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  1. It's curious that the display works perfectly normal once I get it going by pressing the buttons, could it be some sort of reset cycle issue, a capacitor not charging maybe?
  2. Yes it goes straight into the config menu but only if I hold buttons 1&2 and press the reset button to get it going like I have been doing the whole time. On power up and a normal press of the reset button it displays nothing just like before. I was able to get three presses of the reset button just now and it reset all three times but now nothing again.
  3. This time I made sure I reinstalled the original firmware and then applied the update but unfortunately it's still the same. I accessed the config menu (I could also do this before) and in the tests the inputs had "all pins open" which I assume is ok, I also tested the RS232 and it comes up with "loop error". Does this mean anything or is it just because nothing is connected to the RS232?
  4. I have applied the update and unfortunately it is still the same. I have looked at the board with a magnifying glass but there is nothing physically wrong that I can see. I have checked the buttons and they seem to be functioning properly and not faulty, apart from that I am not sure where to go now. I have noticed that sometimes I can press the reset button while the display is showing and the display resets normally but it only does it once and rarely does it happen.
  5. Another update I put an sdcard in the slot and connected the display to my real pinball data connection and still nothing, I then started mashing random buttons and found that if I hold button 1 & 2 down then press reset and then release buttons 1 & 2 the display will come on, displaying the pinball display until such time as the activation code comes up. I then disconnected the data cable from the display and did the same thing and the splash screen came up as expected. The display will only show until I press reset or power cycle the display, then I have to press the buttons again to get a display. If I remove the sdcard and press the buttons the same way I just get a flashing red LED, no display at all. Is this a feature that excludes auto turn on until the display has been activated?? Will it behave normally once activated?
  6. No SD card as is not activated yet, no red LED except when I can get it running. I have a PC power supply supplying 12V, the same power supply I have used for all my previous V3 shield displays. Running version 3.12 firmware
  7. OK so an update, I can only get the splash screen to come on the display if I go into DFU mode and then use the DfuSe software on the PC to "Leave DFU Mode" If I press reset or power cycle the display it once again displays nothing.
  8. Has anyone found a solution for this issue? I just received my first EVO board and after installing the firmware, I re-booted the display and got nothing, then I pressed the reset button and it came on. Just for a test I turned off the power and turned it back on again and then I get nothing again even when pressing the reset button. I am able to get into DFU mode but not run mode. I have checked the continuity of the buttons and none are jammed on. I have also checked the power an all good there.
  9. Here is the link to the Spiderman Colourisation: https://www.pincabpassion.net/t4714-termine-spiderman-vault-edition-colorisation It says 100% complete and the link is supposed to be in the first post but the link itself has been removed. Once again no further posts on that since 2016
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