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  1. Star Trek Stern Not Recognizing St_161 Rom

    Fixed mustang but not star trek issue ..I changed B2S for this table to run in EXE mode. I thought I did this before but I guess the settings got erased during an update. Can anyone tell me how the b2s in exe mode would affect the rom>
  2. Star Trek Stern Not Recognizing St_161 Rom

    I am having this same problem with star trek, mustang pro, and sometimes acdc. whats the deal with the memory issue??? my roms all check out fine and play fine as long as the table is not in the table folder. if I launch it while ists on the desktop it works absolutely fine.
  3. about a month ago I noticed acdc was having issues. when I launched the table the rom was not found. I know its there because I was playing it before and it tested through vpinmame fine. then mustang also stopped working. I cannot play it uless I take the file out of the table file and place it on my desktop. if I do that the rom starts up fine when I launch the table. now I notices that star trek pro is doing it. I have tried st_161, 161h, 162... all checked fine through vpinmame and all play when launching "not in the table folder" but as soon as I put them back in table folder, cannot recognize rom, like its not even there. 300 other tables work, vp10.5 and vpinmame 3.2 installed. any suggestions...
  4. Star Wars

    when I enabled the external dmd and disabled the other it locked up a couple of my solenoids. I had to restart the computer and it was fine. I tried to play star wars and the dmd looks great but the table was way slower and it messed up a couple times. is this a huge resource sucker or should it not affect the play of the table.
  5. metallica color rom

    Wow... 😭
  6. metallica color rom

    having a hard time making mtl_170hc. anyone want to dropbox it to me?????
  7. still have this issue and its only with acdc and mustang... very frustrating. it used to work and not sure what I updated but these two stopped. when I took the b2s out of the table folder and launched acdc it worked. I tred launching acdc from vpx directly and nogo. I am using win 10 btw
  8. Did this issue get fixed in the latest revision
  9. Not home now. Haven’t updated in prob 2-3 months so I will check thanks
  10. Did this ever get fixed. I cannot run AC/DC or mustang from pinballx, manually through the table folder or manually through vpx. I have to take the AC/DC or mustang table and move it to my desktop and it plays fine but with no b2s.
  11. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

  12. Flipper problems?

    I am having the same problem with batman DK and also get an error as soon as I hit flippers in WPT. Does this have to do with the fast flippers thing. I started reading about it but....waaaaayyyyy over my head
  13. Elvis Nightmod (Stern 2004) Fs Physmod

    can someone please help me with a sound issue. This and two other tables play sound through both channels. If I disable the sound in the script it plays through the channel that the rest of the table sounds play through. if I enable it it plays on both the pf sounds and my pf music speakers ( where the other 200 tables music plays through). ripleys and Lord of the rings is the same. just wondering why these tables are different then the rest. Otherwise for hating Elvis, this is a great table
  14. Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    I just played space jam pm5 and the same thing was happening with the ball dropping. I went through the process you described and that box was already checked. I played around a bit selecting and re selecting and the ball still falls back. metallica is fixed though