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  1. Still fighting with the dynamic scenes... colorizing this table feels like it depends of 90% dynamic content. These are the tricky ones I am currently working on, had to cut and trigger 164 single frames for the tank mode to get the horse in front of the tank. There are still some frames missing, but I hope all the countless hours of work will be worth the end result (hopefully)...
  2. Thank you... I will work on the update after finishing Tom and ij.
  3. @slippifishi Thank you, I will try. Honestly I only had a quick look at the tool since I already was in the middle of the colorization process, but wanted to work with it on my next project. I think it would be great to add the functions of your tool to the editor, I will check it again. Maybe it could also help me to with my current problem. Great work, thank you for sharing!
  4. @slippifishi Thanks for all the info, this could really help me although it will be still much work to do. Could your tool help me somehow to get an overview about all tables scene to find out the possibilities when beginning a new project?
  5. I would love to have the option to select a mask and see which scenes are currently using it. This would be a huge help, because we would be able to change some masks later to make them fit for more scenes to trigger. Do you think this could be possible @lucky1?
  6. To show you some more progress here is a next scene for my TOM pin2dmd colorization project. This scene was an amazing bunch of work. To make it run smooth and prevent flicker and also to make it work correctly on a real pin I had to colorize 361 single frames. Thanks to @Wob again for hours of testing and providing this preview videos!
  7. Here is one more preview for you that took hours again. Big thanks to @Wob again for providing the test results:
  8. Thank you. The colorization was built for Rom version 106b...
  9. Great work, thanks for sharing your progress!
  10. The time for the colorization work is really less the last weeks because of the focus on my fiancee and daughter after my real life job. Also the upcoming weeks/months this won´t change, but I will try to keep you up to date in case of some progress if time permits... Thanks for all the positive feedback to date!
  11. I also started to colorize this one until I got aware of the fact that it is not possible to use color masks for the dynamic content. Would be interesting to know if there is a better way with different methods or software, I never tried pinball browser yet.
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