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  1. Shaker Motor does not stop

    Tested and, did not help. :-(
  2. Shaker Motor does not stop

    Hi, thx for the help. But that's not the solution. Framework is set to directoutput.
  3. Shaker Motor does not stop

    Hi, i have a "PinControl1" which is controlled via DOF as a "ledwiz". Solenoids, Analog-Plunger, LED Stripes, Everything works perfectly, only the Shaker Motor makes problems. Once activated, it does not turn off anymore. This happens at all tables. I asked the manufacturer of PinControl for help. He said, he now this error, "but it's an error in the implementation of the DOF script", and has no solution. :-/ Maybe someone of you? If it helps, THIS is my Port Assignments and THIS is my DOF Config Folder. DOF.log shows no error.