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  1. Pinballuser

    Recording Pin2DMD videos

    I manually recorded DMD videos from Freezys size 1024x256 Dot size =1 then trimmed them down and sized them down to 128x32 see how they look, you might need to play with the Dot size when you record your videos if you have bleed through in the RGB panels pack of all the SAM DMD videos size 128x32 (missing 24 I don't have a generic pal I like) https://mega.nz/#!Uh9BEQYQ!8DJkXg-RDe_1RZYoEG0X1g94fbx_5Vy1XfL8eaa2AJE
  2. you can do it but the amount of work you will have to do is going to suck you will have to cut the entire animation into single scenes, each scene will have its own individual color mask and its own trigger.
  3. Pinballuser


    I"m pretty sure that you can color the Pro rom export the macro and run the macro on the LE rom any changes you made to the Pro rom will be applied to the LE rom. then just release a patch for each the LE and the Pro roms. this is how the color is applied to the rom updates, the only thing you need to find out is if the LE has unique scenes not found on the Pro rom. and this problem applies to the PIN2DMD editor project as well as those replacement scenes need to be added
  4. Pinballuser


    me nerding out Shadow king used his powers to control mutants minds and made them do his bidding a young storm was under his control shadow king was imprisoned by Xavier in an "astrel plane" in the current story line this happens many years ago, this is why he is not mentioned very often.
  5. great job, I saw your video where you mentioned that you are not familiar with the colors for most tables. you should always look at the backglass and PF image and flyer for inspiration. Drac and Bride of Frank should have a pale complexion, your image looks like she was tanning for a few weeks. if thats the look you are going for then we will all gladly accept your changes
  6. Pinballuser


    thanks for the updates out of curiosity but is this frame not working or is this the desired effect
  7. Pinballuser

    XML and PinballX

    an XML is your table list, its basically a list of all your tables that will appear as you scroll through your PInballX menu If you don't have one then you will never be able to load a table via PInballX. their are two entries you need to be familiar with table name --> the name in the XML needs to match your table file name, if they don't match you will get a "table not found" error when you try to load the table. Media name --> the media that is displayed by Pinball X needs to match ALL!!! the media you have or Pinball X will not find it. if you are not comfortable manually editing this XML, you can use PinballXs Game Manager.exe this is a GUI that will let you ADD/Remove tables, import and rename media and tables to match your XML names.
  8. Pinballuser

    Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    it would be like converting a mac os to run on a windows PC two completely different hardware, ColorDMD is only available for real tables, they do not support virtual pinballs in anyway shape or form. you can dump their frames and import them into the PIN2DMD editor, but again you don't just simply convert their stuff, you have to do a complete rebuild from the ground up using the PIN2DMD editor. you simply use the DMD dumps as guides to color your frames. it would be like -pausing the video at 01:26 -finding the same frame from your PINMAME dump in the pin2dmd editor -coloring your frame using the same color scheme from the video but this practice was frowned upon by the people that own ColorDMD.
  9. Pinballuser

    Walking dead or Tron Color Rom - Do They Exist?

    you would be wrong ColorDMD is a commercial colored DMD it has nothing to do with virtual Pinball
  10. Pinballuser

    color a new version of an old rom

    don't you need the smartdmd.txt to do this or would we use the pal file from the 1.7 version or can you rebuild a smartdmd.txt from the existing pal file? and you can only do apply macros with a registered version of PinballBrowser, if anyone has one, I know someone with a macro and smartdmd.txt for CSI.
  11. Pinballuser

    Pin2Dmd Real Pinball Support

    an easy solution for you is to duplicate the default pallet give it a new name, and assign the default (duplicate) pallet for the scenes that are not switching back to the default pallet.
  12. Pinballuser

    Big pin2dmd gottlieb cue ball

    mind providing a link to the board you bought, so that others don't make the same mistake.
  13. Pinballuser

    help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    good to know especially now that version 1.7.2 is not working with the latest PINMAME and I don't remember the reason but I think that version 1.7.1 has a major flaw that version 1.7.2 fixed
  14. Pinballuser

    help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    correct me if I"m wrong, but I was under the impression that Frezys dl was made so that Pin2DMD editor projects and Pinball Browser proejcts could be use on LCD and PINDMD3 (NOT A REAL DMD) if the above statement is true, and you have a PIN2DMD on your cab, you should just install the PIN2DMD drivers to get your device going.
  15. can you do this on a PC only with freezys dll, some of us color projects in the comfort of our desktop PC and comfortable chairs an don't have a PIN2DMD dedicated for testing purposes.