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  1. Thats it and Thank you! I had been putting that copy in the PinballX folder. Thanks Again! Have a Great Weekend! Scott
  2. It appears also I still have 64bit PinballX according to the log I posted, I reinstalled 3.29 as 32bit but still showing 3.28 64bit so not sure about that, I see on the logs its not loading the cabinet file. Look like the one that loads is DIRECTOUTPUT all caps. Thanks again scott DirectOutputVP.log DirectOutput pinballx (2).log
  3. Thank you so much for you help, I did post logs in the 1st post but look like not from VP I will get on it, both from VP correct? 1 just using front end to launch? Thanks again! Scott
  4. Please forgive me if it was a stupid question, or I did not follow forum rules? If anybody has a minute to look at it please help, I would like to fix it before that big game tomorrow, lol.....cheers. Thanks in advance! Scott
  5. No I have not, did not no anything about that, so if my flasher bar and beacon work without a cabinet file I will have to create a different cabinet file? I attached the other files from PinballX plugin folder. GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml DirectOutput PinballX Plugin.dll
  6. Looks like I did not upload that file, I will in a little bit
  7. Yep I have done that several times with no luck. Thanks, Scott
  8. I have my system fully functional using Visual Pinball but when I use PinballX my addressable LED strips (2) one each side are not working, everything else works in Pinballx including rear flasher bar. Of course I am not an expert on the coding or xml, I do see there is an error loading the plugin in the log but can’t figure out how to fix it. I can register the object in Direct Output, I run the plugin manager in PinballX and it shows up but when I go to Configure it gives me an error that it can find path. I am sure this is something simple but I just need another set of eyes to look at it. I have attached files and logs. As always thanks to everybody for your help! Scott. PinballX.ini PinballXlog.txt PinballX DirectOutput Plugin.log DirectOutput.log Cabinet.xml directoutputconfig.ini directoutputconfig30.ini
  9. Fixed it ......Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott
  10. Wow I finally found this and I have the same problem with a 3.2, I will try it and hope it works! Thanks for posting solution! Scott
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