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  1. my bad. i get a 404 from my tablet, but works fine from windows. thanks!
  2. File is gone ? I get a 404
  3. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Freezy's dll working great with Gottlieb S3 now... another hack (ie disabling freezy for these tables) I can remove from my cab. much appreciated!
  4. It did not seem to be an error, just the game did not register the drain... (drain sound played, but he next ball was not served, and the DMD still showed that ball 1 was in pay). I'll let you know if it happens again. thanks for the awesome work!
  5. does this help ? Note that I started CCC after ED, to make sure it still works... If not, I'll try to capture logs next time it happens: log.zip
  6. ok, I know what I was doing wrong. I was overwritting the old game. Installing 1.1 in its own new folder makes it work. thanks! on my first game though, the game did not register ball 1 drain, and I had to exit the table. A video was playing on the DMD at the time, I don't know if that could cause it...
  7. Thanks!. I’ll try this if I don’t hear of better options.
  8. Is there a DMDext command that would “black out” the DMD and exit ? This would be useful to me in a few use cases: - leaving “mirror” mode (cactus canyon C) where killing DMDext does not clear the dmd - after quitting VPX to PBX, sometimes PBX does not initialize the DMD (not sure why, no help from their forum), so I’d rather “black it out” when exiting tables before going into PBX If not DMDext, any tools that would accomplish this on a pindmd3 ? I could nto find anything... I guess an option would be to “play” a black png, though I’m not sure the dimensions I’d have to use for that. thanks,
  9. table evil dead romname

    Arngrim, can you please change the rom to evildead ? (i manually change the inis and mappings file and dof works) thanks!
  10. Was able to play 4full games... the fix looks good. Thanks! edit: played 5 more. during game #1 the ball entered the shed and never came out. no errors, just sat there.
  11. not sure if this is what you meant but: ~i deleted game_user_data.yaml ~started a game, the first ball had a lot of studder, unplayble ~secnd ball down the drain, did not register ball lost (did not crash either, just sat) not sure what game_data is. i'm attaching the whole config folder game_user_data.yaml config.rar
  12. Also getting the error wheel the second ball drains.
  13. done. will let you know if it happens again.