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  1. I have no experiences in dumping from real pins, but if you anyway work with single frames you can just give them a big delay since it will only stay as long as the next trigger will stop it. The best way to dump is to trigger the animations manually and let them run to the end, in gameplay you will disturb those animations with others so it will be harder to collect all needed frames.
  2. From my experience I had to spend 100+ extra hours for each table to make it work on a real pin the same as on vpin. Real pins in general don´t seem to like animations longer than 1 frame because of some kind of timing differences. For instance for the multiball animation from TOM I had to cut and trigger all 350 single frames to make it work on a real pin. You will also have to play with the delay times of the single frames and the hash layers at some points. This is my experience with bally/williams tables, I am working on my first data east and I have no real pin test results yet.
  3. Would also be nice to open a thread for those general questions instead of using this post. Thanks
  4. Sorry, will update this colorization within the next months, so no changes yet.
  5. I was able to work on this around 6 to 8 hours every day since I started the project some days ago. I concentrate on coloring long animations and did not mess with any optimization or keyframing, but I already created the needed masks to be able to trigger those animations. Latest images:
  6. Another 10 hours on that scene(s)...these transitions are tricky because of the color restrictions.
  7. Great tutorial, never messed with those changes but could make sense especcially for kind of custom layouts...
  8. The version that I am working on seems to be the same from pinside but it should be far from being well playable according to the project file. I guess this will become a complete overall, but I just started to work, so it will take some time to finish it.
  9. After I talked to @Audiofreak I have the latest version now and already renewed the intro sequence. The overall progress seems to be around 10% and I realized a lot that will not work. That's why I feel motivated to do a complete overhauI. I will check the attract scenes by @Pinballuser as well and create a fresh wip thread for it.
  10. No, that just means if you are in freeplay mode and have this dot you will have wrong colors at the score and last score screens. I don't have a dump file to colorize that 🙂
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