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  1. Make sure you set the language to english to get the full joy 😉
  2. You def should update to the latest version, or at least v2.58.
  3. No, but it shows the colorization credits 😉
  4. IT´S ALIVE !!! Since this project reached a well playable level , I decided to share it with the community. Special thanks again to wob for countless hours of beta testing and dump producing! You rock! This is not the final version, but I will provide updates in the future. Knows issues: - Minor glitches and flickering at some scenes - Status report not completed - Some missing map markers - No support for the credit dots, so get rid of them first 🙂 Instructions: Extract the rar file to your vpinmame\altcolor\mb_106b folder. Make sure you have freezy´s latest dmddevice.dll installed and working correctly on your system and activate the 4 color mode on your table by hitting F1. Make sure you set the rom language to english, other languages will not work. Please activate the "say no to drugs" screen in your rom settings. This colorization is optimized for rom version MB_106b. Requests for real pins, please send pm. Enjoy! If you would like to send me a drink, please use the tip button below. Thanks for your support, cheers :-). MB 1.0.zip Gameplay demo by WOB:
  5. No, don´t want to release them. But thinking about doing a more advanced tutorial when I find some time...
  6. This is not possible yet because of the editor mask limitations. I solved this scene by using a 1 Frame color mask and if I would paint them green you would see the green on top of the baskets during the movement. So the only possibilities here are to have baskets and snakes brown or green. I found some dots that are not affected by the snakes movement and thats why I decided to use these to have at least a touch of green on the snakes 🙂
  7. Thank you very much, great works!
  8. Thank you for this real pin beta test. This is very helpfull as we can see the differences and the work that is still to do to make it run better on real pins.
  9. Thanks to @Wob again for this ingenious gamplay test of the current progress of my Monster Bash Pin2DMD colorization. As you will see, there is still plenty to do. Not all scenes are colorized yet and there are missing frames, timing issues and glitches, but the progress should be around 80% and enough to take a closer look for those who are interested. This video and the corresponding dump will surely help me to capture the problems and complete the project. Enjoy...
  10. Haha...true, thanks for the hint 🙂
  11. Thank you for the hints guys. Suggestions are everytime welcome. As I found the greys too black/white looking, I tried to find the middle now. I also want to mention, that all possible similarity in color choice to the "other company" is pure coincidence. I never watched their colorizations, I choose my colors by feeling and looking at playfield and backglass objects. But anyways thanks for the info, sometimes it maybe could be inspiring. I desaturated the colors for Bride now to make the skin look more cold, think I will go with this:
  12. click to watch animation:
  13. click images tp play animation:
  14. Some more progress...