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  1. Ah, got it sorted.... only had the rom referenced in the script. Grabbed the rest of them, all good now.
  2. Great fun with this table. Thanks 3rdaxis. Question: Are there only table sounds for human play? I don't hear much sound (besides the SSF) when playing human. The AI has HAL and other pronounced sound effects. Just wondering if I should be hearing more ROM sounds or not with this version of the table.
  3. Thanks @outhere This thread solved my UltraDMD vs. Pin2DMD issues. For those who come after me, here is a link chronicling my issues with UltraDMD and a particular table using it, WoZ, but I used the file links here to solve my UltraDMD problems
  4. In preparation for an upcoming build, I was going-through the DOF docs and wiki and was wondering, if I could create an Addressable RGB Flipper pair + Addressable RGB Left- and Right-Magnasaves from WS2812s. I'm thinking so, since there are MX types for these. So, out of curiosity, I started checking-out the stats to see which, and how many tables were using the MX types. I was surprised that the number of tables between the regular Flippers and MX Flippers were so different; not sure if this is because they need to be coded in the table scripts, or if someone hasn't yet coded/colored it on the DOF site. I have attached an Excel Spreadsheet noting the differences. What is also a bit unusual (if it's just a matter of entering into the DOF site, is that there are some tables where there is an MX type, but not the regular RGB type, and there are also some tables where the color is different between the two--Cosmic Princess comes to mind, and I think both are actually wrong. I think the color is supposed to be white for the flips (as per photos), but the RGB is YELLOW and the MX is BLUE (I think that's because the flyer has a blue hue to it). MAGNASAVE LEFT RGB missing 1 (i.e., Magnsave Left MX has this) MAGNASAVE LEFT MX missing: 11 MAGNASAVE RIGHT RGB missing 3 MAGNASAVE RIGHT MX missing 14 FLIPPERS RGB missing 5 FLIPPERS MX missing 77 Not sure if this is a mountain of work to get the MX versions in-sync with the regular versions, but these are what I noticed DOF_Button_Spreadsheet.xlsx
  5. I have been thinking about something like this as well, calling it, a "Universal Button Indicator". I envision something like a strip (or a mirrored set of two) of WS2812Bs (daisy-chained off the usual addressables and segmented in the Cabinet.xml file), maybe installed somewhere in line-of-sight in the backglass/speakerpanel, or maybe a single WS2812B LED installed in the apron giving the player a visual cue of button status; i.e.: Attract Mode MX = ON White AT0 AL0 AW100 AH100 Coin MX = ON Yellow Blink AT0 AL0 AW100 AH100 Start Button MX = ON White Blink AT0 AL0 AW100 AH100 Extra Ball MX = ON Green Blink AT0 AL0 AW100 AH100 Fire MX = ON Red Blink AT0 AL0 AW100 AH100 Launch Button MX = (some cool MX effect like the PF Right MX) Authentic Launch Button MX = ON Lime Blink AT0 AL0 AW100 AH100 Well, there are several obstacles to the above as with the current status of DOF, as I see it (I'm still new to this, but currently going-through the docs). There are no addressable MX types for these buttons I think the above status "modes" would need to stacked into a Custom Combo and Assigned to a currently-non-existent toy (i.e., Button Status Toy MX) I think also the challenge would be to have these global without modifying individual tables (I have no experience in table creation, so I have no idea, I am ignorantly assuming that the event calls to the above are already present) I think this would be a cool little thing for our tables if it is possible.
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