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  1. I thought it did but it didn’t work the first time. Did now though thanks
  2. so is Michael Jordan in this newest revision?
  3. ahh. see it now. I thought that was a pin2dmd file and not the pal file.. Looks great, thanks for the blood sweat and tears!
  4. just found this and I love that your pinball table matches your car. Interestingly enough I just changed the color of my truck from red and I didn't even think about my vpinball table being the same color!!! I wonder if I can get my truck in the livingroom behind my pinball table to take a pic like yours... my wife would love that! BTW is mopar madness done and released?
  5. this is what I tried, total shot in the dark. I need a scripting 101 for dummies.... Sub sw39_Hit PlaySound "fx_spinner" End Sub yours worked, thanks a bunch
  6. sw 39 I looked at guns n roses as an example and found the line for that spinner and tried to use it to trigger fx_spinner in fg but it didn't work
  7. family guy vpx, all versions I checked, don't have sound enabled for louis' spinner. I tried to do it based off another table and it didn't work. the sound effect is there and I don't see a command to prompt it.
  8. The only reason I ask is because of the dof change to 1.80. I like the color rom though, it looks amazing
  9. mtl_170h got replaced by mtl180_h, can we use the same color file for the new rom version. if so it didn't work for me sorry, don't know if this is what this section is for!
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