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  1. I think someone posted up project files that can be used for JD. I started tinkering with this on my own about a year ago, spent a few days working on a few scenes and then set it aside for another day. That other day still hasn't come. I would basically be starting from scratch and re-learning everything. Plus I believe there have been changes in the editing software. I'm not of much help at this point. I'd be happy to assist if I can find some time but there are definitely others around here that could provide better guidance than I ever could.
  2. White Water - http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5755-white-whater-by-endprodukt/ JD - there have been a couple of attempts but I don't think anyone has gotten that deep. I wanted to try and started working on some attract scenes but I've been sidetracked with other stuff.
  3. Is there a description/explanation somewhere for what the Enhancer does on the EVO boards? I tried to read as many posts as I can here and on other sites but I don't think I've ever seen this explained. And are TMNT and Checkpoint the only ones where it needs to be set? Apologies in advance if this has been asked before.
  4. I just figured that chip would only go in one way. Didn't even think to look at it. Good to know.
  5. Sorry, I should have said that if it's coming up with "Virtual Pinball" after a reset, then it's not sensing it's in the game.
  6. So the display is not sensing that it's in the game. Has the display been activated? If you go through the menu and display the ID it should not say "Not Activated". Again, I believe you should still get something showing up on the display even if it isn't activated but you may want to check that. Should you not get this sorted out and get a refund, I know where you can get another one... 😀
  7. I'm pretty sure after you do a "factory reset" it should come up with DE 128x16 by default. I don't think you have to change any settings. Someone else might have to chime in on this, I've only installed one in a DE game and I can't recall if I had to change anything. Again, I'm assuming that you tested that ROM in your original display and you've also tried the pin2dmd without a memory card plugged into it.
  8. These? Yup. This is what I was referring to earlier... After you close these, I would reset the board through the menu and fire it up.
  9. Just out of curiosity, when you first turn the game on and the display lights up, what does it say under the pin2dmd logo? And do you have the data cable inserted properly? Also, I'm assuming you checked the solder bridges that are shown above and that you have the ROM positioned properly (I can't recall if Hook is the longer or shorter ROM). Have to ask the stupid questions first so we understand what you have checked. Perhaps you can post a picture of the back of the board as it currently sits.
  10. I did get the board back and it's sitting on my work bench. I haven't had a chance to do any testing with it, just been too busy with a few other things. I will try to get to it this weekend. I will report back with anything I find.
  11. There is on mine as well. I've still seen people do strange things and plug them in the wrong way. The design change that Lucky1 incorporated is the safest bet. Thanks for doing that!
  12. Folks, I activate multiple boards regularly with Lucky1. Just click the donate button in any of his posts, provide 10 Euro for each board you want activated and then on the screen that shows you the message "Enter your PIN2DMD UID and Forum Username here", provide him with the proper information. Then be patient. I am in Canada and he is in Germany (I believe). I usually do my donations late at night and by the time I get up in the morning he has usually sent me the activation keys. He is very efficient but give him a bit of time! As long as you follow the instructions, you will receive your keys. There is no need to send him multiple emails or do things separately.
  13. As Lucky1 told me many months ago, the safe thing to do is remove the 5v connector from the BOM when you order the boards. That way PCBway or whoever you order your boards from will not install a connector there. I had one person do the same thing. Destroyed the LED panels. I believe the 5v connector is there for a specific use but I've never needed it and I have ordered a large number of boards.
  14. @Terranigma I just read your last two posts. I have someone reporting similar issues with a board sometimes working and sometimes not. If he hits the reset button it will start up on some occasions. I'm waiting to get this board back and will do some troubleshooting. I'm wondering if one of the buttons is stuck on. I have definitely had some issues with the buttons on some boards. I asked PCBWay to ship me 10 extra buttons when they sent my last order of boards. If I come across a problematic one, I just replace it with a new one.
  15. @LexingtonVAPin I can ship fully assembled displays to you if Dan doesn't respond. There is enough info on the site here if you want to build your own. I would never personally take on SMD installation. I guess some guys are masochists and enjoy that kind of stuff. My hands and eyes couldn't handle it. Send me a PM if you want more info. Thanks, Dino Z.
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