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  1. I thought it did but it didn’t work the first time. Did now though thanks
  2. so is Michael Jordan in this newest revision?
  3. ahh. see it now. I thought that was a pin2dmd file and not the pal file.. Looks great, thanks for the blood sweat and tears!
  4. just found this and I love that your pinball table matches your car. Interestingly enough I just changed the color of my truck from red and I didn't even think about my vpinball table being the same color!!! I wonder if I can get my truck in the livingroom behind my pinball table to take a pic like yours... my wife would love that! BTW is mopar madness done and released?
  5. this is what I tried, total shot in the dark. I need a scripting 101 for dummies.... Sub sw39_Hit PlaySound "fx_spinner" End Sub yours worked, thanks a bunch
  6. sw 39 I looked at guns n roses as an example and found the line for that spinner and tried to use it to trigger fx_spinner in fg but it didn't work
  7. family guy vpx, all versions I checked, don't have sound enabled for louis' spinner. I tried to do it based off another table and it didn't work. the sound effect is there and I don't see a command to prompt it.
  8. The only reason I ask is because of the dof change to 1.80. I like the color rom though, it looks amazing
  9. mtl_170h got replaced by mtl180_h, can we use the same color file for the new rom version. if so it didn't work for me sorry, don't know if this is what this section is for!
  10. I have the 170 colorized but dof no longer recognizes the 170 series roms. I tried to do the color patch on a 180 bin and it woks kinds but when I played a table it locks up.
  11. I have the metallica 170h colorized rom and I noticed that dof no longer supports 170h and c roms. I tried to do the colorization on the 180h bin and it worked sorta but locked up when I ttried to play. I saw a post where dof used to have 170 series in the options
  12. dof is working fine with all tables. I am trying to setup in pinballx now to work during table switching. I went to register dof and get and error: registering the directoutput com object returned the following information: exit code 100. I have done this before but upgraded my os to 64 bit and not working now, tried r2 and r3
  13. I finally got the 170h rom working. I color patched it, tested the rom and it worked, but when I launch the table it doesn’t. It loads the rom, I can add coins but when I press the start button it locks up and the table quits. Maybe system requirements too high for my computer, bad color patch. I have all the other color roms working. Can’t colorize walking dead come to think of it but everything else works
  14. I am new to the pin2dmd, what I have found some of the parts already online but the shield is unknown to me. does anyone know a place to buy it and exactly what it is called, thanks
  15. when I check my rom in vpinspa it says rom is good but when I hit start, I get a black box and error failed to load DLL. any thoughts.
  16. Fixed mustang but not star trek issue ..I changed B2S for this table to run in EXE mode. I thought I did this before but I guess the settings got erased during an update. Can anyone tell me how the b2s in exe mode would affect the rom>
  17. I am having this same problem with star trek, mustang pro, and sometimes acdc. whats the deal with the memory issue??? my roms all check out fine and play fine as long as the table is not in the table folder. if I launch it while ists on the desktop it works absolutely fine.
  18. about a month ago I noticed acdc was having issues. when I launched the table the rom was not found. I know its there because I was playing it before and it tested through vpinmame fine. then mustang also stopped working. I cannot play it uless I take the file out of the table file and place it on my desktop. if I do that the rom starts up fine when I launch the table. now I notices that star trek pro is doing it. I have tried st_161, 161h, 162... all checked fine through vpinmame and all play when launching "not in the table folder" but as soon as I put them back in table folder, cannot recognize rom, like its not even there. 300 other tables work, vp10.5 and vpinmame 3.2 installed. any suggestions...
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