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  1. Yes the game manager is used to add tables. I think vpcabs site has a step by step guide under FAQ pages. Look there but tables and backglass go In Tables folder in zipped roms go in vpinmame roms folder then just add them to game manager
  2. Anytime I can help you know I'm like stink on shit
  3. It runs with anything. Or it should. Yes that's the one from freezy
  4. Yes you need dmd ext I think it's called. Works great
  5. I will keep tweaking when i get some time. busy with a few projects at home this holiday weekend but will report back if i get some better results
  6. We got the color sorta plasma orange but not close enough yet When I pick orange in pin2dmd it is yellow that's for sure no where near orange. But colorized roms are all looking properly I just want non colored games to look like real Pinball's orange plasma color that's all but seems like a tough thing to get right
  7. I cannot get a plasma orange color look either. Any tips?
  8. Yeah was strange! I think between myself and fren we are above average intelligence and honestly was a very tough thing to get working correctly for both of us. But is working perfectly now for me too
  9. Funny I recall pleasuredome advertising for vpf or other way around with links maybe but that was long time ago...
  10. Well said wildman.
  11. I put this as wallpaper on wife's computer... lmao
  12. djrobx i will add your hard work is appreciated by everyone! thank you for all the time you are putting in to this.
  13. I recall screenres getting goofy with a pbx update but I think you run hyperpin all I did was make screenres read only to solve that
  14. Tron looks amazing! Great work fren on that. The changes in pinmame are amazing. Thanks djrobx!