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  1. Yes, it's in the display menu. Follow the instructions below and find "RGB Sequence" then hit button 2 to change it. When you are done, you will have to find the "Save Config" option. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To get into the config mode, have the game/display powered on. Press and hold button 1 and then press and release the reset button. After a second the display should say "Config Menu" on the front and you can let go of button 1. You can then press button 1 to scroll through all the options and button 2 to make adjustments. When you are done, scroll through the options with button 1 until you get to "Save Config" and hit button 2. It will reboot and you should be good to go. Most options will not need adjusting, perhaps just the brightness. The display should figure out what game it's in as soon as it's powered up and gets some data from the game. If you accidentally change something that you don't think should have been touched, just hit button 1 to scroll to the "Exit" option and then hit button 2. If you want to reset the display to factory settings scroll through until you get to "Reset Config" and hit button 2. It will display "Defaults Set". You then need to hit button 1 until you get to "Save Config". Once there, hit button 2. It will reset the display to factory settings and you can start again.
  2. It's in the Pinside thread here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pin2dmd-colorization-of-baywatch The link to the files are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xZocmA6MZud1ZMt-mUAkabTApzPe8HmU?usp=sharing Direct quote from the Pinside thread from Rappelbox: Complete credits for this work go to @malenko, @lucky1, @steve45 for their work on pin2dmd, editor and the colorization!!! Please support them by donating to www.pin2dmd.com, respectively to http://www.paypal.me/Malenk0 The thing to note about this is that for a real pin you have to change the RGB sequence on the display to make the colours look right. I don't think this is clearly stated anywhere or perhaps I missed it. I've installed quite a few of these and it's the only one that I've had to change that setting on. I can't remember which one I picked but it's definitely not the default one. @lucky1 might be able to tell you which one specifically. Good luck!
  3. Just a bump on this thread. Any progress on the testing on real pins? Perhaps an ETA on when the files might be ready? Thanks!
  4. Why would you want to run additional wires when the power supply wire is already there? The adapter I built does the same as soldering a bridge between pins 2 and 3 on the EVO board. Or you could take a short wire and jump pins 2 and 3 on the back of the original connector (see image below, green line). You could do this as a temporary solution just for testing. The idea is to avoid splicing new wires into the game. If you are getting the logo when you are first turning on the game, then the display is getting power from somewhere. If nothing else is happening after that, you should check the flat ribbon cable coming from the display driver board and make sure you have it plugged in correctly. You may have it reversed.
  5. I believe you should be using the same connector that was plugged into the original display. There is no need to run a new one from anywhere. It is a 4-pin molex connector similar to the one in the picture above. It provides 18v which is stepped down by the EVO board. It should be plug and play unless the factory display in Frankenstein is wired differently.
  6. I find the easiest thing to do to get into the menu is hold down button 1 and press and release the reset button. If you keep an eye on the front of the display it will say Config Menu. You can then release button 1 and youre good to go.
  7. Ah! Missed that you said that you were running it off the 5v connector and not the 12v! 👍
  8. I have 2 wall warts that I used for setup and testing along with an old computer power supply as well as some real pinball machines. I've run into some issues with one wall wart that I believe is because it is only rated for 2.5A. We hooked a display up to a pin for testing using the 2.5A power supply and only got the logo screen and nothing more. When I used my other wall plug that puts out 3.5A, it worked no problem and we got all of the game animations. Perhaps your power supply doesn't have enough juice. Have you tested with another board and other panels? I've built quite a few of these and I've never seen what you're seeing.
  9. Go, go, go! I'd love to see this one! 😀
  10. After some discussion with Lucky1 and having a look at the display in question, the issue was that the board had not been activated by me. For awareness, a non-activated display will not read the colour files on the micro SD card although it may still show the game play graphics using the built-in basic colour palette.
  11. Looking for suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue: Have two activated EVO boards with 3.15 firmware and two SD cards. Installed one in Creature From the Black Lagoon with colour files. Works without issue. Installed the second one in WWF but it will not read the colour files. The SD card and reader seem fine as we put the firmware file on the card and at reboot we get the "Updating" message so it seems that the board can read from the SD card. We then moved the working board from Creech into WWF and used the card with the WWF files on it and it works. Moved the non-working board from WWF into Creech and it doesn't read the files. We do get the game animations in red/white/blue on both games so we know the ribbon cable is connected properly. By process of elimination, both SD cards are okay but one EVO board does not want to read the colour files. Any ideas? Thanks, Dino Z.
  12. I've checked other games (TMNT, Star Trek 25th Ann.) that are using the small displays and they show the same thing. I also noticed last night that Tommy does this as well so perhaps it's a Data East "feature". And in case anyone is curious, Hook was tested with both sets of ROMs and did the same thing. The colour files also worked with both sets.
  13. Just posting this in case anyone has seen this before with the smaller EVO displays. Apparently all other images display without issue. This person is running the custom ROMs in his game but has indicated that he does not see this when he plugs in the Boston Pinball display that he has on hand. He will swap out the custom ROMs for the originals tonight and report back. @lucky1 any ideas on this? Hook-Pin2DMD.mkv
  14. Excellent! Thanks for the quick response! The display is installed in the game so the adapter will be the easiest thing to do for now.
  15. I installed one of the 192x64 EVO XL boards in my friend's Baywatch pin yesterday. The connector on the EVO XL board has +18V on pin 1 (going left to right) and ground on pin 2. However, the power connector in the actual game has power on pin 1 and ground on pin 3. I believe the original displays have pins 2 and 3 tied together for ground. Is this an anomaly in this particular Baywatch game? Or is there a mix of these games with the large displays that have ground on pin 2 or pin 3? Shouldn't the EVO XL board have pins 2 and 3 tied together for ground? I temporarily put in a jumper on the connector between pins 2 and 3 to get it to work. I built an adapter today with some spare parts I had sitting around that will be installed in place of the jumper. @lucky1, any reason to not have pin 2 and 3 connected on the PCB?
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