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  1. Hey, I am too having some issues here. I can't get evil dead working ( sad face ) but after going through the installation, CCC no longer works and the fix hasn't fixed it (sad face). I will leave everything as it is for now, hoping a solution is found. Thanks for the great looking table regardless, excited to try it out
  2. Thanks man.. Ive got a few working now and seem to be kinda ok. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello everyone, I have tried to be as self sufficient as possible without bothering the community too much but I think I really do need help now. I have come across from Future Pinball and the transition to VP is proving to be a little daunting. So I will start by saying I am initially trying to get tables running in a single screen scenario, no backglass or DMD. I have installed VpinMame and Sam etc, and my tables do actually load up. ACDC give a windows crash and Visual Pinball Has stopped responding message. I see the table load and the lights show momentarily before the instant crash Addams Family loads, the flippers work, the plunger works and I can hear coins going in when I press 5 but the table looks lifeless, no game start, no lights etc. So I guess I need a little help here, I feel like I am going round in circles Kind Regards