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  1. rom colors work with PINMAME and Freezys dll not the table or table version. this project is not complete, so the blue and white colors you are seeing are more then likely the UN_COLORED scenes. for this project in its current form you will see some fully colored scenes and some uncolored scenes.
  2. see the posts above their is a color rom patching tool, their is no need to use the command line option it just needs to be updated to include the option to make Diff files
  3. your bin name --> xmn_151hc.bin zip name --> xmn_151hc.zip pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni should be in --> VPinMAME\altcolor\xmn_151hc and you need to updated the script on the table. if you dont know the names of the bin or zip, you should always check in PINMAME
  4. version 01 is looking for patches with extensions of .diff and version .02 is looking for patches with extensions of .dif version 2 needs to be changed to make and look for patches with extensions of .diff or all the patches that are currently available will no longer be compatible with VPUpatcher v02
  5. the bsdiff.exe is used to make a diff in the same way the bspatch is used to patch your rom Their are not allot of people that will use this option, but it will be nice to have a tool that can do both. can you update so that the patching tool has a "Make Patching Diff" tab; with the options to select "Official ROM.bin (Unzipped) ---> path to your Official rom "Modded ROM.bin (Unzipped) ---> path to your Modded rom "New Patching Diff Name here" (* Please include .diff to the end of your name) --> New diff created in your Difs or patching tool folder
  6. change XMN_151h.pbm to XMN_151.diff in order to make a diff you must have a MODDED rom in PinballBrowser you are suppose to open the macro and then run the macro from the same menu
  7. @Dazz hopefully he can update his patch utility to include making diff files as Rappelbox mentioned the diff.exe, Moded rom and default rom need to be in the same folder here is a step by step to manually patch your rom its the same process to make a diff step 3 you just use Bsdiff instead of bspatch in your command line https://vpinball.com/wiki/visual-pinball-knowledge-base/rom-patching/ just make sure you have a backup of your modded rom, just incase you turn your colored rom into a default rom.
  8. thanks any chance we can get a diff patch file instead of the macros, for all of us that don't have a registered version of PinballBrowser
  9. I fixed most of your attract mode sequence see if you can figure out the rest I re cut Ace Driver into multiple scenes you cannot cut a full scene when you have dynamic content each scene was cut into individual frames Ace Driver Gran Champion Loop Champion I did not have to make a trigger for each frame given that some of the frames under the Mask did not change. this brings me to your Red Car left/right and Policedrive right/left. You will have to do the same for each frame found on this animations if the Contents under your (Trigger) mask change, then you need to make a new trigger and you can only make a new trigger if you cut the scene Tunnel Shots, have dynamic content (8) under the mask, if that number changes the trigger will not work I re cut the Insert Coin (Credits) to remove the dynamic content that was under the mask similar match animation needs to be cut into single frames as the color mask and dynamitc content will change from one scene to the next I re cut Williams to Presents animation Some times you have to make sure that the animation does not duplicate its self with different scenes their are are two similar animations on recording gw_l5_nogame first starts at frame 858 and the other starts at frame 119 it seems like the same animation but they both have their own unique keyframe they both need to be cut and they both need triggers for their unique keyframe https://mega.nz/#!h8NGFQra!j1EKR3vuoy0lY07W0eP6Ql9tHfDTdjeyXJwzmorK9_Q
  10. you should should also split it into 2 sub sections Color roms --> SAM patches PIN2DMD editor projects this might fix the confusion some people have thinking that they need to modify the rom when using PIN2DMD editor projects
  11. you are right default or stock software for pindmd3 has no support for more then 4 colors all the colored projects you see are done with PinballBrowser (sam tables) or the PIN2DMD editor. what Thalamus is telling you that all the colored projects can be displayed in the pindmd3 but you need to use 3rd party software. As their is no "official" pindmd3 software available to display vni+pal files on your pindmd3.
  12. if you plan to color a project you will be doing yourself a favor if you install visual pinball and freezys dll on the PC you are going to use to color your project else you will have to load your project to an SD card or load it to your machine via WIFI each time you update your project. and when you are trying to figure why multiple triggers are not working it is going to be a real shore. here is a started project, their is a Attract Mode dump attract mode (credits added) full play1. their are many scenes missing, from the play1 capture, only a person that has played this game 100s or 1000s of times will be able to tell you what scenes are missing. if you keep your table on free play --> you need to capture another attract mode with the free play screen on. This it should keep you busy for a long time coloring what is their. I colored allot of the attract mode scenes, you can keep them or delete them and start over if you don't like what I have done. https://mega.nz/#!w1NiWC6I!B5-XiPAuv5IzaFFwr24oDd3qigoTR6ybB3sEbiRsYuo
  13. I manually recorded DMD videos from Freezys size 1024x256 Dot size =1 then trimmed them down and sized them down to 128x32 see how they look, you might need to play with the Dot size when you record your videos if you have bleed through in the RGB panels pack of all the SAM DMD videos size 128x32 (missing 24 I don't have a generic pal I like) https://mega.nz/#!Uh9BEQYQ!8DJkXg-RDe_1RZYoEG0X1g94fbx_5Vy1XfL8eaa2AJE
  14. you can do it but the amount of work you will have to do is going to suck you will have to cut the entire animation into single scenes, each scene will have its own individual color mask and its own trigger.
  15. I"m pretty sure that you can color the Pro rom export the macro and run the macro on the LE rom any changes you made to the Pro rom will be applied to the LE rom. then just release a patch for each the LE and the Pro roms. this is how the color is applied to the rom updates, the only thing you need to find out is if the LE has unique scenes not found on the Pro rom. and this problem applies to the PIN2DMD editor project as well as those replacement scenes need to be added
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