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  1. I just picked up my pinball hobby with the led displays again and I realised it's been a long time. Then I saw I never responded to this topic. So my apologies. I'm happy to share the PCB design (Eagle) for the breakout board and give something to the community :). If @lucky1 wants to put the design in the hardware folder on Github, I would have no trouble with it. Data East converter.brd Data East converter.dru Data East converter.sch Connectors BOM.xlsx
  2. I still have 4 discovery boards I want to activate. Can I get 4 codes in 1 time by donating the correct amount of money? I already have the discovery boards laying around.
  3. I found the COLORDMD version a very good idea, but I did not like the 3 pins connector they chose. I've designed my own breakout board wich can be plugged on the powerdriver board of DE version 3/Sega version 3 & whitestar/Stern whitestar & s.a.m. and you could use a 4 pins molex found in any pinball machine or the WPC wireharness from COLORDMD.
  4. Thank you. I couldn't have figured that out myself. When I installed everything I was missing some good documentation. I still don't know what al the leds on the controller mean.
  5. I finished my shield yesterday and tested the pin2dmd with the new software (v2.42), but when I put power on the pin2dmd it shows the logo and then blacks out. It won't show the code that it is supposed to do after 1 minute waiting. I have tried the older v2.41 and that worked fine. After 1 minute waiting the pin2dmd showed the code. Also with v2.42 I got really weird colors when I first powered the pin2dmd, there was a light red as background and the logo was light blue. After changing the colors in the onscreen menu it was back normal (black background and white logo). So my question: is there something wrong with the new version for new users, because the screen won't show the code? I've attached a video showing what V2.42 does when I power the controller. VID-20170916-WA0003.mp4
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