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  1. OK thanks, got it working I selected the required area then ctrl-C move to next frame ctrl-shift-V I then click in the bottom corner of the frame and drag the copied area to it's correct place. Where you release the left mouse button is where it is placed, to correct an incorrect placement ctrl-V before leaving the frame
  2. I tried that but it pasted the whole frame What I did was Select the require area with the rectangle tool Control-C select next frame Control-V I also tried using the buttons on the top right under the palette selection but they didn't seem to do anything
  3. Just starting on my first colourisation and was thinking if there was a way of copying and pasting a section of the frame rather than the whole frame. The game I am doing is Tales from the Crypt and several scenes have one object moving but the Keeper's face remains the same throughout. This would save a lot of manual colouring
  4. My issue now resolved, it seems like the original activation key files had become corrupted somehow Lucky1 supplied new codes and now all working Thankyou
  5. I did do that but still no better result does it have to be done specifically before or after installing pin2dmd software?
  6. That USB is only for firmware updating on PC not for powering. So do you get any display on the led panel without plugging in the USB?
  7. This is the one you need: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10PCS-TF-Micro-SD-Card-Mini-SD-Card-Module-Memory-Module-Arduino-ARM-AVR/232448697539?hash=item361f05a4c3:g:dbEAAOSwE9pb2nD2 For Williams pinball you don’t need signal enhancer so just move the jumper to pins 1-2 instead of 2-3 also no need for software adjustment of the signal enhancer on your version of the shield
  8. You don't need the signal enhancer for all pinball machines, so far I have only seen the need for it on Data East/Sega games, so you can jumper it out. The black jumper next to the 74LS123 socket is for this. Try moving the jumper across, this may get it working, otherwise you will need to install a 74LS123 into the socket. Also, what's going on with your sdcard socket? Is is missing or is it installed underneath the board? Pin 1 is ground, this should be labelled on your socket.
  9. The new boards are activated Just to check I reloaded the pin2dmd firmware and deliberately didn't install the sdcard when starting the pinball and it came up with the activation splash screen Interestingly though trying out different pin2dmd firmware's got a slightly different activation code. With version 2.39 the code was all numbers but with version 2.66 there was a D at the start of the code (all the numbers were still the same). With version 2.66 installed, I installed the sdcard with the key file and reset the discovery board and no further activation splash screen. BTW: the code provided to get the activation key file was originally just the numbers no letters.
  10. Hi I have a problem with a few newer discovery boards Using the usb connection and pin2dmd.exe while the display in the real pinball I can change the input machine type to get the signal correct and I can change the monochrome colour of the display to any of the standard colours. What the display will not do is allow me to change the colours in the VGA palette, I change the colours with pin2dmd.exe but they do not change on the display they remain on the standard colours. I have tried the latest firmware version to V2.J33.M25 and also the pin2dmd software to V2.66 and it still doesn't work. If I install an older discovery board that I have, the colours can be changed like normal. Has anyone got any ideas?
  11. So has anyone managed to use this? Never used Arduino before so looking for some hints on how to set it all up.
  12. I was thinking for real pinball would it be possible to trigger a relay from a frame event on the display? Would be a cool option for flashers and maybe shaker motor mods. Preferably for a STM32 and V3 shield
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