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  1. You must have selected enable 3d in video preferences of visual pinball. Uncheck that
  2. randr

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas!
  3. Another pin I have never heard of. Neat
  4. randr

    TV loses input signal

    I’d start by looking in the menu of tv for anything auto detect and turn it off. But really sounds like a pc issue. Maybe reseat video card? Does it happen with regular pc monitor too?
  5. randr

    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Love the fast flips. Thanks for doing these builds.
  6. And it’s working. Thanks guys I’d be lost without the config tool.
  7. Ninuzzu made a simple updated installer works perfectly no surprise! Just uninstall any old proc with uninstaller first and should work as long as your running win7 or win 10
  8. I was going to put my 5 bar I removed to the back of back box but never have...would be simple enough as it’s all still connected to ledwiz. I should do that some day. Would be nice lighting against wall I think...
  9. randr

    Addressable Rgb's

    Ledwiz or pinscape or many generic equivalents are needed to control other toys correct.
  10. randr

    New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

    You won’t and haven’t lost anything. Your just not pointing things to proper location is all.
  11. randr

    New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

    This is all very basic stuff Install the program and point it to the files it’s that simple. It really is not hard to do. Did you watch the videos?
  12. randr

    Shaker Motor does not stop

    Try a different port maybe it’s shorted
  13. randr

    New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

    Well you earned my respect. But you don’t need to start from scratch. Just fix vp9(easy) then worry about vpx. My guess is you installed vp in a different folder then vpcabs as long as you didn’t change any pbx settings post a screen shot of visual pinball settings within pbx settings that will tell us where vp was installed then can go from there
  14. randr

    New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

    Well I will say then you should have left it alone as it was. I will also say it’s illegal to commercial sell a cab with all the software installed but seems nobody cares about that. Contact vpcabs have them fix it with a re imaged drive [emoji20] sorry but you need to do it yourself it’s not hard to do and is the way you must do it.
  15. randr

    New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

    Simple. Create a new vpx database in Pinballx, install vpx all in one installer, add vpx tables to your new vpx database. All the vp9 tables will be ok as long as you install the all in one in same folder as before. It’s not hard and plenty of topics in this forum or Pinballx forum providing step by step instructions to do it. The question has been asked many times so you should be able to find topics easy