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  1. The "Super Cue" scene that is becoming "uncolored" is a single Colormask frame - and it is staying, but it isn't staying colorized for some reason. I'm not sure what you are saying about transition. There really isn't a transition frame between the single colormask scene and the LCM for the pool balls, even though there does appear to be some artifact dots (in the upper two lines) from the LCM appearing in the uncolored colormask frame. But that isn't a transition frame - not sure why that is happening.
  2. @lucky1, I am seeing an unexpected result using an LCM scene. Not sure if it might be exclusive to Capcom or a latency issue that would be common to all. What happens is the colormask scene immediately previous to the LCM scene seems to get "uncolored" momentarily before going on to the LCM scene. I think what is happening is the processor is working to load the LCM and while it is doing that it displays the last colormask scene "uncolored" until the LCM is ready to display. And it only does it some of the time - not every time, probably dependent on processor usage. The delay really wouldn't even be noticeable if the colormask scene would remain "colored" during the delay. So, my question is would it be possible to make the firmware keep the scene previous to an LCM scene persistently colored until the LCM scene is actually displayed? The particular LCM scene I have has 198 frames and uses 9 (out of the 25 available) masks for the hashes. Breakshot LCM Glitch.mp4
  3. Works like a charm - thank you! It's pretty clear that LCM scenes can easily get to be dozens or hundreds of frames (all with specific hashes). It's good to be able to exchange them so you can collaborate your efforts easily with others on a project.
  4. Is there a way (or could there be) to export an LCM scene including the hashes, so that it could be imported by another user? This would make it possible for multiple people to work on scenes and then trade them with each other.
  5. You now say you have no doubt that they will work, but before you said the masks I was using to create my key frame are not going to work - do you see how that is a contradiction? I don't think you fully understand how the the LCM works. Those frames you show will all have the correct color balls if you use the LCM mode - every single one of them. BUT, you have to assign a hash for each one of them in all 7 positions - this means you will have 49 frames to cover all the permutations - each one will mask a single ball (that you will color correctly) in a particular position with a set mask for hashing and when the machine detects that hash, the ball will be colored correctly, regardless if there is one, two, three, or all seven balls in the rack, AND regardless of what order they are in. Believe me, it works, I just did it. The only ball that you will have to fudge is the rolling ball because it is not distinctive - it is a generic ball with no number on it - all together there are another 49 unique positions/configurations for it. That ball you will have to choose a neutral color for - I made mine white/gray. This is just for the stripes - you will have to do the same for the solids.
  6. They do indeed work. I already reported that 5 posts prior to yours. The tip by lucky1 for using the fill tool is a good one though - I can see how the rectangle tool could get a person into trouble with the LCM mode.
  7. WARNING - It appears somebody has hijacked this thread or this site and is changing messages - I'm seeing things that I did not write. EDIT: Everything seems to look normal now. Just guessing, but I think what may have happened is that the pages in this thread were translated into a different language somehow and then translated back to English, and therefore the words and meaning were a little different than my original. At least I hope that's what it was!
  8. That's odd - I somehow must have sent you an older version. Anyway, not sure how you are able to zero in on problems so quickly, but v 4.04 gives the expected results! And that is even with rectangular tool masks (haven't had a chance to change the masks with the fill tool yet). I will keep working on all the permutations for this scene and continue to test it and report any anomalies I find, but it is looking good right now. Thank you!
  9. I don't get it. When I open it and click on newsScene, this is what I get: Yours shows Palette 20 but it doesn't look like palette 20. If it were palette 30, it would look like this: What in the world?
  10. i"ll have to set up a camera to show you what the output on the machine looks like. The free black areas are all rgb 000 I believe (know there are some non-000 colors in the palette where normally black would be but they aren't being used to color anything in the scene). That's interesting that the rectangle tool should not be used for outlining masks. I'm confused a bit by your last comment. The newsScene has palette 20-8 ball Window assigned to it. The last picture just shows assignment of the hash to the keyframe, so that really isn't looking at the scene. What might be a good test is if you could create that scene (just delete mine and create a new one from scratch - should only take a couple of minutes) and send the file back to me and I'll try it out on the machine. That way we would know for sure it wasn't an issue with setup of the LCM if it still doesn't work correctly.
  11. Ok I was messing around with the LCM on my Breakshot, and I cannot seem to get it working correctly. I'm wondering if it is another Capcom-specific problem or if I am just not doing it right. Here's what I did: This is the first frame of the newScene - it just colors the common area that will be shown each time a ball is scored and assigns it a hash. The next frame in the newScene is color and hash tag assignment for 10 ball. The next frame in the newScene is color and hash tag assignment for 9 ball. And here is the keyframe for the newScene. When I run this on my machine, nothing in the scene is colored correctly - just randomly garbled colors.
  12. At the risk of sounding stupid (I'm a newbie to VP), are those drivers only needed for interfacing a PC to an actual Pin2DMD device via a USB port? The only Pin2DMD I have is installed in my pinball machine. My desire is to have the virtual DMD on my computer monitor, so that I would be able to take screen captures for troubleshooting purposes. And if that's the case, I would need to wait until Freezy is updated with that capability?
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