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  1. slippifishi

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hello, me again I'm afraid, with more plane questions. I'm still not sure I understand why there are multiple planes - the DMD is only displaying one plane, so how can there be two planes? Or should I think of planes as "layers" like in photoshop, and what I see on the DMD display is actually the combined effect of all four planes? I apologise for my ignorance with respect to this, I am well out of my depth in terms of understanding the actual DMD hardware/firmware/interfaces, I just love playing pinball and my DMD was fitted to my cab by a professional Putting that aside, a much more pressing and annoying question is: why some frames don't have any hash? I don't want to keep pasting examples, but in the TNG source there are a few frames relating to the startup of Qs Challenge, and none of these frames - which I was anticipating using as my key frame for starting my own colouring - have hashes; it's not until a significant part of the intro animation has played that a hash becomes available. How, if possible, can I get around this? For the record, the frames in question in the TNG source start at 39541 and a hash isn't available for selection until frame 39596 - am I simply unable to customise those 55 intervening frames? If so, "what a pity" as Q would say when you drain... edit: nevermind about the hashes; I think this is another bug in the UI, the frame hash labels don't always update when I expect them to/don't always reflect what is in the preview window
  2. slippifishi

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hello again! I have been making some really good progress (I think), working out the best selection of scenes and key frames and finding optimal ways to apply the same colour mask to multiple key frames. I'd attach a few gifs but when I try and use teh export feature i'm left with pure black gifs :S One thing still puzzling me though, is in relation to key frame selection and their hashes. Consider the following frames from TNG: Above is frame 1 (4346 in the source, if you care). It has one plane, and a hash of AF5455B2 Above is frame 2 (4349 in the source). It is essentially the reverse of the above frame, dots that were on are now off and vice versa. It has two planes, the second of which is AF5455B2. If I select the second plane, it shows me the opposite of what I see in the main display: Can anyone give me any clues what these planes represent? Why do some frames have multiple planes, and other frames only one? Assuming I set up a key frame using the hash AF5455B2 in the first screenshot, surely this would be picked up and applied again by the latter frame as it has the same hash (albeit on a different plane), so any palette or frame switch I tried to apply to hash 6F1DB3A6 would be overridden? Or would it? In the event multiple planes exist for a frame, and key frames exist for both plane hashes, which one wins? I guess I really don't understand what these planes represent - there are no "layers" of colour on my DMD, so where do these planes come from? I appreciate any guidance anyone might be able to give!
  3. slippifishi

    What am I doing wrong?

    OK for the record I have returned to this today, and having created a fresh project using the one you supplied as a guide, everything is now working as expected; I have created new scenes and have even successfully experimented with detection masks and everything is working, for the most part, as I want. I really don't know what I was doing wrong with that first project, but either way the ball is rolling I guess so thank you again for your help. I think I will concentrate on non-dynamic scenes for now and get used to using the editor and switching between modes to accomplish the desired result and come back to the dynamic scenes later. My sessions in the editor seem to end with an (unexplained) crash more often than not, so I guess I need to get used to saving early and saving often - is the editor this unstable for everyone? I haven't looked into the cause just yet, and with frequent saving I can work around it for now. One last question, please tell me if you know there is a shortcut key for next/prev frame, and if so, please tell me what that shortcut key is!?
  4. slippifishi

    What am I doing wrong?

    I see what is different here; your project scenes use Color Mask mode, whereas I was under the impression from CB3s tutorial that I should use Replace mode for colouring non-dynamic scenes such as these? I really must switch off now so my cab is turned off and I can't try and experiment more this evening, but have I misunderstood the meaning of this feature?
  5. slippifishi

    What am I doing wrong?

    That's fantastic thank you, and I am now making some progress. The pin2dmd pal & vni files you supplied do not work as you provided them - I get a broken yellow/orange pallette across the board. But when I tweaked the path to the gzip file in the project XML and re-exported myself, the new pal & vni files work and I see the scene coloured as expected! I also notice the vni file you included is approx 8MB, but the one generated when I export the same project myself comes in around 300KB - I literally have changed nothing other than the path to the gzip?! I believe I am using latest PIN2DMD Editer v2.5.0.3, so perhaps a version mismatch explains that? Maybe I am overthinking this It is getting late for me now, but I will try making some additional changes/few extra scenes to your version of the project tomorrow and see if these continue to render as intended. Thank you again for your help; I am literally foaming at the mouth in anticipation for your TOTAN release EDIT: And yes, I am running latest Freezy DLL and all the other projects available here work in glorious technicolor - I am in awe of what I am seeing and hence why I want to get involved!
  6. slippifishi

