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  1. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    where did Kingpin Capcom 106 go
  2. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I'm still able to open this version of the editor I'm not sure java is the problem ; this is what I have installed jre-8u161-windows-x64 I was able to open the first release of the bigger screen 64 bit version of the editor . I only been having problems with the last 3-4 releases. edit I just downloaded the version released on 3/18 same problem.
  3. Pin2Dmd Editor

    anyone else having problems with the latest editor versions I have not been able to use the last 3-4 exe releases, (post color picker bug fix) I click on the editor and it closes after the splash screen is displayed no errors I updated to the latest java from 8u151 to 8u161 here is a video of what is happening I opened process explorer and the program closes after javaw.exe is terminated at 0:20 with no errors https://www.dropbox.com/s/72zrhbrw8jqneex/capture-1.avi?dl=0
  4. [New B2S Alert] Doctor Who (Bally 1992)

    a dmc file is a "registry export and save" of your PINMAME color profiles using SetDMD http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=18339 if you where to export your color profile for your Doctor Who it would save the Or, Pink, Blue, Black (or what ever colors you have) values as a dmc file since you are using an external DMD dll, you are better of using the pal files, because if you decide to use dmc files. You will have to import them One by One. using SetDMD. (and sam dmc imports don't work on freezys dll). if you are using Freezys dll, you should use Gottlieb dmc files and disable external dll for all Gottlieb games (gottlieb games don't work on freezys dll) and FYI if you don't like the colors of your current pal file or if you are missing pal files you can make your own 4 color pal files using the pin2dmd.exe found in this pack PIN2DMD-master zip PIN2DMD-master\tools\latest\pin2dmd.exe I had to make multiple pal files that where missing from luckys pack
  5. Pin2Dmd Editor

    thanks for the info I guess Bushido is not a good example to use for this since all the scenes are a single color. their are no shades.
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    thanks is it safe to say that you can only use a total of 4 colors; when you are using the color mask? I was able to color the top score and this scene using the color mask, with the 4th color in each group, but the other colors don't show in the preview screen.
  7. Pin2Dmd Editor

    out of curiosity but is their a setting I'm missing I watched Steves pin2dmd editor Chapter 2/3 tutorial on YouTube. and when he uses the color mask; the correct colors show up in the replacement scenes. when I do it. TOP S= colors from group 1 CORE = colors from group 2 Numbers = colors from group 3 I want TOP SCORE to be in RED, and the numbers to be WHITE, but the color stays white when I try to use the red color
  8. Pin2Dmd Editor

    same error here when I try to use the color picker in the latest release reason ---> java.lang.NullPointerException link to error details https://pastebin.com/gWBhRjJE error does not happen if I use the editor version posted above this post
  9. Project help

    bummer I was hoping to color TMNT and Checkpoint, run them on Freezys DLL and modify my dB2s file to display the bonus lights on the Pin2DMD device.
  10. Project help

    their are 4 completely different scenes labeled Spelling family Spelling Family Candy Tori Randy Spelling Family Candy Spelling Family Tori Spelling Family Randy "Spelling Family Candy Tori Randy" is fine but I probably should of made a Spelling Family tittle screen scene, and made news scenes where the "Flash" starts to scroll through the images for the other 3 scenes (Candy Tory Randy). this would of given me different hashes. I download multiple projects but, I got errors when I tried to open them in the latest editor. I'm actually using the "replacement" method for most if not all the scenes. on this project. In most cases I just had to change the color on the pallet to match the color scheme I wanted. this is going to sound like a dumb question but I seen to be stuck. I was planning on working on multiple projects. and I do not plan to spend $100+ to have a Pin2DMD set up contented to my desktop PC to view my progress. I was under the impression that the Pal and Vin full color projects worked on Freezys dll. because of the few Sam colored roms that work great on it. Especially Avengers. I know my project is changing scenes/pallets when I run in on freezys dll. but its only using 4 colors. its not using the full 16 color pallets or the replacement scenes. I thought their was something wrong with my project ( their might be). but I ran the current active WIP projects Star Wars Party Zone and I had the same problem. I ran the finished projects T2 and SPP. and I had the same problem. I can only see 4 colors for each scene. so the question is Do full color projects work on Freezys dll. or do I have a bad install.
  11. Project help

    thanks that worked I was able to export a pal file now. One question in this project, I have 3 scenes with the same hash tag. Spelling Family Candy Spelling Family Tori Spelling Family Randy I created a color scene switch for the first scene in the time line Spelling family Candy. I"m assuming the other 2 scenes will switch to the same pallet profile even though I can't create an individual switch for the other 2 scenes. for this case I can use the same pallet profile for each scene. what would I need to do if I wanted to assign a scene switch to scenes with identical tags? edit I was able to export a pal file for a virt pin but only one of my scenes seems to be switching to the correct pallet --> Data East logo scenes the rest seem to be using the default 4 color pallet. most scenes have been colored https://mega.nz/#!U8dGUSQC!sbtrnf_FGnk_9zY9UQrFBddzZ48_KmnO1zn_xb7sGpg
  12. I still don't fully understand the editor program but I'm making progress I'm sure their are multiple problems. problems I don't know about, can someone point them out to me so that I can fix them. things I know how to do ( have done) 1. dumped a rom recording 2. imported animation into the editor 3. bookmarked each individual scene in the recording (ignoring duplicates scenes) 4. created a pallet profile for each bookmarked scene (text only scenes are using the default profile) 5.added a pallet switch to each bookmarked scene 6. cut each individual scene for coloring. 7. colored a few of the cut scenes. 8. this recording only has 1 dynamic scene "Replay". I added a mask over the numbers https://mega.nz/#!g4cEGaxI!JyRvUvL9gQiF526PtcdbKPhkOXU7iuqThexuuXEpvHQ
  13. The Getaway - High Speed II

    I completely agree with you, its sad that we have to even discuss this. unfortunately their will be people that will try to sell this, their is a reason why Pin2DMD and the editor requires a registration code. I only suggested this for the real pinball projects not for Virtual Cab use. Then again don't listen to me, its your project, feel free to do what you think is best. and I suggested you take donations not to sell copyrighted material, if real pinball users wanted this they would likely donate enough money to have a link to your project.
  14. The Getaway - High Speed II

    their is a high probability that your work will end up for sale in some website. if I was you I would go to pinside start a thread, and set a price for Real Pinball project release This might seem like a D!ick move in your part. But if anyone should be making money on your project it should be YOU!!!!. the simspons author was asking for $20 donations, but I"m sure their are people distributing his project behind his back. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-led-color-dmd-user-colorization-projects someone was willing to do the project you are doing but they where asking for a full Pin2DMD set up https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/getaway-pin2dmd-funding-interest#post-3669998 if you have a set price ($300-$400) as the HS2 would be author suggested. You can get multiple real cab owners to chip in and only cover part of the set price for you.
  15. Can't run modified ROMs?

    did you find a solution to this problem I tried to color some scenes on a sam rom but can't get pinmame to run the rom I have "ignore crc" set globally; I downloaded the current patches found on this site and I'm able to path the roms and run them in pinmame using an external dmd. but I can't get PinMAME to rum any roms that I save in Pinball Browser here is a video of me failing https://mega.nz/#!4w1EnZxT!bGr5GsuWB0LszqbCKaf9lxFiTPMtQvPrCnNkF4m-t_I I'm using the default smartdmdt ext file found in the Pin2dmd site http://pin2dmd.com/pinball-browser/ I have literally opened a sam rom in Pinball browser saved it. and tried running it in pinmame with no luck.