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  1. From the way I'm reading DOF is that you when you make addressable lights for the PF side and back you combine the Flasher Lights with the Effects and assign that combo to a port on the Teensy. Can I assign the Flasher lights to a port on the Teensy to have it run an addressable strip in the same fashion it would an RGB strip? PF L or R MX, Beacon MX, Strobe MX, etc.
  2. Looks like a pretty good solution, less clicky, here's a fresh link. I'm guessing can you run different load Voltages on each of the outputs, just common ground your power supplies? http://www.icstation.com/channel-optocoupler-isolation-electronic-switch-module-4bit-opto-isolator-transistor-p-8899.html
  3. Thank you, looks like I'm having a bit more trouble powering it than I thought. Any idea what you need to throw that those things, it's tripping my 24V 20Amp power supply. 11ohm coils. Nevermind, 2 coils dead short, 1 coil works well. I know what's next on the shopping list I guess.
  4. Installing a triple chime. Just wondering in the DOF Config, is Chime 1 the shortest or the longest chime?
  5. Do you have them together in the same group of USB ports? If so move your Logitech and leave the pin2dmd on its own.
  6. I was just following the instructions on the pin2dmd site, it's pretty clear you need to swap out the winusb driver for the libusb with the zadig tool. I switched it back and everything works great. Thank you.
  7. I am having the same problem, It's due to the dmdext test not finding my pin2dmd. Every other program works. I have the libusbk driver running it. Any ideas would be great.
  8. Not sure if it's a BIOS thing, seems weird that restarting the device would make it visible. Can't see any change in the device state before or after restarting it. Anyway, wasted enough time on it so I created a work around. I used AHK to run Windows Devcon.exe to restart the USB device. Made it PBX's startup program. Here's the AHK script in case anyone runs into a similar hair pulling situation: devconexe_Path=c:\Scripts if not A_IsAdmin { Run *RunAs %devconexe_Path%\devcon.exe restart *YOUR PIN2DMD USB HARDWARE ID, CAN BE PARTIAL* ExitApp } The *RunAs command in the script runs Devcon.exe as admisistrator. Also get Devcon.exe here otherwise you will download 1GB to get a 80kb file. Suppose you could get taskmanager to run it on wakeup too instead of PBX.
  9. I've tried it both ways, no luck. Running Colorprism 2.54, libusb-win32 What program is calling the error. Maybe I can narrow it down that way.
  10. Still can't make sense of this. Updated WINUSB, reflashed the PIN2DMD, made sure the dmddevice.dll was out of the latest master file, cord is plugged directly into the motherboard. Every time the PC wakes up I get this error, in VPX, PinballX, DMDExt. Not sure which way to turn next.
  11. I get this error everytime my PC comes out of sleep mode. If I do a reboot it's fine. If I exit out of the game switch USB ports and fire the table back up it's fine. One the latest 10.4 AIO installer.
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