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  1. Thanks for the hints. The main problem is the color limitation especcially in those scenes. If I want it to keep the 3d look, I only have 4 main colors for all elements. That´s why I am not sure if those changes will be possible, I even don´t know if I am able to catch all possible frames, since this dynamic content seems to be kind of random what causes r andom constellations of the elements. Due to software restrictions it would be more easy to work with a palette switch, but with a much worse result. But I will try my best...
  2. Thank you very much, yeah that seems to happen with donations from the us, I think within the eu it´s free...a shame. I will check to find an alternative method to add the possibility to donate.
  3. Medieval Madness 2.0 available now at the download section. Big thanks as always to @Wob for the support with countless hours of testing and dump/video providing! Also big thanks to @slippifishi for the software support, without your help I would not have been able to free the needed masks within the project to improve it! Project summary: Dump files used: 66 Triggers set: 1510 Palettes used: 127 Working hours total: 400-500 Changelog: - missing scenes added - Complete overhaul with improvements, color grading and optimization As always I provide a donation link for those who would like to support my works: https://www.paypal.me/MistaMartin Please feel free to add a comment or review at the download section and use this WIP thread for any kind of bug report. Enjoy!
  4. I also have the exact same problems like @malenko described and I also had the issue with masks not being saved. Also even a simple LCM scene did not work ingame, so I gave up with those other modes, since nobody seems to be able to explain it to me over years now. And for me, my experiences didn´t help me at all yet, still have problems in basic understanding how these modes should work. But maybe that is only my lack of knowledge, would be happy to know what to do and would do a next tutorial for others. It would indeed be great to get a small simple project with one scene that will work ingame as well...
  5. I think I am going to jump in since it was on my list for a long time... Will open a new thread for it soon.
  6. I would suggest to go with method 2, since I already set the needed keyframes and it should work with the project file I sent...
  7. A side project of a side project of the current side project... 🙂 Sometimes the colorization work gets kind of boring at some points and I always like to have some variety to keep myself motivated. That´s why I decided to also give this table some more love with my current state of knowledge about the editor. So I am working on the Medieval Madness 2.0 update from time to time as well. Already did some color grading and added a lot of missing scenes and transitions. I want to thank you all for the positive feedbacks and support to date! And thank you very much @slippifishi for your awesome tool that helps me to find and free masks to have more possibilities to add details! And as always big thanks to @Wob as always for your time and effort in testing and video providing! Some images:
  8. I checked the roulette scene and found 3 possibilities to solve it. 1. Do a palette switch at the first frame of the roulette animation. The palette will be active as long as a next keyframe interrupts it. This will limit the colors but you only need one keyframe: 2. Use a one frame color mask to add one more color for example like this (possible with 8 keyframes in that case): 3. Colorize all single frames (in this case around 400 frames) and trigger the animation as a replacement scene. You will need 3 keyframes, the first for the roulette ini animation that is always the same, the 2nd and 3rd for the red and black win. To make it work well on real pins you would maybe need to cut and trigger all 400 single frames, as they will run out of sync due to the rom timing differences. This method will give you the most possibilities to colorize, but is a massive bunch of work: I uploaded 3 edited project files for you called replacement, mask and pal switch. You will be able to check the differences to decide how to move on. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vXKh98dlqqxaTJcQJYThQ2OPd767o089 Hope that helps. I had no time to check the character choice problem yet.
  9. If you watch the video and focus only on the score numbers, you will see it slightly moves to the right at score 2 and 4 depending on the initials to the right like slippifishi explained above. That is the pain on dynamic content, you have to think about all possible changes that could affect your coloring. I know there are still a lot of those issues in this version, because on the animation frequences this is even harder to fix.
  10. Ok, I see. The 2nd and 4th score moves one dot to the right. Will fix that.
  11. Thank you. Do you have the same initials on 2nd and 4th and maybe different initials on 1st and 3rd? This info would help me to fix the problem with the next update.
  12. Just want to announce one more in the side pipeline (not the final color choices)...
  13. After I checked the project, I came to the conclusion that it won't make much sense for me to transfer it to english, since too much text scenes on this table, but I will try to help you with the roulette scene without touching your existing scenes or colors. But since I am really busy it will take some time. If someone else would like to take over to do more, please let me know.
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