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  1. This type of stuff is half my service calls! I see it all the time. Insurance will cover it you should at least get refunded the cost.
  2. Thanks as always Wildman. You are the master of b2s... always will be!
  3. CRap I forgot about this! I need to test the sound fixes yet....
  4. Thanks guys will give this a test.
  5. Thanks Wildman and@dazz I can log in!
    Nice one from the B2s master. thanks Wildman
  6. You must have selected enable 3d in video preferences of visual pinball. Uncheck that
  7. I’d start by looking in the menu of tv for anything auto detect and turn it off. But really sounds like a pc issue. Maybe reseat video card? Does it happen with regular pc monitor too?
  8. Love the fast flips. Thanks for doing these builds.
  9. And it’s working. Thanks guys I’d be lost without the config tool.
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