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  1. I'm not sure if that has been done or not, if you check out the earlier posts in the thread Lucky posted a helpful tutorial from Malenko. Check that out.
  2. Lucky, I got a hold of Rapplebox and he's gonna get me all set up. Thanks!
  3. Update progress...I estimate about 60% complete as of now...still looking for a response to purchase a pin2dmd unit anyone who could assist? Thanks!
  4. Can I just switch the modes and save those scenes?
  5. Ugh.....Thanks Lucky that's what I was afraid of! Fortunately I believe I understand the color masking system much better now and have been using the "Layered Color Mask" more often. Before I get to far into this again is there any difference between using color mask or layered color mask as far as dynamic content or anything goes? Skmastaz....I don't have a pin2dmd yet to answer your question, however I have a real Royal Rumble pin as well and am planning on using this in that machine, I will be more than happy to share the project with everyone when I am finished....If you'd like to assist there are still a couple frame dumps I believe I need if you read the earlier posts you can find which ones....that would be most helpful!
  6. So I understand correctly, in the scene I've attached. I colored all of the text with the color mask option then I colored the Macho Man with the replace option. Are you telling me that this scene will not work and I have to redo it using the color mask option only?
  7. Ok, Thank You Lucky1 for the input, my biggest concern with moving forward was having to redo everything if the keyframes weren't correct! I will ignore them for now and focus on getting the scenes colored, I would estimate I'm about 25% complete with this process. A question please: When you say some of the scenes are "unusable" does that me I need to delete them and start over? Or can I just change the mode from replace to color mask and save? I did use the color mask feature when ever I have colored "dynamic" content, but I have been switching back and forth between replace and color mask during scenes. A request if I could: I believe I have most of the DMDDumps to this point with the exception of the various "No Holds Brawl" animations, I believe there are different scenes for each wrestler and I have only been able to trigger two of them so far (Luger vs. Savage & Big Boss Man vs. Savage) If anyone knows a trick to get these dumps or could help secure them it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Again for the support!
  8. Here are some screenshots of my progress on Royal Rumble. I am still looking for a volunteer to test the project and check my keyframes. Thanks!
  9. OK, So this is what I've been working on with the Royal Rumble rom, I am still not 100% confident I am using the editor correctly and without a pin2dmd of my own I cannot test this. Would someone be willing to run this project through some QA and let me know if I am on the right track and if not maybe steer me back on to the tracks...lol Thanks in Advance!
  10. I missed this tutorial somehow, I will work on this tonight! Thank You!
  11. Hello, I have been on this site for a couple months now learning and listening, I am in the process of putting a plan together for my virtual cabinet and I believe the last component is the DMD display. I am very interested in the colorizations and have been playing with the PIN2DMD Editor for a couple weeks. I began coloring the Royal Rumble rom as I have a real Royal Rumble pin and my hope would be to colorize the real pin as well. I have a couple questions if you don't mind helping a newbie out? The first is are there any Royal Rumble WIP's out there? I would hate to step on anyone's toes? Secondly, as I do not have a PIN2DMD built yet I have been doing everything on the editor exclusively and I have no idea if I am doing this correctly? or how to handle the "dynamic" content? I have watched the tutorials online but they only help so much, I believe there are some things I am not comprehending. If I shared my Royal Rumble XML project, would any of the more experienced community members be willing to offer assistance to guide my efforts? Thanks in advance, this site has been extremely helpful!