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  1. Hi Dazz, That would be great. I could then start to add the stern roms to pinemhi. Maybe you can PM me a link to dowload them? Tia
  2. Hi markyboy782, The new stern roms aren't supported yet . For instance avengers and potc These haven't been added to pinemhi yet. Old stern games should work. I haven't got a lot of the new stern roms, i have the current ones on the stern website. I will also need older versions but can't seem to find them Dna Disturber
  3. In the screenshot it's pinemhi that says it cannot find the nvram Are you sure the hiscores aren't saved in the game itself? There is a pinemhi.ini file in which you have to direct it to the nvram directory as well to get the hiscores in the pause menu. Just a thought....probably won't help but who knows...
  4. Most of the time this happens because of wrong paths when vpm is installed. Some had this problem because they had multiple vpm' installed and had the wrong vpm in mind when changing the paths. Even if it were true about the readonly then the default hiscores should be displayed and it would not say that it didn't exist. So best bet would be to check your paths in the vpm config...and if you have more than 1 obviously changing the right one. Hope this helps.....
  5. Damn your eyes then hahaIt's definately in there , i know cause i put it in there If you go to www.pinemhi.com and download the newest version....that's 1.2 , you'll be allright. You just have to overwrite the pinemhi files and set your paths again in the ini file. Also in the new version you can choose whether to have the buy-in scores to be displayed or not. And also a couple of replayscores is in there, you can also switch the replayscores on or off. Pinemhi is a separate program , it isn't part of the fplaunch program. Fplaunch uses it but it can also be used with other programs. Cheers, Dna disturber
  6. Yep , just like Ton said.... Version 1.2 supports it.. You probably use the version included in fplaunch...
  7. Has to do with drivers graphicscard.Turn off (in settings future pinball) the second monitor (backbox) and they're gone. At least for me that worked.
  8. I think i have found a way to have the hiscores displayed in hyperpin when choosing your table. 1st have pinemhi (via fplaunch) save the hiscores at the end of a game , to a hi directory using {tablename}.hi 2nd by holding the start button to start a game , you get hiscores instead of starting the table This can be done by getkeystate in autohotkey. You bypass starting a table and use fplaunch to display the scores , press the start button again and turn back to hyperpin. Hyperpin gives fplaunch the tablename when launching a table so that way you know which .hi file to display Dna disturber
  9. Do you have your exitkey set to Esc? You should try to set it to e
  10. PINemHi version 1.2 released (for use with fplaunch) Added 90 ROMS Total Number of ROMS supported is now : 1142 Total Number of VP-Games supported is now : 388 Total Number of FP-Games supported is now : All (standard top ten hiscore table) replayscores support using an ini-file (added all roms from Gottlieb in pinemhi_replays.ini) (more will follow of course) selection for VP whether to have the hiscores only , replayscores only or both on. selection for VP whether to have the buy-in hiscores displayed These selections can be configured within the pinemhi.ini file romfind fixes for games that start with 'the" in pinemhi.ini - thanks blur added 107 entries (new ones from vpinmame 2.5) to the romfind section in pinemhi.ini Fixed Starship Troopers rom (startrp) not showing Conquered Klendathu Fixed Rollercoaster Tycoon rom (rct600) not showing the right scores and initials Fixed Who Dunnit rom (wd_03r) not showing the right initials Fixed trucksp2 and trucksp3 not showing the right initials and scores - thanks freezy Fixed tag-team pinball to display right scores in tag team mode as well You can download it from http://www.pinemhi.com Dna Disturber
  11. Thats's with another frontend PINemHi Leaderboard. That's the one that submits scores to a website , and you can try to take on challenges (and level up that way) And soon to be implemented earning badges for certain accomplishments
  12. Hi blur, I toke a look at the pinemhi source file, it turns out i already did those games a while ago. I never updated the website as i thought nobody used it as it wasn't in fplaunch yet. I also fixed the dot bug...so that should work as well. You can download the new version at www.pinemhi.com Probably need to refresh the page as the previous html page reads from cache (hopefully fixed that with the new page) As for the replays i have to take a look at how to do that.....probably could add it as a separate command and use an ini file so people can fill it....but don't know when i get around to doing that as i'm also working on pinemhi leaderboard..
  13. Hi blur , The replay scores i found quite difficult to find as they are mostly difficult numbers to find....always a straight number , lot of zeros... Also on a lot of games it's in percentages , making it a bit diifcult.....so for me replay scores are unfortunately too time-consuming. The method for finding them seems a good one.... I usually see what the scores are , find them in the nvram and then change them in hexeditor and see if they come up in the attraction...the special scores are the difficult ones...like ruler of the universe with dates and all.....that takes quite some puzzling. If the tables you want added use roms then i can take a look at trying to add them.. Just give me a couple of names , use the original pinball table name and i'll see if they can be added. Most of the time i can add whole systems in when i figure one out from that system.
  14. Yeah that sounds like a problem within pinemhi.... I'll see if i can fix it
  15. Haha nice one with the timer.... The last scores aren't that hard compared to the special scores....100s of hours spent in decoding... Start a 4 player game , make some scores and exit. After that just find the right byteadressess in the nvram. They are all very recognizable , you just see the score as you should expect for instance 01 23 50 To make sure you got the right ones as they can sometimes be on several places alter them a bit and start the game again. Do not start a game but look at the attraction , you should see the altered scores....you got the right ones.. I've only got a couple of player 1 last scores....being used in pinemhi leaderboard....i wrote the bit to extract it in Vb , not in autohotkey i'm afraid.....
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