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  1. zanyt13

    Wip - The Walking Dead Pro - Groni Pinball

    Looks really nice Groni! I can't wait to try yours and Frens/ICP's versions out and compare it to the real machine that my buddies and me have at our pin club!
  2. zanyt13

    Uploading Palette Text Files To Pin2Dmd

    Haha...of course good old notepad works, but i wanted it with sliders and stuff, to see the colors instantly! I havet to check Steves editor out!
  3. zanyt13

    Uploading Palette Text Files To Pin2Dmd

    An editor to generate these palett text files would be neat!
  4. zanyt13

    Virtual Pinmame Colorize Settings For Pin2Dmd

    Thanx lucky1, i'll try those settings! Eles for that...the Pin2DMD works awesome!
  5. zanyt13

    Virtual Pinmame Colorize Settings For Pin2Dmd

    Do you have good settings for that standard orange dmd color. I been playing around with it some, but the darker colors either goes over to red or green.
  6. The topper idea is really cool! About the size of the LED panels....as i can see and after some measuring, the visible area is almost exact the same as a Vishay panel.
  7. zanyt13

    Pinball Magic Anyone?

    Sorry the hear that Scott!
  8. zanyt13


    Had this made last night!
  9. zanyt13

    Glow Effect!

    But an option in PinMame....to have the "virtual" DMD glow, like i did in the attached PhotoShopped picture above, would be cool aswell!
  10. zanyt13

    Glow Effect!

    Hey! I'm new here, but a plays alot...mostly VP, but also som FP. I'm thinking about buying a real DMD for my comming pincab project...because of the look. When using a 17 or 19 inch display as a DMD, the content look abit dull or boring, so i got this idea, to make the displays look more real, and make it brighter, and give all dots abit of glowing. Not sure if it is possible, but it would look nice. I made a quick one in PS just to se how it would look like. So what do you think....and is it possible?