in line with how it used to be coloured but I have a feeling these will interfere with my existing 277 triggers... If anyone wants to try it, here is a (green borg) vpin version featuring the above sequence - it works sometimes, but not all the time. On the plus side, I think I have broken a new record here, the VNI comes in at over 10Mb! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oCEbTS-fsV0Xle8aWge3d1p7-IQrxhtL?usp=sharing
  4. Thanks, glad you like it the fact people are willing to install and enjoy it is payment enough! Learned a new triggering technique/approach while working on a Flintstones scene recently and hoping to come back to this and work some magic on the wormhole status in the near future...
  5. @NetzZWerg Try the attached to help with your current problem; wish I'd written it sooner, it's very interesting to see trigger and palette counts on my projects TNG was 1100+ triggers! Probably not perfect but let me know if you run into any issues. @lucky1 As for ideas/suggestions for the editor, I definitely have a few I that in my opinion would help save masses of time - I will add some comments to github in the near future. NetzZWerg mentioned a tool I had sent to him that is ultimately nothing more than a dump browser, but it lets you see a list of hashes up front and do some analysis and planning outside of the editor with crucial keyboard navigation! For the record, there is a copy available below. I don't know how useful NetzZ has found it, but it's definitely helped me save some time when it comes to repeating scenes and working out efficient triggering. It's not without its faults and quirks, but it does the job I created it for, happy to share the C# sources if required, though there is nothing ground breaking here... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14EfpaVO5oAkja6wFe79BG-R0rc2Gtqcl?usp=sharing I did look into some "auto-analysis" type methods that are under discussion elsewhere on the internet for a rival product but in my opinion there were just too many variables to make it that viable. It would be easy to auto detect non-dynamic sequences, but without defining masks upfront and really restricting the number of frames to be analysed there was too big a chance of the wrong stuff being detected. By the time you've worked out the mask and restricted the frame sequence, you have already done all the hard work and the fun part of colouring it by hand can begin... p2dprojectinfo.zip
  6. I am always worried about the prospect of having to replace a mask and not knowing which scenes will be affected, so I always prefix my trigger names with a capital M and the mask number it used. It's a real pain to actually do this to be honest (time consuming clicks!), but it does give me a quick glance understanding of which masks would require the most work, in the event of having to recreate or drop one. However, I think you can extrapolate the information you want from the project xml, for example: <palMapping> <palIndex>66</palIndex> <durationInMillis>0</durationInMillis> <durationInFrames>0</durationInFrames> <hashIndex>0</hashIndex> <name>M1_brontocrane_border</name> <animatisonIndex>0</animatisonIndex> <animationName>gameplay1</animationName> <frameIndex>943</frameIndex> <frameSeqName>brontocrane_lit</frameSeqName> <crc32>AaFKlw==</crc32> <switchMode>ADD</switchMode> <withMask>true</withMask> <maskNumber>1</maskNumber> </palMapping> For sure this trigger was using mask 1 (I can tell from the name!) and the final node in the palMapping is the correct mask number... EDIT: Not saying this solves your problem, and I would agree a built in option in the editor to do this would be great (and save me lots of time consuming renaming), but in the interim, this might help if you are trying to track down one use of a mask... EDIT 2: In fact, lucky already raised an issue for this very request https://github.com/sker65/go-dmd-clock/issues/133
  7. I don't know this game very well but saw plenty of colour - some really nice and well done scenes here, great job!
  8. I had some strange behaviour with my PIN2DMD recently that I believe were caused by me using a USB 3 port; the problem went away when I moved it to USB 2...
  9. He has a knack for that; just when you think you are done he will drop a whole other mode ending on you Look forward to the update!
  10. NetzZWerg already put together a great video tutorial in another thread: And cb3's tutorial was what got me started, though I wish I had the above video back then, no offence cb3! Still, good reference material along side the video... Both or either of these will get you going with the current version of the editor. I think there is a tutorial from Malenko somewhere as well. Beware of older tutorials floating around that are directed at an earlier version of the editor and may confuse you.
  11. Happy to announce that I am progressing well with my next chosen project - Indianapolis 500 Still a long way to go, but a lot of the text and value screens are already covered and that is half the battle; really going to town and using gradients whenever I can, they look OK on the virtual DMD but they are just gorgeous on a real panel. Will post another update here again when there is more progress worth reporting
  12. lucky is right you should upgrade the firmware, though that will not fix all or maybe any of these issues Thanks for the bug report, that missing multiplier start was actually visible in an earlier video posted here too, I have just never got around to getting a dump for it and adding the trigger; I recall discussing that with Wob at the time, we never saw it on all our VPIN dumps; I think you need to have "spent" the 2 free locks, and used the warp factor beyond warp 9 before this will appear, so at least one EB needed too! Basically you are a much better player than me so I decided it was never going to be an issue I will add all these to my bug list and will try and squash them next time I'm editing that project - will post something here when it happens!
  13. Thanks everyone! Already spotted there is one missing mode, and a few other very minor things to try and pick up in the coming days, so expect a 1.1 update at some point soon. In the meantime, @Wob has put another preview video together to show the final 1.0 version for those not able to try it out for themselves:
  14. Excellent news, cant wait to try this. South Park was crying out for a colour project!
  15. After a slight delay, I am pleased to announce that my CFTBL project is now available for download! As is customary, I must first give a shout out to the legendary Wob - without his help, there is no way I would be even a quarter of the way through this... I mentioned previously this has been pretty challenging game to colour, there are some really dirty animations in the source and making them presentable has not always been easy. I will admit that there are still some minor flickers or colour ghosting in a handful of scenes, but Wob and I have already put in an awful lot of work and I feel it is time to put it out in the wild, rather than sit on it for a even more time just to tidy up one or two annoyances. I have had to take a few shortcuts in some places simply due to editor or time limitations, and I may pick up some of these in the future - I will post any updates here. Having said all that, I think there is still plenty to enjoy here Have fun!
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