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  1. My statement that Metallica Premium Monsters being unplayable in its current state is completly true, and you feeling hurt about that statement wont make it any more playable. If you like to look at pinball tables good for you, I like to play them. Your statement that you do not want to help just takes unnececery space here and is contrary to forum purpose. You must of felt great when you noticed that you know the answer to topic that some prick started. Be assured that by not answering you hurt the community cause I am not the only one with those questions. I will eventually get the answers about force feedback or any other topic.
  2. Dont be so sensitive to criticism. My time investment in playing out all this tables speaks of my appritiation of work coders do. Table alone is awesome. Rare one with no major bugs Did some extensive testing of Walking Dead REAL mod table and I had to tweek physics just a bit to make it playable. Had to dig through google and forums to do this since I am no coder and have no knowledge about script comands Add this to script Const Ballsize = 50 Const BallMass = 1.1 Apparently default ball mass is to light what made the ball much too bouncy. Now table is even harder to play but the ball at least acts little more predictable. Default phisics on curent version of TWD REAL mod table is horendus. Have you tried it? I made my previous post so somebody who is working on TWD table would upload a version with playable physics, so people like me wouldnt have to lose hours of time by searching how to change ball mass on forums. Coding and physics programing is not second language to everyone. I implore you to not adress people without even trying to understand their post. I bet u call every critic a troll. Guess what that makes you.
  3. Love this table so I have to implore creators to reedo the physics from ground up. It is absolutely horrendus on this table compared to probabily 40 other VPX tables I tried. Ball feels like it is made out of light bouncy RUBBER, not metal. If real table uses rubber balls than ignore my comentary, otherwise PHYSICS on this table makes it practicaly unplayable.