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  1. Here is the problem that i have encounter You can see that the checksum '72B2E771' is present on the 3 pictures. On a real pinball, it trigger the 3e scene (the one named Score Car) most of the time. Is there a way to make the checksum '72B2E771' on the low priority, so it will give a chance to the 2 other scenes to appears correctly ?
  2. This one is for the virtual pinball, but it is never been tested, i hope this will work as goog as for the real pinball. starwars for virtual pinball.zip
  3. Here is my own Starwars project. As you can see, i have been inspired by the work on the previous post. It is still not complete, i guess it will be always be a work in progress. starwars For real pinball.zip
  4. Here is my own Star Wars project. I hope that you will find what you needed. Pin2DMD.zip
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