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  1. Hi, I have been using pinballx front end for a couple of years and have just installed pinup player and downloaded pup packs. I launch a vp9, vpx table through pinball x but when i exit a table from visual pinball and go back to pinball x the pup pack backglass videos continue to play. Even when i exit out of pinball x and back to desktop the backglass videos still play. even when i go to task manager and end application the video come back again after a few seconds. Can anyone please advised why it does this many thanks mike
  2. hi, i have downloaded tom and jerry pinball for vpx. When i run it says ' game name not found'. I guess this is because its not listed in pinmame32 even though i have the lasted version of 3.1. Is there a way to add this table to pinmame32? regards mike
  3. through pinballx . you can have a loading image on playfield while game is loading. Is it possible to have an image on backglass as well?
  4. Hi, i have recentley built a virtual cabinet . I have pinball x frontend. When I load a vp table through pinballx i see the visual pinball editor appear on backglass while game is loading. Is there anyway of stopping this showing? regadrs mike
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