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  1. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

  2. Flipper problems?

    I am having the same problem with batman DK and also get an error as soon as I hit flippers in WPT. Does this have to do with the fast flippers thing. I started reading about it but....waaaaayyyyy over my head
  3. Elvis Nightmod (Stern 2004) Fs Physmod

    can someone please help me with a sound issue. This and two other tables play sound through both channels. If I disable the sound in the script it plays through the channel that the rest of the table sounds play through. if I enable it it plays on both the pf sounds and my pf music speakers ( where the other 200 tables music plays through). ripleys and Lord of the rings is the same. just wondering why these tables are different then the rest. Otherwise for hating Elvis, this is a great table
  4. Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    I just played space jam pm5 and the same thing was happening with the ball dropping. I went through the process you described and that box was already checked. I played around a bit selecting and re selecting and the ball still falls back. metallica is fixed though
  5. Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    I did but there is specific verbiage in the ones I saw that only apply to that specific table. I didn't know if there was a generic script you can add that doesn't reference anything in the table except for the rolling sound you add. I don't know how to build these or I could figure out what exactly has to be in it
  6. Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    worked great thanks for the help as always. I love these pm5 tables compared to vp9. I will be updating to vpx soon when I get my new computer setup but for now I am trying to find as many pm5 tables as possible. I have found about 10 so far. is that all that are out there for downloading. on another note. Do you guys have a generic script that you can add to any table script to add ball rolling sounds. There are some tables that don't have it at all and I have the sound files but what to add to the script and where to place it is a mystery to me. thankls
  7. Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    I tried to move the wall up, down, move the plunger, the ball pops into the shooting lane and then falls away and disappears
  8. Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    just downloaded this table. when I hit start it kicks a ball out and then falls back below the plunger and out of sight. am I using the wrong physmod exe? all the other tables I have work fine. if I launch the ball really quick it plays but on second ball it does the same thing
  9. family guy issue

    I installed fg for vp9. the rom is correct, vbs installed... when I start the game the backglass shows and I get a vbs error that the rom is missing or bad. any clues