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  1. slippifishi


    The palette issues will go away when its activated
  2. slippifishi

    Pin2DMD Displays and some parts for sale

    And another satisfied UK purchaser here - thanks Dan! Excellent quality unit and no problems getting it set up and working fine with 220v, no further modification required! I will be using it mostly with my desktop for real time previews and play testing, but I may eventually migrate it to my pincab, who knows...
  3. Not to go off topic but I have to agree with Malenko here, without seeing his sources I would not have been able to achieve what I have with my projects so far, though I fully respect the decision to withhold them as I also appreciate the fantastic amount of time and effort required to do such a good job Back on topic I finally got to send you some beer money for doing such a good job of my #1 favourite pin - TOTAN was my gateway to pinball, I loved spending my work lunch break pumping 50p coins into this in a local pub instead of eating lunch!
  4. slippifishi

    The Flintstones WIP

    Its OK, I found it!
  5. slippifishi

    The Flintstones WIP

    Thanks - I had no idea there was a PM5 version, it's almost like I'm playing a different game!
  6. slippifishi


    I was playing this earlier (VPIN), definitely substantially more consistent/reliable appearance of scenes this time! I did have a very minor issue when I was entering a high score; there was some kind of ghosting going on and as I scrolled through the letters, I was seeing a ghost image of the previous letter; it wasn't a short lived ghost either, there was a noticeable delay between moving to the next letter and that ghost image disappearing. I don't know that you have tried to colour that scene in particular, but it looked like some kind of colour mask scene type issue. I was still able to input my initials Shredder looks so cool
  7. slippifishi

    The Flintstones WIP

    Despite saying otherwise, I was on a roll and have continued to work on The Flintstones and am pleased to present my first pass at colouring - see attached! These are the VPIN files, as usual put both files in the appropriate rom folder under altcolor, I was using rom fs_lx5, and currently my version only supports use of credits - if you aren't then you are missing out on the gradient score which looks really nice if I do say so myself! Loads of stuff is covered here: -all- of the bowling scenes everything to do with Dino frenzy concrete/multiball bonus multiplier attract mode Fred's Choice bronto crane game intro mode counters high-score-outro singalong probably a few other things I've forgotten about. But it still isn't complete I'm afraid! I know of the following scenes that are uncoloured, either through time requirements or lack of clean dumps Eat at Joes mode & scenes Waterbuffalo mode (x2) & shots Bedrock Derby status & lose screen (I keep winning!) Wizard Shoot Again bronto crane Jackpot/Super Jackpot (they are pretty boring anyway ;)) Barney Crash Test (can't get a clean dump of this, always interrupted by something) High-score-outro animation Bowl-o-rama status (spent ages colouring this but keyframing didnt work) There are a handful of score or status related scenes which are also uncoloured, but this is just because I'm saving them until the end to avoid using up all my masks. Despite this, I am really happy with it's current state so thought I would put it out there and see if anyone is willing to give it a go and do some testing/see what they think. Everything I listed above I have tested pretty furiously so if anyone spots anything that doesn't work very well, or not on my list, please let me know. I am definitely returning to demo man this week so I can cross that off the list and will come back and finish the remaining scenes here once that's done. pin2dmd.zip
  8. Looking really good, your choice of palettes for each scene is really spot on. And so many scenes so fast, you are a machine!
  9. slippifishi

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    I am trying to open a project saved with editor version in editor version For a vast number (but not all) of the coloured scenes, the type has been reversed - scenes I had set to Replace are now Color Mask, and vice versa. However, the keyframe list still shows them with the correct icon. Ignoring the problem of opening files with different editor versions, this raises a question I have often wondered - if I create a keyframe using a colored scene of one type (eg. replace), then after the keyframe is created change the source scene type to something else (eg. color mask), do I need to recreate the keyframe, or will it use the new setting on the source scene automatically?
  10. slippifishi

    Demolition Man WIP

    Awesome! I see a few obvious issues there and some scenes not firing that will need to be resolved (not sure what's going on with the laser millions at 4:54, it's like the mask stops running in the middle? I now appreciate this should be a replace scene anyway so I will redo it, but curious as to whats going on there). The free play text broke the score mask as well so I will have to get that added, the red ball and credit count really shines I have got the files back from Malenko now so the ball is in my court and I will make some tweaks and look into the final missing scenes in the coming days. BTW hit launch during ACMAG mode for a cheeky jackpot!
  11. slippifishi

