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  1. You can find my try here... I really don´t get what I did wrong. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k8pxbnuwo2ei0ga/Diner_FS_B2S.vpt?dl=0
  2. Thanks I have tried that now but it will not release any ball to the plunger when I start the game... can´t find anything wrong, the ball relase kicker seems to be set to the same value like on all other pm5 tables,, hit height 40 can't find anything about force on that kicker....
  3. I have tried to find diner with physmod 5 since my cab only runs pm5 and its my wifes favorite table but havent seen one. Anyone who knows if it is existing or if it is hard to convert an old table to pm5?
  4. dawen

    Star Trek

    No I can´t... the nordic reseller for stern says that AC/DC is not possible to order anymore
  5. dawen

    Star Trek

    Ok, didn´t know that... sorry then... hopefully they will not place it out of production soon.. I´m still sad that I did not move in time to have place at home for an AC/DC before the put it out of production... I just wanted to speed up the chance to convince my better half to place an order before this one is out of prod and thought that it might be ok to play an unfinished beta that is not yet complete to just get a feel for it. I´m still happy to play other releases on the mini cab and really happy that you guys spend that huge amount of work it takes to create the recreations..
  6. dawen

    Star Trek

    Aah sweet... FP is not as good as VP but better than nothing might get her attention
  7. dawen

    Star Trek

    I need to get her hooked... It worked before we bought our CFTBL and she is totally ok with an AFM or Elvis that she likes and has played a lot on my cab but I need the star trek. I would rather buy it directly but is doesn´t hurt to ask does it?
  8. dawen

    Star Trek

    Anyone that have started with the new star trek and have an unofficial release that will need a beta tester? The reason I really would like to test it on my cab is to get my better half to test it to be able to convince her to let me buy one new in box whlie they are still sold. The issue with releasing tables after they are no longer sold is that if you really like the table it is not possible to buy it new anymore... If anyone can help me with this please pm me, I badly need to buy this game before they stop selling it since it is my new favorite game and my fiancée has not tested it yet but she likes to play on my mini-pin cab.
  9. AC/DC premium and Metallica are the ones that I really would love to have in my mini pin cab... AC/DC is just an awesome machine and if anyone would make it playable in visual pinball he/she would be my hero for ever...
  10. Wow... this looks awesome... I really hope you or someone else will be able to finish it..
  11. Wow... great update on a fantastic table, the only thing with the old version that was bothering me a bit was the toy animation... if you will get time and feel like it to update the toy animations on your other new tables I will be happy as a puppy in a room filled with toys and food.
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