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  1. Terminator 2

    Thank you kindly. I have a successful power up and display using j138 on WPC95 with convertor at 5volt DC. Excellent. Will try out J117 later on Getaway. The now unused DMD power cable coming from display board J604 has GND at pin 604-4 and 604-5, and 12v DC at pin 604-7. Has anyone considered tapping the 12v from here? Thanks in advance T
  2. Terminator 2

    May I ask about your power connection to the driver board. Are you connecting to Gi. I understand it is approximately 5 volts but usually higher. Are you using a power transformer to regulate the voltage to 5 volt to supply power to the shield and led panels? Any further pictures and details of how to are connecting power would be greatly appreciated. Cheers By the way. I have tested your T2 colourisation... very impressive... well done