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  1. another month passed and still nothing arrived - a very bad experience with German Gaming Supplies I'm still waiting for my replacement Pinscape as the one I've got was soldered incorrectly. and I never got the buttons I've paid in March ( 6 month ago !) @Rappelbox what's wrong?
  2. @Rappelbox unfortunately nothing arrived yet and usually a shipment from Germany to Austria doesn't take longer than a week. Did you ship the parcel? Could you please give an update? Thanks
  3. Shipping was planned for Monday Nov. 11th by GGS, but unfortunately nothing has arrived yet. But shipping route is from Germany to Austria, this can take some days.
  4. any update? unfortunately I'm still waiting...
  5. @Rappelbox how many orders do you have in delay??? I'm also still waiting for the already mentioned parts: not delivered buttons since March replacement Pinscape since September what's the status? could you please inform me about a shipping date?
  6. Thank you for your effort trying to solve the issues on my order. I am looking forward receiving your shipment.
  7. @Rappelbox any comment on my order from March 2019? the flipper buttons were still not received and the pinscape is not working because of incorrectly soldered and missing parts? see my link above will you send or refund the buttons? will you send an replacement pinscape? Thanks
  8. yes, you should be worried, as I currently had bad experiences with German Gaming Supplies. I have ordered in March 2019 and just got partially delivered. I'm still waiting for the flipper buttons. Also the Pinscape Expansion Set was soldered incorrectly and is thus inoperativ and because of an incorrect manual a port of my teensy controller was destroyed. I got no response to my emails and phone calls for weeks nor any response to two letters of my legal protection.
  9. I was just looking for the same answer and found this Link here ZB Launch is just a dummy in my opinion to use the Plunger as a button. That works fine for me. I just push the plunger a little bit and that´s the same as I would use a pushbutton. I attached a screenshot of my Pinscape´s setup program
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