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  1. Hi, I try to use the new colormask sequence and I can’t define a mask to triggering the second and other frames. All is blue and I can’t use tool to resize the trigger location. Anyway, I can’t sélect a mask. Number of mask are not enable. perhaps I have the wrong methods. I read the tuto on Pin2dmd.com and I need more informations.
  2. Hi, I have some real pins with pin2dmd. Now, We stay at home and it's time for me to continue my Attack form mars colorisation. I'm french and I decided to make my own colorisation. There is a lot of work and I have a big problem since 2.57 to 3.xx and new version of editor. I don't know if the problem is pin2dmd version or editor. Before update, no problem with freeze at all. So hardware is not the problem. Dump is made by me. When a screen appear like "presente" or another screen with score and freeplay. The pin2dmd freeze. If I reset with button, pin2dmd restart normaly since one of these screen appear. I change STM32 with another one but same problem. I change microSD but same problem. I think, there is a bug with my colorisation file. I don't know where I can begin to search. I can send file if need.
  3. I bought 2 of these shit... I had so many problems. So don't buy this bad chinese copy.
  4. What’s new? can you tell us the changes...
  5. How I can link STM32 and arduino to receive these informations? Which pin do I connect? My project is to make interactive led in saucers on attack from mars like the remake and I need to get informations of game sequence to play the correct animation in saucers. Animations are already done. Now, I need to connect these 2 cards. regards,
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