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  1. @dpannell2 got the inbox message. Shoot me a message if you can very interested in a full kit. Thanks great work.
  2. Ok, thanks JP (on the other place) for help. I figured I'd post on here so that anyone looking for it. (I know if anyone else is in the Buffalo NY area and have been to Pocketeer and are newbs like me with VPX then they will have the same issue. So good to have the solution easy to find with the table. Mine was showing script error line 187 type mismatch. After I entered this and played it, when I went back to copy for the forum posts, it had moved lines, so might not be the same on everyone's as far as line. Need to add "Dim Lights" in the part shown, as shown, without quotes, then compile This is what it looks like now, and plays great. Sub SolGI(enabled) Dim lights If enabled Then For each lights in GI:lights.state=0:Next For each lights in GI2:lights.state=0:Next SpaceShuttle.ColorGradeImage="ColorGradeDark" Just wanted to post this so that if other complete newbs are looking for this like I was they have a way to find it. That will be layed out for them like they are in kindergarten Thank you all for help.
  3. Yes is not working, getting a script error line 187 type mismatch. Not really sure what that means. Not super familiar with script, comfortable enough to edit with instructions, just not familiar with how it all goes together to write any myself. Any help getting this going would be great. (running vpx 10.6)
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