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    4 stars because, well, just not into cowboy arm hair. Very cool you have all these bg's in your amazing catalog, but the new table on the way may need your Lady Death alternate bg used Thanks Wildman!!
    Nice!! submitted 2013? That was some 'foresight!'
    I've been sleeping with one eye open .... hoping for an update. Thanks WM!
    Holy cow! Great update Wildman!!
    Wildman - - b2s wizard!....and I think he invented the McRib. Thanks for all the awesomeness!!
    Holy crap. As usual...amazing! This table is getting some serious love and rightfully so, but this just made it more fun to leave up and running while not even playing. Thanks Wildman!
    Wow. Wish I had the time to give 5 stars and a 'wow' to all the work you've done. This was huge upgrade!
    Thanks for your continued commitment Wildman!
    This is very cool. A cool breeze! Thanks Stat and Wildman.
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