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  1. Downloaded a Stern rom for Walking Dead which came in a bin file. How can I make it into a zip for use in VP? Thanks
  2. One of my favorite tables. Downloading now. Thank you!
  3. I just got around to installing this b2s and I'm getting an error as follows: There is an unclosed literal string.line39,position 36187671 As I'm typing this, I'm thinking I should download it again...maybe the file got corrupted. I'll do that and report back. Thanks Edit--Apparently the download WAS, in fact, corrupted. Downloaded again and it works fine. Thanks
  4. Thank you instant download!
  5. Thank you WM! Whenever I see a new BG that you do , it's an instant download!
  6. You're right Lucky--I did misread it. Sorry
  7. And it pointed out the release date as being earlier this month
  8. I don't remember now exactly where I found it, but it was on this site
  9. I stumbled upon the pindmd2 firmware upgrade. Before I install it, I wanted to ask if any of you have installed it and if you had any issues. I'm always a little paranoid making changes to my setup when it's working perfecly fine. Thanks
  10. No special tricks. Just use the physmod exe to launch the table. May I recommend the pm5 Medieval Madness. Plays very well
  11. Thank you WM!
  12. Exactly where would that statement go in the "controller section"?---good info. The f in the ij4_210f rom does not mean free. Turns out you get some French and German talking along with English--which is kinda cool---being that I Jones is a world traveler.LOL
  13. I understand it's a completely different table, but it uses the ij4_210 rom too. What I'm trying to do is separate the 2 tables with a different rom so they don't look at the same high scores. I see there's a ij4_210f rom available. I'm downloading it to see if it works. F for free play I'm assuming. Edit--don't know why I didn't think of the free play rom possibility before, but yes--the f rom solved my problem. Great table Thanks again, Fren