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  1. is this for a real machine? I don't think its possible for a virtual machine given that the virtual machine is not using the rom. Any changes you make to the rom in Pinball Browser will not take effect when you launch VPinSPA
  2. their might be for real pinball captures but I don't know this I only make captures from Virtual tables, and that capture starts and stops when start and close the table. You do not start any PIN2DMD programs. I used the above method to make captures for this scene this scene has more then 60 possible combinations and allot needs to happen before the scenes is triggered( Spell TAXI and answer the phone TWICE!!! or randomly when you go to the elevator or sewer) I did not wan a 20 minute captures for a 10 second scene I need. So I delete the current capture (just before the scene is triggered) let the scene play out move my txt file to the desktop and trim the unneeded frames from the txt file. using this method I can continue playing the current game and trigger the same scene but with a different combination. And not end up with a 30min+ capture that only contains 1 scene I need.
  3. I only capture from a virtual table and PINMAME but this might also work for you When I'm doing a capture I have my PINMAME/DMDDump folder open. (folder where my capture is created) after I capture a a scene I want, I drag and drop the "rom-name".txt file to my Desktop The actual capture is not stop, but the "rom-name".txt, I moved to the desktop is no longer getting any data. This is because a new recording in the PINMAME/DMDDump folder was started.
  4. its also a wrong approach to cut a scene and color it before making sure that the keyframe for that scene works. I found that scenes are shown with pal0 when the key frame does not work. My approach is to cut a few 100 scenes assign a pallet other then pal0 --> test all the scenes I cut. Once I confirmed that the keyframes work, I can worry about coloring or merging pallets. The reason I enabled "Create palette after cutting" is so that I don't have to assign a pallet to every single scene I cut. if we had a feature that automatically assigns pal1 or any pallet of my choosing to every single scene I cut. or a keyboard shortcut to assign a pallet to the scene for a more streamline approach like pressing the pallet button and a pop up appears where I can enter a pallet number rather then scrolling down the pallet menu and then pressing the pallet button or a feature that lets us assign a pallet number to the scene when we cut it (as shown in the pic) the problem would go away
  5. @lucky1 can you disable the "pallet already exists" error ? I enabled the "Create palette after cutting" in the Settings menu simply because I did not want to go trough each individual scene and then create and then assign a pallet. but when I saved, closed and re opened the project I got the "pallet already exists" error for each scene I cut and each scene I cut and had its own individual pallet assigned was reassigned the pal0 witch is the only pallet I started with.
  6. did you get this working, I can do it for you you don't need a colormask sequence , you can use a color mask the only problem is You need to cut each individual frame in the animation and use the same mask on each frame their will about 20-30 individual frames the rest will be frames that repeat over and over once you have everything cut use a mask that does not include the dynamic text like this yellow highlight (if you make it small enough you can use the same mask on both scenes)
  7. their is a another project based on the English rom somewhere at Vpinball.com. that project has a patch and vni+pal file. they might be talking about that project and not sharkkys version.
  8. you can also press the Q key Please note that this only works for later versions of VPX, VP9 and version 10.0 and 10.1 don't have this feature and here is a picture I also included Capture number 1 the Attract Mode sequence. the credit screen changes as you add coins. I added 15 credits so that most credit screens would be displayed shrkysht_AtractMode01.txt
  9. I suggest you install Vpin you can be the worst player in the world and you will be able to make captures VPX has a manual ball control, as long as you know the table rules you will be able to use your mouse to move the ball and hit targets to activate all play modes in the table. you will need to make 10-20 or MORE!!!!! captures as you will not make a complete recording from single capture. for example in some cases you need to make 11 individual recordings for the 11 match numbers and a 12th recording for when you get a match animation. if you don't have acess to the machine and don't have Vpin. How do you plan to test your color project,
  10. @audiofreak @malenko I rebuilt the entire Attract Mode sequence (minus the instructions, special thanks and design team - they are generic text scenes) I do not know who has the most up to date version. for easy export/import to another project I added plus sign (+) to all the scenes I added. https://mega.nz/#!Z5tiVarL!4jJGkdJN2yrWeqrh-NuKeKNkBif7tSpRsBfwfCO12gA
  11. I used your LW3 as a guide to learn how to color projects, I figured I would end up with the same project given that As a learning experience, I color Aaron Spelling a reskin of LW3 but I ended up redoing the project form the ground up I know how color masks work and how to create the proper frame triggers but take a look at the project https://mega.nz/#!R5FCjSiA!7X6GZ0s3-R8otAl8UEher8zM604s4MqGvb_4lZQQcws especially at scene named "Down the Drain01" I can cut this scene into 28 individual frames using the color mask and use the same D-mask to create the keyframe but this method will not always work. I seen other similar scenes Moving object with dynamic content in the back. Dynamic content that covers most of the screen Scenes where you need to create an individual D-mask for each frame because the same (keyframe) mask will not work for all the frames , I can't use 10-20 individual D-masks for one scene
  12. sorry for the thread hijack but do Color Mask Sequence scenes work on the current version of the editor I tried to use it based on your Youtube tutorial (using a much older version of the editor) but the masks I made where not saved.
  13. if you wan't some advice, you should first worry about cutting your scenes and testing them and making sure they trigger!!!! most of your scenes will not trigger correctly; they will need to be deleted and corrected. the good news is that you can copy and past your color mask to new scenes you cut. Your hours coloring scenes will not be wasted. and have you scene this
  14. is it best not to use this options? I seen that SAM Split screen before, and noticed that because of that screen allot and I mean allot of scenes would need to share the same pallet in order for that split screen to be colored If I did that I would end up limiting my color selection to 16, I rather have an uncolored split screen then to have a very generic looking color profile. does the Replace Mask option let you apply 2 color pallets to the split screen. One color pellet to each side of the screen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Given that Aaron Spelling Pinball is a re-skin of LW3 I thought I download Malenkos LW3 project and learn how to use the editor. Big Mistake as I was just duplicating his work without knowing what I was doing. I eventually figured out what I was doing and re did the project. their are at least 4 missing scenes, I just can't seem to capture 14 Million fight krystal loses Video Mode (generate at random) Target Left - cow Target Right - OLD Man I highly doubt anyone will want this project, but if anyone is willing to fix and make a tutorial/video for the Scenes I don't know how to do Scenes that require the Color Mask Sequence and more importantly the Scene on Fullplay4 Down the Drain01 - 60 --> one of the Color Mask Sequence scenes that will more then likely need a unique mask for triggering and coloring. you will need to place this project at C:\Pin2DMD\Pin2DMD Projects\Aaron_Spelling in order for the editor to find and load the recordings or update the XML to your preferred locations.
  15. use the ball control and go to this site https://papa.org/learning-center/players-guide/?target=general#1522695791552-c4628d31-af81 it has all the info you need on how to trigger scenes you may not know existed.
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