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  1. Hi guys hoping you can help me with some final tweaking on my pinball cab. I have a 3 screen setup and running custom videos on my third monitor DMD screen whilst browsing FP tables in PinballX, they are movie trailers or cut scenes to match the table. This is working fine, my issue is that when I launch a FP table the videos freezes and just displays a black screen for the DMD for the whole time the table is running. I want the video to continue playing the looping video whilst the table is running if possible, can this be done? I`m not using Future DMD at all, do I need to run the videos through Future DMD or something? I have "hide DMD" un-checked in PinballX table manager which I thought allowed DMD/Backglass videos to continue playing on table launch. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance!!!
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