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  1. Hello All! I hope everyone had a tremendous holiday season! I got a little time off and was able to get the batteries recharged so I thought it would be nice to get back into a little "Dot Coloring" as Malenko would say, so I present to you the next solo project I'm working on.....Stern's .........The X-Men! This will take me some time as I only have so much free time between career and family so I ask that you be patient and look at my track record of finishing projects I start. I promise it will be worth the wait and you will see the usual attention to detail as my previous works. Star Wars & Royal Rumble. P.S. If you have an X-Men project already started please do not post your work on this thread, please start your own. Thanks for you Understanding! Some previews to enjoy!
  2. It doesn't appear that any of the animations or modes are different between pro and le. I will be coloring the pro rom moving forward. For now Magneto!
  3. I am re-thinking this as I believe the Pro rom plays bettter then the LE. Can anyone tell me off-hand what the big differences are between the two? Like Malenko said this will not be an issue until I get to the Pinball Browser portion of coloring, I'm probably a few weeks away yet from that.
  4. I'm using the LE rom.
  5. Not the best scene I've ever done but with all the different characters I had to conserve colors, anyway with the Brotherhood done I only have the splash scenes left for Sabretooth, Magneto Multi-ball and Weapon X Multi-ball that's the good news. The bad news is these were the "easy" scenes to do...the more challenging scenes await so updates will be slower and fewer in between. I will be releasing the first beta version for public consumption after the splash scenes I mentioned above are completed. Cheers!
  6. So, I've moved onto the next colorization while DJrobX is tweaking the keyframing on Royal Rumble.........Star Wars Data East Time! I got all of the attract mode colored and moving on to the gameplay, this DMD is not as intense as Royal Rumble (I Hope!) So I'm hoping to finish in a month maybe two...depending on the family schedule. Here are some scenes to tide everyone over, Thanks!
  7. Probably the X-Men villain I am least familiar with...
  8. This one was more challenging than I counted on.....Sebastian Shaw and his court, I think they missed an opportunity here to showcase the White & Black Queen a little more.
  9. Forgot about Storm.
  10. Beast and The Iceman.....not Vanilla Ice though!
  11. I smell another tutorial........lol
  12. cb3


    The close up face looks Fantastic! Not to beat a drum but I'm telling you the black negative spaces is what makes it stand out, same concept used in comic art. The negative space add definition. All that being said you are way more talented than I am, I can color but I can't redraw original art. Awesome!
  13. cb3


    Have you thought about maybe outlining some of your redraws in absolute black? It may help the figures and background lines stand out. When the April scene triggered for me it seemed very "faded" on the display.
  14. cb3


    I would think the multiplier scene is not dynamic? It's always going to be 2-4-6- or 8 with that being said what I have done on all my projects is cut each one of the multipliers and key them individually as replacement scenes so you should have 4 different key frames color the scene once then copy/paste to the others?
  15. So, I've hit a bit of a bump in the road with this colorization, my original plan was to color the whole thing in the editor but Lucky has informed me that "colormask" is not supported with Stern machines....So I'm going to knock off all the replacement scenes and as many dynamic scenes as I can with palette switches in the editor. I will have to finish the more complex dynamic scenes in pinball browser so we'll see how this shakes out as this will be a new process for me.....in the meantime here is everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth! Enjoy!
  16. I agree Adam, I just started getting into this table and it is VERY DEEP! and the animation work has been fun to work on! I love the Jim Lee style X-Men.
  17. Hello, I have been on this site for a couple months now learning and listening, I am in the process of putting a plan together for my virtual cabinet and I believe the last component is the DMD display. I am very interested in the colorizations and have been playing with the PIN2DMD Editor for a couple weeks. I began coloring the Royal Rumble rom as I have a real Royal Rumble pin and my hope would be to colorize the real pin as well. I have a couple questions if you don't mind helping a newbie out? The first is are there any Royal Rumble WIP's out there? I would hate to step on anyone's toes? Secondly, as I do not have a PIN2DMD built yet I have been doing everything on the editor exclusively and I have no idea if I am doing this correctly? or how to handle the "dynamic" content? I have watched the tutorials online but they only help so much, I believe there are some things I am not comprehending. If I shared my Royal Rumble XML project, would any of the more experienced community members be willing to offer assistance to guide my efforts? Thanks in advance, this site has been extremely helpful!
  18. cb3

    Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Hi Everyone, I thought now would be a good time to share some of the things I've learned working with the editor this past year. We do not really have a thorough tutorial or manual available to help beginners get into coloring DMD's. I have completed the first 3 chapters of what will be a continuing document of resource material to help anyone color their favorite DMD's. My hope is that there is enough detail in this tutorial to get you started and comfortable working with the editor, which can be a bit overwhelming at times. I will continue to add to this but I wanted to get something out there for the community, maybe this will spur a new wave of artists to join the effort in colorizing all DMD's out there! Before we begin I want to acknowledge a couple members who have helped me get to where I am in this process and are very valuable members of the Vpin comunity. Thanks to Lucky1 for the patience in answering my thousands and thousands of questions probably some I asked multiple times. Thank You, You are the Best! Thanks to DJrobX for shedding the "light" on keyframing for me, I swear It just didn't make any sense to me(for months) until you explained it , Thank You! Thanks to Malenko for inspiring me to want to get involved with your amazing work and the first tutorial you put together though short helped me get started, Thank You! Here is the link to the GDrive, I will also post this in the Tutorials section. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-SpwIigih3Hty-bXVyEtLy2O9zr10ihR
  19. Good Afternoon, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far! I have decided to release the project for real pins as is....neither myself or Rob have had the time to correct the remaining challenges as of yet. You will find that the last reported errors in my previous posts still remain, however this project is more than playable and a lot of time and effort has gone into this! I hope to revisit the remaining errors after the holidays when more time is available, please enjoy the colorization and a big shout out to all those who assisted in it's completion! Have a Happy Holiday! Please feel free to report any challenges or bugs so they can be addressed, Thanks Again! Star Wars.fsq Star Wars.pal
  20. Yeah.....I second that! Rob hurry back ........lol
  21. SOON!!!!!! It's got to meet my quality standards before I release the final version, working on ironing out the last few keyframing challenges! Patience Padowans!
  22. Colorization is complete! I am releasing another beta version I can't remember if this is 2 or 3....lol Remember to rename the files "pin2dmd" and place in the correct alt_color folder. The project is playable and about 80% complete, there are some known key framing challenges those scenes are listed below: Cantina Jabba X-Wing Millions Super Death Star AT-AT's I also believe the Sarlaac scene will need to have more frames cut in order to be perfect (after 130, I needed a break...lol). I will finish up the last chapter on the editor tutorial in the next couple of weeks then I'll be taking a break from coloring. DJRobX is going to look at the keyframing challenges I am having and hopefully solve, in the mean time ENJOY!!! Star Wars.vni Star Wars.pal