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  1. Sorry all good now. I didn't move over the .vni file. I thought that was only needed for a real dmd but I guess not?
  2. Yes just double-checked and yes it's exactly like that.
  3. Me again. I installed Freezy's 1.8 yesterday and I have more colors now but nothing like the pictures in this thread. Tried the Monster Bash color files as well with the same result. For instance when the picture of the 4 monster heads comes up I only have a white outline of them. Anything else I need to do?
  4. Thanks guys! Also I think I need to update my Freezy DMD program. Can you tell me what one I should be looking for? I think there was one that broke things if I remember correctly. Thanks.. NM looks like version 1.8 is what I want, found it in another thread of yours outhere, thanks.
  5. Would like to give this a go but I'm using the original jupk_513 rom. Can I just rename it and put it in my altcolor/jupk_513 folder? Or will it not function correctly with that rom? Thanks
  6. Got it going, many thanks for all your hard work. Loving your SW coloration as well :)
  7. Sorry to bug you again but the pal file seems to be missing? There was an .ani file. I tried to change the extension to .pal but it didn't work. I'm using this on a vpin. Thanks
  8. Hi would love to try this one. Is there a link to the final release? I only see the beta version in a post on the 2nd page. Thanks
  9. Dang can't believe I forgot to update that. Works great, thanks!
  10. Hi guys is this still a feature with the current b2s program? Tried it on a few tables tonight and it had no effect. I am setting up a 2-screen machine and for the DMD tables I want to use the no-grill b2s's and place the DMD below it. So I edited my default screenres.txt so that my backglass and dmd would both fit on the 2nd screen, worked really great. Then I tried to used this new feature to create a .res file that will display my EM backglasses in full regular resolution. 1280x1024. I tried it with a few tables and it I could not get it to fill the whole screen. It was always resized like I set it in the default. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Thanks I downloaded that before I posted the question but couldn't see how to just edit a palette file. It appears to be more for animations. I couldn't even figure out how to import a .pal file. I've since discovered if you delete the altcolor folder that belongs to a table then the virtual dmd will read your pinmame color settings.
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