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  1. Thalmus, thanks. After downloading the bg image from this site, opened it in Corel Draw. Being in the sign business, I have some experience manipulating graphics files. But after multiple attempts to trace the .png image, the best I was able to achieve was a slightly cartoonish vector image of the original .png image. I don't have easy access to a high res scanner, but could take a high res digital picture. The only problem is that my bg is very faded and has some missing paint, so would not be a good piece of art to start. So was hoping that there was a higher resolution image out there somewhere. Thanks again for the response.
  2. I know this is about virtual pinball. But are any of the bg files clean enough to print full size on a commercial wide format printer? I downloaded 4 Roses bg because I have a real 4 Roses table with a faded bg with paint loss. Was hoping I could print a new bg image, but can't find a vector file (ie: .ai, .tff, .cdw) or a sufficiently high res photo file. Any ideas?
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