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  1. You really should contact the artist @vbobrusev and make sure that this colorization is even still available? He may have taken it down for a reason.
  2. I haven't supported Free Play mode yet so that's why this scene isnt colored. switch to credits and you'll see a change. Free play support will come in a future release. cheers!
  3. .diff files are only needed on the Stern colorizations. For this all you need are the .pal & .vni files placed in the correct altcolor folder and renamed pin2dmd. Cheers!
  4. The WIP Beta has been uploaded to the downloads section. Cheers!
  5. You need v2.58 or higher to run the more recent larger colorization projects.
  6. that might be the problem, try it in english see if that helps.
  7. are you using a different language in game settings?
  8. That does not appear to be the color rom patch tool, that looks like a table patch tool?
  9. Are you using VPUColorRomPatcher? 1. Official Rom: LE version from Stern 2. Color Rom Patch: XMN_151h_cb3.diff 3. .zip name: xmn_151h.bin or xmn_151hc.bin (whatever name you use needs to be the same in the table script, I use xmn_151h.bin) 4. Place rom in vpinmame folder 5. Load the .vni & .pal files in the CORRECT alt_color folder for the rom you are using and rename both pin2dmd) 6. Enjoy table!
  10. I decided to color Guns N Roses next. I have been working on the attract mode and it is actually pretty much complete at this point, I have a few gameplay scenes finished none of the modes have been started. I will be finishing this next after X-Men is complete, Cheers!
  11. I love this table! I started working on the attract mode but......the transitions are extremely frustrating for key framing and I fear my attention span is not great enough to take on this project. I would be willing to assist if someone else wants to try but I am moving on to other projects. I will announce my next project after X-Men soon....!
  12. If you have a licensed version of pinball browser you will not need a .diff file. Open up pinball browser load your original ROM In the SAM tab check extend memory Save the rom as XMN_151h and exit pinball browser Rename the .pbm file XMN_151h and place into the same folder where your new rom is Re-Open pinball browser In the MACROS tab now you should see a lot of text in the window, hit the "run" button (looks like a play button) Save rom and exit pinball browser zip up rom and place in your rom folder in vpinmame Rename the .vni & .pal files to pin2dmd and place in the correct alt_color folder in vpinmame Enjoy, Cheers!
  13. Now that I figured out how to make a .diff, moving forward I probably will not be including the .pbm file in the zip folder just the .diff, .vni and .pal files
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