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  1. As mention, its random... Instaled 2.55.. after 10-12 min the "display not activated" went up. After som reseting it has run for 3 houers now with no prob. Have T2 with files from Malenko... dont know wath you mean by "Which hardware is affected "? I think I tried without the colorfiles, with the same result... dont remember...
  2. tjc02002, this is a Big deal. You play with friends, and suddenly it dont displays the scoore..... just a minutt, just gonna reset the display.... Tested it now, same issue. After playing for a while, lcd displays "not activated", and the serial with C**** insted of D****. pops up As mention, if reset the card in play, all god again. I have tried with the keyfile permanent on sd-card, same issue.
  3. Thx for fast reply as always lucky1, I will try it out tomorrow evening. I have 3 sets now, 2 with v3, and 1 v4 (nucleo). 1 friend in the norwegian comunity asked me if i would build him 1, gonna send it of tomorrow, gues I send it with v4. Hes gonna use it in cirqus voltaire. He just sold hes TAF..G with colordmd and want to give pin2dmd a shoot.
  4. Have exatly the same problem. Sometimes after playing a littel, the display suddenley says "not activated" and display the key as describe above. Its a v3 controller from Shash
  5. I think malenko deleted the beta-folder in september. Look here... alpha-folders: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9cWp45XToh2N2l3bHRuN0pjZVU
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