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help! OK I think I understand what you are saying, and had a go adding a new key frame a few frames later and using plane 2, but this doesn't seem to have had any effect/made any change. Incidentally, the keyframe I thought I selected at frame 7 definitely has content - it certainly has a hash value for plane 1 (though none for other planes). I'm confused as to where my DMD is getting all the shades of white from! I tried swapping my pin2dmd.pal file for another random one (I cant remember exactly which, Jurassic Park maybe?!) and STTNG runs using the JP colours from that *.pal file, though again there are no signs of any shading difference in line with my changes defined in the TNGIntro scene shown above. Additionally, I removed the project files completely from the altcolor folder and confirmed that the PinMAME default colours are set to red and they aren't coming from there - it's like there is a fall back pallette somewhere and it is using that? Or perhaps NO pallette information is being set and just a brightness value being used, which explains the "shades" of white I see?
  7. slippifishi

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you for your help malenko - I do, I have have tried with a single replace keyframe (at frame 7); admittedly this is a very simple frame with no a lot going on (a star field), so... ...when that didn't work I tried adding a second keyframe a little further along in the animation when there is "more going on" and the actual logo itself displays, the exact frame # escapes me but lets say its about 30 i think, in case the earlier frame was not being detected or the hash conflicts with other frames somewhere. I think I understand the keyframing side of things (for static scenes at least), I wonder if I am using the editor wrong? I will also add that I have tried reducing the number of pallettes from the default 8 down to a single pallette with my chosen colours, but everything is still greyscale when I run it. It's not even all the same shade of white, and that leads me to suspect I'm doing something wrong with the palette selection, but I can't work it out!
  8. slippifishi

    TV loses input signal

    Sorry to bring this back up, but are you using an NVIDIA card perhaps? I recently came across this setting in NVIDIA control panel which, changing away from "Auto select", has solved a similar sounding issue I was suffering with an ASUS monitor. You have to set this per display.
  9. slippifishi

    Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Just wanted to chip in and say thank you CB3 for your tutorials, I am much more confident in using the editor as a result. I am looking forward to the next part/learning about keyframing dynamic scenes One suggestion/request, it would be great if we could open the example project files ourselves in pin2dmd editor as well - that is, the raw source XML project file(s) for these tutorials. This would certainly help me, and perhaps others, to validate what we are seeing in your screenshots vs what we see on screen, and also play around/confirm settings for a "known working project". Thanks again!
  10. So I have been really excited by some of the work carried out in this forum and the amazing things that are now going on with my pindmd3, to the extent that I want to have a go at an altcolor project myself. To understand the basics, I started work on Star Trek TNG, as the ROM dump is already available elsewhere on this site. Having read through and practised cb3's excellent tutorial on the use of Pin2DMD Editor (looking forward to part 6/keyframing dynamic scenes!), I have created a very simple project where I have done some very simple work on the first few hundred frames of teh attract sequence - the star trek logo, basically. But i'm obviously doing something wrong, and have been tearing my hair out for a few days trying again and again but to no avail. Everything looks OK in the editor, the colours seem OK, and I am able to export the .pal and .vni files successfully. But when I transfer these to the cab I notice two problems: The DMD is showing everything in greyscale/shades of white (ie. I don't see my updated pallette) My colour changes don't seem to be taking effect (ie. I don't see "shades" of white where I have used different colours in the editor - star trek titles are blue vs the next generation subtitle is orange, but on my display they are both the same shade of solid/bright white) I have had a look at the project XML file, and one thing that does confuse me and is not covered in any tutorials I can find, is the duration field(s) - there is a duration field for time in milliseconds and/or frames, but not sure what impact this has, if any. Any suggestions on where I might be going wrong, or how I might debug/identify the cause. For what it is worth ,I have attached my project files; to save attachment size I have neglected to add the source dump, but it is available here at VPU (see below). I hasten to add that I am confident my pinDMD3 is working correctly with the latest freezy DLL, other projects from this site are working fine, it's just my own one giving me problems I would love to get this working, and while I am no artist, I would hope I could at least get the ball rolling on adding some more polish to this already excellent game sttng_l7.zip