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  1. Successful update - problem resolved. After much testing and swapping components, I have a fully functioning pin2dmd setup using my lasted batch of st discovery boards. Key files starting with a # must be renamed to pin2dmd.key, all new keys can be just copied directly onto your SD card as supplied. All new versions of pin2dmd software, I was testing with latest 2.66, to be able to change default colours , setup MUST be activated by key file after donation made. If setup is not activated, you can test display operation BUT you will NOT be able to play with colour changes. Default colours are locked in. Thanks to Lucky for all his support and assistance [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I also have used that software update tool and no change to the result.
  3. Thank you. Yes I think I agree. If I test a fully working setup, and swap out the discovery board, problem occurs. Remove the 1744 discovery and put the other back, bingo, setup works perfectly again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Same issue. Using STM 32F407G-DISC1 discovery boards. First batch purchased from Mouser, zero issues, all work. Board batch numbers ranging from 1629 thru 1715. Second batch of discovery boards, purchased once again from Mouser will not allow colour change. All boards have a batch of 1744 Laptop connected to pinball machine for live colour changes. Screen will flash as you select a colour , but immediately reverts back to default colour profile. Does anyone else have any of this batch? Have you have issues ? Appreciate any feedback Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Donation made, cant wait to try, thanks for all your efforts. ☺️
  6. - added support for panels with different RGB color sequence (GRB etc) (use onscreen menu to change) Is it possible to add the ability to change color sequence via usb cable and PIN2DMD ColorPRISM v2.53.? It seems all other functions of the onscreen menu are possible via ColorPrism except this option? Thanks
  7. Thank you kindly. I have a successful power up and display using j138 on WPC95 with convertor at 5volt DC. Excellent. Will try out J117 later on Getaway. The now unused DMD power cable coming from display board J604 has GND at pin 604-4 and 604-5, and 12v DC at pin 604-7. Has anyone considered tapping the 12v from here? Thanks in advance T
  8. May I ask about your power connection to the driver board. Are you connecting to Gi. I understand it is approximately 5 volts but usually higher. Are you using a power transformer to regulate the voltage to 5 volt to supply power to the shield and led panels? Any further pictures and details of how to are connecting power would be greatly appreciated. Cheers By the way. I have tested your T2 colourisation... very impressive... well done
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