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  1. Can't run modified ROMs?

    did you find a solution to this problem I tried to color some scenes on a sam rom but can't get pinmame to run the rom I have "ignore crc" set globally; I downloaded the current patches found on this site and I'm able to path the roms and run them in pinmame using an external dmd. but I can't get PinMAME to rum any roms that I save in Pinball Browser here is a video of me failing https://mega.nz/#!4w1EnZxT!bGr5GsuWB0LszqbCKaf9lxFiTPMtQvPrCnNkF4m-t_I I'm using the default smartdmdt ext file found in the Pin2dmd site http://pin2dmd.com/pinball-browser/ I have literally opened a sam rom in Pinball browser saved it. and tried running it in pinmame with no luck.