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  1. I get he same error and I am logged in... strange.
  2. DOf in Pinball X firing all toys

    @jesperpark I’ll give it a shot... thanks.
  3. DOf in Pinball X firing all toys

    I have a pacled and this is quite specific to pbx. Toys seem to fire as expected in vp and doflinx. And it started a couple of weeks back...
  4. As of a few weeks back, I noticed that several of my toys, noticeably my knocker, are firing randomly while in PBX. Is that a new feature or something I should troubleshoot ? Ideally, I'd like only lights to fire... thanks.
  5. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    Thank you Arngrim! This is probably a needed update for sure, and I’ll use it once it stops crashing vpm for me. I think te bigger issue is to try not to break dof for working tables when updating dof config files... i’ve set the auto config script and it auto-broke TWD for me ;-) tanks fr for the quick reaction and all your work!
  6. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    @arngrim, moving to twd160 brakes DOF for everyone with a working config... would you consider, in the future, for tables to be mapped to more than one rom ? I guess that would mean more config lines in the ini files, but it may not be too bad... apologies if you have answered a similar request before.
  7. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    it was off. turning it on did not help...
  8. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    I'm trying to run twd 160 (pro and LE). Both the roms from the stern site as well as CLELAND's pass vpinmame test form within setup.exe, but all tables crash vpinmame when launching... being playing well with 156 but the change in DOf is forcing me to update... any thoughts why this could be happening ? CRC check is off for 156 and 160
  9. I got it working, though my question still stands. how does doflinx find the teensy ? I guessed it was from the globalconfig file.
  10. Can someone explain how is doflinx supposed to find the Teensy ? Is it from GlobalConfig ? My addressable leds are not firing in FP or FX2, while my PACLed flashers and solenoids do... My addressable leds works well with VP&DOF. I have a Teensy with left and right strips as well as a double back string. cheers,
  11. I have added a second strip of LEDs as MX back (I now have 2 x 99 leds) and I wonder if I should configure them as 1x198 strip or 2 x 99 ? I have tested both and I did not notice significant differences... any recommendations ?
  12. does anyone know of a 12v 3 chime solution I can use with DOF to map to chime1,2 and 3 toys ? everything I can see seems to be 36v+ and I'm not crafty enough to put something together from parts (essentially, I don't know what parts to but to piece something together). I hopw this is the right forum for the question, I could move to the pinball building one if appropriate.
  13. DOF config tool blank table

    Just logged in and the blank entry is gone. Who should i thank for that?
  14. I've been trying to get my addressable leds working, which they are now, but I noticed that I know have an blank table listed at the top of the list on DOF configtool. That adds an additional line to the xml "0,0,0,0,0,0" that I need to manually delete every time I generate the config, or DOF won't parse it. I'm not sure what I did (and I'm guessing the entry should not exist) and I cannot find a way to remove that blank table. - am I right in thinking the entry should not exist ? - if so, how do I remove it ? thanks.