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  1. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    ?? The seller tell me old me the opposite I have more confidence in you, It's certain. I will see with the seller if he can have me recent dmd 1/16, but he's not technical Tell him about 74HC245T, 74HCT245 ...it's like...recite a poem to a cow. It's coool but... it does not help much. Ok, Thks
  2. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    Hi Just a last question. We are agree a 1/32 DMD don't work with M14STM32 F4 and last version of pin2dmd (2.49) !
  3. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    Yes, if I remember the HCT chip are used because they are faster in I/O But, I don't have the good H/W to desoldering and re- soldering this. I can try but... not sure about the resultat and especially, I don't have a 74HCT245 in cms. I have a lot in normal socket ;), but not in CMS. I can of course order this, but it's very difficult if I don't have exactly a good a soldering station with his tools for cms. But, finaly, If it's work good with 3.3V... so...I can use 3.3V of my atx power suply.
  4. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    Hi Yes or change the 74HC245T by 74HC245 But notre easy if we don't have hardware to do this. Thks for your reply, i will try some h/w configuration like you Say. See you
  5. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    PCB : P2.5(2020)-16S-V1.0 UR1, UG1, UB1, UR2, UG2, UB2,UR3,UG3,UR4,UG4,UB4, UR5, UG5, UB5, UR6, UG6, UB6,UR7,UG7,UR8,UG8,UB8 : CHIPONE ICN2026DP C CF 1J15.1 U1, U2, U3 : SUM 74HC245T D1409AFP81 a couple of 16 : 4953 4K2501 x2 (below C29) : DP74HC138 4J2101 cx3, cx4 : 220ùF 10V a lot of capacitor cmd : C1->C29 (not measured ) a lot of resistor cmd : mark 29B (not measured but normaly 1.96Kohm) I thinks, it's all
  6. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    Hi, Yes Of course Here, 300 Dpi scan 21mb size O_o' Scan_019.bmp
  7. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    Ahh ! Ok, it's possible to change directly the configuration into a hardware menu. I don't know that, great Thks for this information I orde this DMD last month but, the seller tell me, they are not batch for 1/16 (because hardware instability problem) So he propose me a 1/32 but, normaly, the 1/32 don't work, so I insist to have a 1/16 or refund And so, it's send me I think what was left in stock ! Yes, If you can check if you have the same issue it will be great, Thks a lot. You can see (picture here) the display I have with 5V I needed to put several sheets to take the picture becausse it was very too bright And you see, no picture, just some group of line.
  8. DMD voltage issue with 2.49v of Pin2DMD

    Hi 2 pictures join in this message. As you can see, with straight cable, the Red and Green are inverted (I have also the confirmation of that of seller) but with swap pin 1-2 & 4-5(so pd0-pd1 and pd5-pd6), the color is now good (no picture join). Second picture you can see the DMD PCB. (P2.5 (2020)-16S-V1.0 With 3.3V of ATX power, the display is correct. I trying a lot of 5V power supply and so, always the same problem, don't work with 5V very strange....
  9. Hi ! I recently buy modules for DIY pin2dmd https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/fashionable-best-full-color-indoor-p2-5-led-module-SMD-RGB-1-32-Scan-160x160mm-64x64pixels/32801568339.html Modules that I receive it's not RGB but GRB but, no matter, juste some wire to swap. BUT... my probleme is : When I use 5V power supply on this DMD Dmd connected with my STM32F4 Disc1 Discovery board (programmed with 2.49 Firmware of pin2dmd and upgraded from V2.J25.M14STM32 Debug+Mass Storage to V2.J29.M18) Impossible to have a correct display, only some line groupe, red, green blue... random on the display module with High luminosity. BUT, when i use a 3.3V instead of 5V to power the DMD. The display is correct. Below 3.3V, the color is not good (turn to red color) And over 3.3V, display nothing or some group of line very high very bright. With or without sd card with registration key do the same. The seller tells me that it comes from the firmware used in STM32F4 I have not yet tested old firmware version. Your opinion ? Mine it's a electric problem on this DMD but, I'm not sure. Thks a lot every body