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  1. Excellent work pinovogel I congratulate you and thank you very much
  2. Thanks slippifishi for giving us your time your work and another work of art thank you
  3. Query I have a license in pinball browser, I have an original rom, a modified pbm file, all in the same folder. I tried to create with bsdiff the Diff file and I can not create it
  4. excellent work just like your new tutorial thank you very much
  5. A lot of time spent in this work, it is beautiful how it is, you have achieved again, that a new table is even more beautiful. I congratulate you NetzZWerg and thank you very much for sharing it with this community again.
  6. "Dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry" Napoleon Bonaparte. The master takes the time he needs and finishes his masterpiece. Very good work NetzZWerg
  7. The work is excellent, but unfortunately it marks empty folder
  8. NetzZWerg, I congratulate you, the table is one of my favorites, and your work makes it even more beautiful, thank you very much
  9. Incredible what they are doing a hard work with an excellent result, Congratulations Malenko
  10. Thank you very much NetzZWerg, excellent work and very wanted by all, very well done I congratulate you
  11. NetzZWerg you dedicated a lot of work, time and effort, but the result is excellent. I congratulate you as all those who work and dedicate to perfect these screens. Very good work
  12. excellent work cb3, the community is crazy, thanks for sharing it master
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