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  1. Stiffboard

    Minimum buttons required

    Sounds good. I was a bit cheap and bought a no coin door... https://plus.google.com/111013107896987226924/posts/iDxgavBSZ1e
  2. Stiffboard

    Minimum buttons required

    So that’s possible? Don’t see any point in not doing so then.
  3. Stiffboard

    Minimum buttons required

    Was hoping for less than 3 on the front Not possible to use magna save buttons for coin in and start? Haven't really seen and tried all programs needed, menu system and all... Still in the building cabinet phase.
  4. Stiffboard

    Minimum buttons required

    Btw, planning on having extra flipper buttons, for Magna save and similiar.
  5. Hi, starting my cabinet project and building the cab at the moment. Want to have as few buttons as possible. What's the minimum amount of buttons needed? Guess you can use the flipper buttons to browse in menu system, different programs, different functionality. Then there's a start button, coin, escape...
  6. Stiffboard

    WPC Standard Body Sketchup

    Building my Williams wide body cabinet myself. But I skipped the 45 degrees cut on cabinet. Unnecessarily complicated I think. Using screws with kinda slotted oval head, instead of countersinking and wood filler, looks pretty good I believe. Wide body is exactly the size of my 46 inch TV which I happened to replace with a bigger one lately