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  1. "Dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry" Napoleon Bonaparte. The master takes the time he needs and finishes his masterpiece. Very good work NetzZWerg
  2. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    The work is excellent, but unfortunately it marks empty folder
  3. Medieval Madness Pin2Dmd WIP

    NetzZWerg, I congratulate you, the table is one of my favorites, and your work makes it even more beautiful, thank you very much
  4. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Incredible what they are doing a hard work with an excellent result, Congratulations Malenko
  5. Medieval Madness Pin2Dmd WIP

    Thank you very much NetzZWerg, excellent work and very wanted by all, very well done I congratulate you
  6. Medieval Madness Pin2Dmd WIP

    NetzZWerg you dedicated a lot of work, time and effort, but the result is excellent. I congratulate you as all those who work and dedicate to perfect these screens. Very good work
  7. Star Wars

    excellent work cb3, the community is crazy, thanks for sharing it master
  8. MM

    excellent work congratulations, I would like to be able to enjoy it in my virtual cabin, thanks
  9. Star Wars

    Thank you very much cb3, it is very nice to be able to enjoy it, and I appreciate that you share it with all of us. I'm dying to have one of these and be able to learn how to make these works of art. Thank you very much
  10. Star Wars

    Congratulations is excellent your work like the previous one, hopefully you want to share it so we can enjoy it in our booths, Greetings and thank you very much