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  1. Usually that should not happen with the latest version, I don't know what version he had installed. Sometimes people don't stick to the instructions as using English language etc, what also can produce issues like that.
  2. That's right but there are great people working on it 🙂
  3. Update ready! Changelog: - bear kicks fix -"replay at x" fix
  4. Usually I only wanted to start experimenting with the new 64 color mode. Now too late to turn back lol, so here is a new WIP for you🙂 It is not my top priority, so will take some time...
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I needed to change the colorization method of that scene to optimize it für real pins, but this issue seems to came up now. I am going to fix it very soon since I already have an idea how to do it.
  6. REAL PIN SHOWTIME! Still working on minor bug fixes, but aiming at a release within the next 24 hours...
  7. 1. Rename the 2 files to pin2dmd and copy them on the SD card of the already activated device 2. Make sure the firmware is up to date 3. Within the device settings, make sure to set the right mode for bally /Williams 4. Feel free to send a pm if that does not help
  8. Initial release 1.0 added to the download section...enjoy! Known issues: - shoot the cellar mode chasing guards not colorized - minor transition glitches - possible missing items color at choose award mode - possible issues at the end awards, since not catched all possibilities - possible missing rare scenes at the boardgame
  9. Assault mode real pin test... Thanks to Jochen Nicklas!
  10. @TerranigmaThe consistance of the triggering depends on the way you trigger the scenes. In general my experience is for real pins, that you will definately need to use single frame triggers or work with the layered color mask if this makes sense. The real pin is not very consistant in delay times for the single frames, so I would recommend to use a very high delay time for each frame (500 or above). That will keep the mask active until the next frame gets triggered and will prevent you from "fallbacks" to pal0 what will let the frame lose its color. If you try to use the simple color mask with multiple frames, the mask will run out of sync. Replacement scenes with multiple frames will run in a different timing (delay time per frame) and the result is that the animation does not run all the way to the end, because it gets disrupted by a new trigger.
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