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  1. When the table is loaded press F1 and recheck that the 4 color mode and the external dmd checkbox are marked.
  2. @gunnerdid you rename the files to pin2dmd before as I mentioned before? Does the altcolor folder name match your rom name?
  3. To get rid of the sync problem it should help to split the scene into single frames and trigger them one by one, or use the layered color mask mode. With the single frame method you should also increase the delay time of each frame to maybe 500 or 1000.
  4. You only need to rename the files to pin2dmd. Then place them in altcolor/jupk_513 or... /Jupk_600 folder. It should work with both roms.
  5. @Pinballuser that is right, I don't know how to make it work for vpin, that's why I gave it a break.
  6. I already have a gb project I work on, but get stuck because I don't understand the steps needed to get the wanted results with pb and how to combine these programs in the end.
  7. Usually, I only want to publish colorizations that have as few errors as possible. However, after about 400 hours of work, I now realize that I will have to rearrange a huge part of this project to fix all persisting issues on certain modes. That is the reason why I am not going to reach my goal of releasing by the end of the year. But because I believe that the project has reached a point where it is already a lot more fun than with a monochrome DMD, I decided to share the current BETA progress. Version uploaded to the file section, for real pin requests, please PM. Enjoy so far... http://vpuniverse.com/…/…/file/5849-red-teds-road-show-beta/
  8. @Mopple sounds like your freezy setup is wrong or you forgot to rename the files to pin2dmd? Maybe wrong altcolor folder name?
  9. Still busy, can´t promise anything about a final release date...This is one is one of the hard nuts for me, so patience needed.
  10. Update Version 1.1 added to the download section.
  11. @SpaceGambler thanks I will try to fix it with the next update very soon. You could try to fix or improve it for now by changing the score dots to comma in the rom options. I think it is about the Euro format setting somewhere...
  12. Thanks for the feedback. If you could provide some pictures of the blue scores I will be able to fix it. It depends on your initials that affects the comma positions...
  13. Thanks for the feedback and video, much appreciated!
  14. Just cleaned up my inbox... Please try again to message me...
  15. Early ALPHA real pin test, thanks to Yoyokopter Mod:
  16. Early beta real pin test... still a bunch to do. Thanks for Ben for the video!
  17. Thanks, yes but I needed a break to experiment with other methods that I will need for this one as well... I will continue the work on it soon. Progress should be around 70% but the last 30% is still a bunch of work.
  18. I have to train some new methods with this table that I will also need to complete RS. I have reached a point of progress that is very time consuming and sometimes boring as well, so anyway I always need some variety for myself 🙂 It will take some time, but I will try my best for a release this year.
  19. I have struggled with myself for a long time, many of you have already asked me about it ... I think this will be the biggest challenge and amount of work so far, but now I finally decided... ...to enter the Twilight Zone!
  20. Release version 1.0 was added to the download section. Big thanks as always to the incredible WOB for testing and dump/video providing. As usual I provide the files for free, but if you would like to say thank you by sending a drink, feel warmly invited to use the following link: https://www.paypal.me/MistaMartin Project Summary (Thanks to Slippifishi): Masks used: 25 Palettes used: 104 Trigger count: 1124 Working hours: 100+ For private use only, please do not share or upload somewhere else, lead the people to this site instead. Installation: 1. Make sure you have Freezy´s dmd working correctly. 2. Extract and rename the files to pin2dmd and place them into your vpinmame/altcolor/id4 folder. 3. Feel invited to leave a review or comment at the file section. For real pin requests, please PM. Enjoy!
  21. Full attract mode test (4 minutes). Maybe kind of boring for you, but I thought I could share it, put some music behind 🙂
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