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  1. sparkie17

    Funhouse controls issue

    No it doesn't work unchanged. The table is sideways so it needs to be rotated and resized. The only button that works is the plunger. Would be great if someone could point me to a version of this that works.. Cheers
  2. Anyone had problems running funhouse vpx. I run it and after tweaking table size and such and getting dmd running i have no controls working except plunger and its button not digital. All other tables work and this table works and says freeplay only but wont start to test.. Any help would be appreciated table looks great
  3. sparkie17

    This is

    Excellent work much appreciated.. Is there any way to download these as a set instead of individually. Thanks
  4. sparkie17

    DMD help

    HI im having problems with pinballx and future DMD. I would like to run futureDMD with the always on method so i can run the plugin for game info. Problem is when i run a table for visual pinball the loaded DMD hides behind the FutureDMD. Is there any way to load this on top then exit when game closes through PinballX and goes back to displaying game info with FutureDMD.. Sorry if this has been answered but its doing my head in. Any help would be appreciated. Im running 3 screen setup in a cabinet with 3rd screen for dmd and topper.. Thanks in advance