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  1. Hello, I've had my cabinet built for a couple months now and one thing that has really got me frustrated is the playfield TV loses input signal quite regularly making it practically impossible to play. If I switch the HDMI ports it will solve the problem for a short time but it will resurface. I'm pretty positive I have the resolutions set right and I'm running at 60mhz. I have an insignia 1080p TV and it is brand new. The TV will just automatically start scrolling through the inputs looking for a signal before turning off or restarting, this problem occurs while using pinball x or just the PC itself. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or where I should start looking? Thanks
  2. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Hi Everyone, I thought now would be a good time to share some of the things I've learned working with the editor this past year. We do not really have a thorough tutorial or manual available to help beginners get into coloring DMD's. I have completed the first 3 chapters of what will be a continuing document of resource material to help anyone color their favorite DMD's. My hope is that there is enough detail in this tutorial to get you started and comfortable working with the editor, which can be a bit overwhelming at times. I will continue to add to this but I wanted to get something out there for the community, maybe this will spur a new wave of artists to join the effort in colorizing all DMD's out there! Before we begin I want to acknowledge a couple members who have helped me get to where I am in this process and are very valuable members of the Vpin comunity. Thanks to Lucky1 for the patience in answering my thousands and thousands of questions probably some I asked multiple times. Thank You, You are the Best! Thanks to DJrobX for shedding the "light" on keyframing for me, I swear It just didn't make any sense to me(for months) until you explained it , Thank You! Thanks to Malenko for inspiring me to want to get involved with your amazing work and the first tutorial you put together though short helped me get started, Thank You! Here is the link to the GDrive, I will also post this in the Tutorials section. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-SpwIigih3Hty-bXVyEtLy2O9zr10ihR
  3. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    My plan is to release another chapter this weekend. Thanks everyone for the feedback. @slydog43 which version of the editor are you using?
  4. What do I need to create dmp files from a real pin? Is it as simple as connecting the micro USB cable to a PC while playing the table? It seems like I would need a program to capture the data?
  5. So, I've moved onto the next colorization while DJrobX is tweaking the keyframing on Royal Rumble.........Star Wars Data East Time! I got all of the attract mode colored and moving on to the gameplay, this DMD is not as intense as Royal Rumble (I Hope!) So I'm hoping to finish in a month maybe two...depending on the family schedule. Here are some scenes to tide everyone over, Thanks!
  6. AttractMode.txt.gz gameplay.txt.gz Chapter 1_ Getting Started.pptx Chapter 2_ Coloring a Non-Dynamic Scene in Replace Mode.pptx Chapter 3_ Coloring a Non-Dynamic Scene in ColorMask Mode.pptx
  7. Thank You, you can use the tip button in my signature if you'd like
  8. Hello, I have been on this site for a couple months now learning and listening, I am in the process of putting a plan together for my virtual cabinet and I believe the last component is the DMD display. I am very interested in the colorizations and have been playing with the PIN2DMD Editor for a couple weeks. I began coloring the Royal Rumble rom as I have a real Royal Rumble pin and my hope would be to colorize the real pin as well. I have a couple questions if you don't mind helping a newbie out? The first is are there any Royal Rumble WIP's out there? I would hate to step on anyone's toes? Secondly, as I do not have a PIN2DMD built yet I have been doing everything on the editor exclusively and I have no idea if I am doing this correctly? or how to handle the "dynamic" content? I have watched the tutorials online but they only help so much, I believe there are some things I am not comprehending. If I shared my Royal Rumble XML project, would any of the more experienced community members be willing to offer assistance to guide my efforts? Thanks in advance, this site has been extremely helpful!
  9. Thank You Sir! Much Appreciated! Enjoy the Colorization!
  10. Here is the link to version 2.0 of the project source files. Everything is colored and keyframed. There are a couple known bugs and challenges right now that are not quite solved: Match scene is not correctly masked 100% (New L-Mask feature in editor may be able to fix?) Sleeper Pops same as Match scene, both scenes will play just some color bleeding occurs and it's not perfect....lol Doink call out scene is glitchy in the game as it randomly skips keyframes so makes colors off at times. Multiball Ready has some color bleeding as well (more masks are needed at this point, waiting on editor update) RIP Jackpot same challenge as Multibal Ready Jackpot Yokozuna and the "vs. Savage" scenes have a couple non keyframed scenes because they share them with other animations (still trying to figure this one out) All of these scenes I listed do in fact still play they just are not at the quality level I'd like them to be...If you feel inclined to do so tips are appreciated but not mandatory. I hope you enjoy! Real Pins - place .fsq & .pal files on SD Card and rename to pin2dmd, you will also need to grab lucky's "royal rumble fix" firmware version from the github page VPins - place .vni & .pal files in the correct alt_color folder and rename to pin2dmd. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IYbUy6Z4uyvH6aqHo4zIzB3LbG-2rFnt?usp=sharing
  11. TMNT

