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  1. SpaceGambler

    Add capability to trigger external actions.

    So has anyone managed to use this? Never used Arduino before so looking for some hints on how to set it all up.
  2. thanks, just found it
  3. I was thinking for real pinball would it be possible to trigger a relay from a frame event on the display? Would be a cool option for flashers and maybe shaker motor mods. Preferably for a STM32 and V3 shield
  4. SpaceGambler

    Alphanumeric input?

    Sounds like a great idea and verging on DMD conversion for alpha-numeric machines Would be great to be able to display score information and then add animations that are triggered by score events
  5. SpaceGambler

    Pin2DMD for < $125 - DIY

    nice instructions, thanks have you got the modified schematic for the added micro sdcard?
  6. SpaceGambler

    Creat a new Pin2DMD - 128X16 - What's need?

    Dam, gotta get my head around another board Is this the correct Nucleo board? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1pcs-NUCLEO-F207ZG-STMicroelectronics-Development-Boards-Kits/263964555963?hash=item3d75837abb:g:lfAAAOSwWlFbr59p
  7. SpaceGambler

    Creat a new Pin2DMD - 128X16 - What's need?

    Is it possible to run it with the STM32F4 Discovery board version?