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  1. OK I think I'm understanding the problem with the color mask - but there's also a problem with switching scenes and live preview as well. The combination has really confused me. But I believe I know how to work around to get what I need on the screen. If you are switching scenes in the editor and have live preview turned on, it will usually not show the correct frame on live preview that you see in the editor unless you have also selected the palette for that scene and those scenes share that palette. Additionally, if you are switching between a scene you've colorized and a replacement scene, the live preview will switch correctly to the replacement scene but it does not work going from a replacement scene to a colorized scene. In this instance you have to switch to another palette, then back to the pallet for that scene to get the live preview on the screen properly. Also, if you select two replacement scenes in a row, the second scene will not display correctly. You first have to select a colored scene then back to the new replacement scene. Yes, it's all confusing. Yes the editor is buggy with live preview. Probably best not to use it until it is fixed. viperrwk
  2. One other point to make with these panels. After I upload the project through the editor, the display resets, shows the version of the firmware in color and then proceeds to this greyscale screen. Once I select the live preview checkbox the screen goes back to color and shows the correct colors during the playback of the recording. Perhaps a diagnositic routine in the editor would also be warranted... viperrwk
  3. Thanks lucky. Just to confirm: This is working for me as I reported earlier which tells me I have the hardware set up and configured correctly. This is not working for me as you can see from the shot below. I selected the Barrel Kick Down Scene and you can see there is white where there is supposed to be blue, blue where there's supposed to be red and green where there's supposed to be brown. This tells me that the editor does not know the RGB sequence of the panel. It needs to either be a setting in the editor or have the editor poll the panel. I assume the new firmware will not address this issue. Thanks again. viperrwk
  4. And to follow my own question. I loaded the project onto the SD card then played back the animation in the project and the colors were correct. So perhaps my color bars are ok (or close enough?) Maybe the editor needs an update to query the RGB sequence on the card before trying to display the live preview? And I still think built-in diagnostics to the firmware would be a good thing that would help in testing the panels, sequencing the colors, etc. viperrwk
  5. Thank you for the reply lucky. I changed the sequence to the one that I could most closely match to your screenshot. It's not exact. The fifth color from the left in the screenshot is a light green then dark green. These two are reversed on my panels. The rest *seem* ok. I know part of what I'm seeing is comparing a screenshot to a panel and I also know there are variances in the panels themselves. However, when I go back into the editor and look at the bullseye again you can see the blue is there but the red and blue are reversed. So at least the colors are correct but still are not in the right places. viperrwk
  6. First post - long time pinball guy. Excited to work with PIN2DMD because of its open source nature. I have a display that I built myself including assembling the PIN2DMD blade. Everything *seems* to be working. I've loaded the PIN2DMD editor v2.1.0.0 and I loaded Malenko's colorization of SFII since I figured that would be a good example to study to help me learn colorizations. Unfortunately, what I have found is that the colors on the computer screen are not matching up to the colors on the display itself. As an example, you can see on the computer screen in the first shot the blue in the bullseye but on the PIN2DMD it comes out green. I know when you first power it on it displays 15 colors and black but I don't know what colors it is supposed to display and I don't know if what is on my screen is correct. I have tried both the 2.39 and 2.41 firmware with no noticeable difference. So a question and a request. Can anyone confirm if my screen colors are correct? And the request: How about some simple built-in diagnostic to put up full screen color bars to allow a user to make sure the display is working 100%? Thanks for any replies. viperrwk
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