    Ahhhhh. What would the solution be? Is there a workaround?
  12. TMNT

    I cant get this table to load when using the colorization files? if i take the .pal and .vni out of the alt color folder table runs fine? i am using freezy's .dll 171 anyone else experiencing this?
  13. If you have a pin2dmd device connected to a real pinball machine can't you acquire the dump files that way by connecting to a PC too? I am more asking this question for clarification, at least that was my understanding?
  14. I hear the community loud and clear, please by all means have some fun with the WIP. Please know I'm a bit of a perfectionist so this is absolutely a WIP and not a finished product....about 65% complete. Remember to rename files "pin2dmd" and place into correct altcolor folder. Enjoy! Star Wars.vni Star Wars.pal
  15. Hey everyone! I am having a challenge installing a pin2dmd into my Royal Rumble data east cabinet? I have successfully installed pin2dmd into a Star Wars Data East machine and a vpin cabinet. The pin2dmd was working fine for the 3 minute non activation window, however once I installed the activation key file on to the SD card the display no longer works? I am attaching a video to show what the machine is doing. Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks! 20180806_172309.mp4
  16. I've gotten some requests to post video of the colorization now that I have the pin2dmd installed, so here is a video of my Star Wars table in action....the colorization is coming along quickly(faster than anticipated) I'd say I'm 65-70% complete at this point. I've got a couple complications to work through but all in all I'm happy with the results. The video does not do the quality of the pin2dmd any justice...fyi Thanks again to dpannell2 for the AWESOME job building these devices for me! (He has components in stock and ships quickly!) Lucky1 and djrobx special thanks to the 2 of you for all of the patience and mentoring you have given, Enjoy! Star_Wars.mp4
  17. Thanks to Lucky1's genius and expertise he helped me get the Royal Rumble up and running! I need to revisit the project and try to slim it down a bit....because it's too large for the real pins! I took a quick video for a preview, I hope to release version 2 for everyone this week my thought is at this point the project is roughly 95% complete and ready for public consumption, it needs to be smaller and there are 2 animations (Sleeper Pops & Match) that are probably beyond the editors capabilities right now to get them where I want them to be...but the colorization is totally playable IMO! Enjoy! The quality of the videos do not do the displays justice, the pin2dmd is crystal clear and a significant upgrade over the computer screen! Royal_Rumble.mp4
  18. I took out the SD card and the device works again....Thanks Lucky1 and dpannell2! I will upload the .pal and .fsq files again and try that.
  19. Yes, it is in Data East mode, latest firmware, the RGB sequence appears to be correct as well. It just shuts off, the only thing that changed from when it was working was loading the key file on the SD card?
  20. Hopefully it's attached this time...lol 20180806_172309.mp4
  21. Pin2Dmd Order Thread - Worldwide

    I got my devices from dpannell2 he did an excellent job and was very efficient in the whole process, I got my order in about a week. I know he has some extra boards and pcbs you should contact him.
  22. i'm not quite finished yet, some keyframing challenges still to solve. I need the editor updated to fix the non working masks.
  23. Pretty proud of this one!
  24. a couple more... why not?