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  1. Just did some color grading based on informations provided by the community:
  2. First steps are done... thanks to @Wob again for trigger testing and producing really helpful dumps. The progress is about 30% I guess and this table is really a pain to colorize, because it has almost exclusively dynamic content... But challenge accepted :-) This is just an early preview of testing the color changes and Keyframes, so you will notice many missing or non triggered frames. Also the colors are not final...
  3. What am I doing wrong?

    I am using but the hash problem with d-mask still persists. But the biggest issue for me is still the realpin export, because I am not able to get a right live preview and the files do not work right on real pins...
  4. What am I doing wrong?

    I am also fighting with the hash problems, sometimes there are different hashes showing up after I check and uncheck the mask checkbox... also the real pin export does not seem to work right anymore (tested for totan and taf). I already reported these problems to Steve too, I hope he will find a solution for this.
  5. Yes, the dynamic contest is hard to solve sometimes, especially when it comes to lots of single Frames to colorize like the camel race at Totan. Also the transitions are still a problem and hard to solve too. If you have a special problem, maybe I could help...
  6. The MM update is not worth a release yet , as I am cleaning it up right now and try better keyframe solutions for some scenes to make it work better on real mashines too. Like I mentioned above my time will be less the next weeks, but I will keep you up to date. I do not want to make false promises :-)
  7. Don´t worry, I do not rush myself, sometimes it is nice to have a small diversion for myself. As I have a lot of things to to within the next few month (changing flat, becoming Daddy etc.) my postings will be less. This table has a lot of dynamic content, so anyway this will take some time. Just wanted to let you know that I already have it on my mind and will work on it beside updating MM and Totan :-)
  8. Based on the survey on facebook (Thanks @Rappelbox) I found out that TAF is the 2nd most wanted table for a colorization project. The first place is owned by the Ghostbusters table, but there are some reasons why it is not possible yet to do a good colorization. That´s why I decided to go with the second place. Some images will be animated after a click... First impressions:
  9. Due to editor limitations it is not possible to have 7 different jewel colors , because this scene must be a color mask scene. We only have 4 different color masks for it and two are already used for the sword itself. Maybe I could make it a replacement scene, but this is very much work, as the jewels are collected randomly... but maybe I will see what I can do for the next update...
  10. Wow thanks for the beer(s)! Happy that you enjoy the new look, thanks for your support! Cheers
  11. LET THE TALES BEGIN! Ready for a Totan weekend? I decided to let you know what´s happening, so here you go with the first public beta release... Again I have to mention that this release is not the final version, so you will realize some minor trasition issues and some small trigger failures. Use this version only for single player games, because you will have issues if you play with more players. This version is optimized for rom totan_14 but may also work with other versions. I don´t do that to make profit, but feel warmly invited to send a drink or some flowers for my girl, that I had to neglect during all the hours I worked on this project. To do so, please hit the tip button in one of my posts. Instructions: Download the attached rar file and extract the content into your vpinmame\altcolor\totan_14 folder. Rename the files to pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni afterwards and you are ready to go. Make sure you have freezy´s latest dmddevice.dll installed and working correctly on your system, also activate the color mode in vpinmame. Enjoy and remeber to keep an eye on your balls ! Totan beta 1.0.rar Credits: Thanks to Steve45, Lucky1 and Rappelbox for editor support! Thanks to Wob for beta testing and helping me to find the missing scenes...your gameplay rocks :-) And of cause thanks to Flupper for providing that great table!
  12. What am I doing wrong?

    First I can confirm the random crashes of the editor, they occur since I am working with the editor too. Thats why I also save after every small step, remembering some frustrating situations :-) When it comes to editor bugs, let me tell you some more to be aware of: 1. If you rename a palette, do NOT hit enter, click the rename button instead. If you hit enter, you will get a java script error and the new palette will be found in the last slot with still the wrong name. (Also remember to hit the pal button for the scene to assign the palette to your scene.) 2. Never use the frame slider after you colorized a scene. This will delete all your colorization on that frame and you will have to do it again! Instead you have to click the one step forward/backward to save your colorized frame. Sadly there is no shortcut for moving forward or backward, so you will have to use the mouse.
  13. What am I doing wrong?

    You are able to switch between the modes as often as you need to have a good workflow. It is right that for non dynamic content you should use the replacement mode, in my original project I sent to you I also used it. The dcs soundsystem scene is a 1 frame scene, so we could use both modes . As soon as you assign a scene to a keyframe it will use the mode, the scene is ACTUALLY using. You will see the symbol for replacement or color mask in front of the keyframe. This is my way of colorizing static scenes in short: First I cut out the scene I want to colorize. I leave it in CM mode and colorize every 3rd frame (the clear ones, leaving out the "dirty inbetween frames" like I call them). I use the copy and paste or paste over feature of the editor to do this faster. After that I change the scene to replacement mode and copy the colorized frames 1 back and 1 forward, so I will have 3 frames of the same image. Depending on the scene I can now add some details in RM mode and add the keyframe to trigger the scene. This is just my way of working, hope it will give you a better understanding of the workflow. Thanks for the drink, Cheers :-)