    The Flintstones WIP

    Thanks; so far the only thing I'm genuinely struggling with is deciding if the ground should be green/grass or sandy/mud (ie. see the 3rd image I posted in the OP)? I have tried switching various scenes between the two but can't decide which I prefer! Green/grass works, but sandy/mud colour is much more subtle and somewhat pleasing on the eye... Otherwise, I have been using clips from the original animated series for inspiration when needed Although this table is based on the Flintstones film, there are for sure a mix of scenes from both the film and the show. Last night I also discovered there is a whole other Waterbuffalo mode ("Juggling Jeffrey") I didn't know about and it makes me suspect there could be a third...
  12. slippifishi

    The Flintstones WIP

    Yes, secretly I picked this pin in the hope that someone might feel compelled to work on a VPX version to go with it, and I have since read on "another" forum that it looks like that it may already be in the works - bring it on! I hope I can complete this in time... Not loads of impressive new stuff to add/show off here today, but that is not to say it is not progressing - I have now covered pretty much all of the general game play scenes, including all the bowling stuff which is not an insignificant amount of work; I have also tested those scenes to death and I'm really happy with how its all working - I have even covered some of the transitions to the bowling scorecard which look really polished if I say so myself. There are for sure a few weeks of work left yet, and Capcom released something on Friday just passed that will eat into some of my free time for a few days For anyone who is interested, there are three significantly challenging modes to colour here - Bedrock Derby (think TOTAN camel race), the Waterbuffalo mode, and the Wizard mode - if I'm calculating it right there are a potential 5040 (that is not a typo! hit the BEDROCK letters in any order, 7x6x5x4x3x2x1 = 5040) ways to complete the mode, each with a slightly different animation and I may have to leave that uncoloured or just with a flat palette, dunno. Can I also add that "Shoot for the machine" is possibly the most annoying call out on any pinball I have ever played. It doesn't help the VP9 version i'm using clearly has something wrong with that table element and it doesn't detect when I hit the machine correctly so it just keeps on calling....
  13. slippifishi

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Never mind, I just came across this previous helpful reply from DJRobX - I suspect my planes are to blame...
  14. slippifishi

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    If I have two frames and masks as follows, is there a way to guarantee which mask wins? I have tried experimenting with masks at high and low indexes, but my results are very inconsistent, it might just be that I have been testing with some unreliable frames in that transition, but are there any rules around to help me? EDIT: For clarity, the issue is the BALL text results in a conflict - I want the right hand mask to win, but up to now I have found it to be intermittent - is there any way I can be sure the right mask scene fires instead of the score colour mask? I have also experimented with both replace and colour mask sequences but to no avail
  15. errr, no limit/dump everything ? I appreciate that is probably not possible, but i feel like a few thousand more, at least, would be helpful; would 10,000 be doable? Or even make it configurable? For instance there is a sequence of frames in Flintstones after high score entry that all told is well over 1000 frames, maybe even 2000 I haven't looked that closely yet. Admittedly if I'm colouring that I will cut it up into chunks much smaller, but having the whole sequence all in one dump is invaluable in my opinion. That's just one example, and I do already have a dump of it, but i'm just trying to show that sometimes there might be cases to want more than 1000 frames. I would be interested to see what anyone else thinks, especially some of the more experienced colour artists. As for the UI buttons, I do see that the switch matrix lights change to reflect their on/off state, but it is not always obvious which light/space in the matrix relates to which UI button; you can eventually learn which is which with practice, but if I could look at the button and know it's on or off without having to toggle it and watch for a change in the matrix it would be great. I hope I am being clear with that description. I will add I'm being very selfish and approaching this as a tool to help me dump specific sequences in games rather than a tool to do an entire dump - though undoubtedly with enough patience (and enough frames to dump!) you could walk through an entire rom here in a very methodical and precise manner. I know for the TOTAN colouring there are still some missing camel race frames, maybe this tool could be used to quickly run through all the possibilities and find that missing sequence? Perhaps quicker than trying to do it by hand or drag a ball around VPX...