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  1. Hmmm... not sure why, but I'm getting yellow and red colors instead of what I was expecting. Using the latest version of everything. Edit: Ah, seems the firmware on the Pin2DMD was out of date. AFM is working fine now, but now my Pin2DMD thinks it's not activated and the Pin2DMD.exe says the firmware is not supported. Hmmm. Addendum: Got that too. Looks like I needed to upgrade the STM firmware. Seems everything is working nicely now.
  2. Hi there. Love your work. I have the Stranger Things PUP Edition working perfectly. When I run this however, I see the video clips, but no “regular” backglass – the screen just goes black when it’s not playing a video clip. Any ideas? Thanks, Drax
  3. Thanks for the reply Lucky1. I did get it working... just took a few hours of mucking around with dll's, various program settings and some compatibility settings. Edit: Oh... and a firmware update.
  4. Was this ever resolved? I can't seem to get it working either.
  5. Draxonic

    Family Guy

    Looks like this doesn't work with the current game code. I get " Problem patchsize fg1200af.diff " Also, the current English-French game code has a file fg120af.bin instead of fg1200af.bin